It’s Joanne Denton’s Birthday Today!

And how do I know this?  Her husband told me so when he ordered her birthday present!   Joanne’s husband Don asked me to email her to tell her that her present is on the way!  But with a husband like Don, I think Joanne deserves a marching band,  a party and cake galore!  Can you believe how sweet her husband is?  He bought her a quilt kit! 1 husband + 1 quilt kit = SUPER HUSBAND!

The “Park Lane” quilt kit left here on Saturday heading to Canada!  Joanne, it’s your birthday present from your hubby Don! I hope it arrives very soon.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that customs lets it go right through!

If you live in Victoria, British Columbia and you know Joanne, run over and give her a hug for me!

Happy Birthday Joanne!!!

Be sure and leave a happy birthday comment for Joanne!!!

I spent the weekend sorting fabric, sorting out magazines and cleaning up the studio.  It’s always such a mess by the time I leave for market and I can’t get back to work until it’s cleaned up.

I have my Lily & Will left over fabric arranged by color! The bottom row has baskets that hold the scraps I’ve cut and couldn’t part with…also by color.  Genius don’t you think?  When I need to pull fabric for a project I can see exactly what I have.

I’ll be back with market pictures!  Have a wonderful MONDAY everyone!

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