To Market and Back!

Did you miss me?  I sure missed all of you!  I feel like I’ve been gone forever!  Quilt market was fun, fun, fun but I am sure glad to be back home. I was greeted by the tail waggers club the minute I walked in the door.  Both the President and the Vice President of the tail waggers club were EXCITED to see me!

When we arrived in Houston we were greeted with 90 degree weather and when we left we had 4 inches of rain and thunderstorms.  They do things extreme in Texas!

So on with the photos!  Here I am, the chief  Bunny, taking the famous Pioneer Woman bathroom shot at the Hilton.  It really works, you can stand in front of a mirror and take a photo!  Have you ever tried this?

Here’s what our booth looked like when we arrived at the convention center;  a blank space with a few poles and really ugly drapes. Stacks of boxes filled with embellishments were stacked in the aisles waiting  for us to begin our transformation.  Opps, wait!  We can’t find a box cutter.  You’d think after all the markets we’ve done that would be first on the list.  Maybe next time!  I had to use my tiny little manicure scissors to open the boxes.

We grab some ladders and started right in.  We went from what you see above, to what you see below in a day 1/2… We worked our hardest on the first day of set up so that we’d have it easier on the last day.  I was glad we did because Moda had a schoolhouse for all the designers on the second day of set up.   More on that later!

Then it was Sample Spree night and the next day was the opening of market!  Day 1 is my very favorite day.  I get to see so many of you and photo after photo is taken.

Here I am with Mita from Patchwork Cottage in Lawrenceville, GA

The famous John aka, Quilt Dad

Cindi from Stitch Studios and Natalie from Cinderberry Stitches!

Barri from Bareroots! Yes, she is as pretty as her stitchery!

And Jennifer my sweet friend and editor of American Patchwork & Quilting!

Humm, sure was a lot of smiling going on in my booth!  My friend Anne Bryson (she comes to all the markets with me), was taking all the pictures so I only got a few of her.

Go on over to her blog and tell her you want a new post!  It’s been over a year since her last one!

Anne & Lynette

And now it’s time for the next Snowbound block!  This month just flew by for me, how about you?  Here I am with block number eleven and it seems like I just gave you block number ten!    Were you able to keep up?  Are you ready for the holidays?

My poor husband is not even thinking about the holidays yet and little does he know I have plans for him.  I need the Christmas decorations out early so I can decorate with Snowbound for the next newsletter.  He hates it when I start a project like this so I think I’ll keep it quiet until a few days before.  I’m feeling a bit sorry for him, but Snowbound must go on!

While I was at market he painted our “green” bedroom, back to white (the color we started with).  Needless to say he was really happy about that.  He happened to be doing a load of laundry and put a full paint can on top of the washing machine, lid open.  The machine vibrated and the gallon of open paint fell off the washing machine.  Had I been here I could have warned him…maybe.   Don’t you think I’m smart waiting to tell him he has to help with decorations?

Have a great day everyone!  I’ll be back with more pictures!



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  • Jackie - You know that one of the things I kept saying to myself while at market was, ” I haven’t seen Anne!” I can’t believe that I totally missed you. I really was looking too. I walked every aisle and can’t believe, I didn’t see your booth. Or maybe I did, and you weren’t in it when I walked by. I am so bummed, but glad you had a great time!ReplyCancel

  • Ronda - Glad to see you made it back! I bet quilt market is so much fun! Once you get passed all the work. your new patterns are awesome as usual and your booth is soooooooo cute. I think your plan to wait on revealing the paint job is the correct plan of action! been there! the new snowbound block is awesome. I can never wait till the 5th of each month. Get some rest. Hope to see you post soon.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - The booth looks awesome, and so do you! Can’t wait to see your Snowbound Christmas decor! Poor hubby!ReplyCancel

  • Laura Tawney - Great photos of your booth! It’s soooo cute and I love how you split it up for blue and yellow – very clever:) Love block number 11 and the Christmas gift tags – I always love vintage look Christmas gift tags and they are so perfect. One of these days I hope to make it to Houston for the shows!
    Laura TReplyCancel

  • pam seaberg - Great photos, I wanted to Thank you for the great gift tags, what a great birthday present, today I am 55. Now, I can get age discounts. Ha, Ha. I really wanted to be at the Houston show this year, I entered the Hoffman Challenge, and my quilt is there. I can’t travel, my Mom has been very ill for 2 years. I live in Washington State, but my best friend lives in Texas, I hope to go next year. Thanks again!!!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - I always love seeing your pictures of Market. Your new line is beautiful. We are actually thinking seriously about having a 3rd baby, in which case, I already know how I’ll be decorating the nursery! I plan on getting the decorations up early this year too. I always say that Nov is for xmas shopping and decorating, and Dec is for baking and just simply enjoying the season. Have fun!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea - oh, and THANK YOU for the fabulous gift tags. I love them, and can’t wait to get them printed out! Soooo much prettier than most that are sold at the store!ReplyCancel

  • C. C. - Hi Anne!

    Thank you so much for the lovely gift tags! You are such a generous, lovely person. I really like your new line of fabric. BUT! I am still pining away on hand-quilting my “Baltimore Bunnies” and until that is finished NO NEW FABRIC FOR ME! BOO-HOO!!! It may be months and months before I allow myself to go find your fabric at a store; when I do Katy bar the door!

    Thank you again!

    C. C.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Yes, I missed you!! Weren’t you lucky to have a corner booth! Sort of made your display stand out (not that it doesn’t already). Such great photos of all your quilting friends, many of the ones you posted are among my favorite designers. Thank you for the darling gift tags, I’ve been printing and making my own longer than I can remember. I LOVE the new Snowbound block! To answer your question, I’ve gotten behind :-( Long story, maybe I’ll email you. I do have all my Irish chain blocks done though. My quilt may not be ready to use in January, but I still plan to finish it this coming winter.
    Welcome home :-)ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C. in Utah - Welcome Home Anne!!! So glad your back, yes you were missed, very much so. First thank you for the delightful gift tags, like everyone else, I love them. I also adore the new Snowbound block. I am getting my miles out of Snowbound, so far, two table toppers. I know there is a Snowbound quilt in my future but it just seems like every time I get three or four blocks done, I get ideas of something to do with them, gotta get over that or I’ll never get a quilt done, LOL. Thank you too for all the great photos from market. Your booth was beautiful and I was so delighted to see the pictures of several of the Australian designers too. Love their stitcheries! Well, time for you to kick back, take a deep breath and relax for a minute or two. I’ll bet your furry babies were happy, happy, happy to see you! Get some rest. Hugs…ReplyCancel

  • Martine - Thank you Anne for the new block of “Snowbound” and for the gift tags ; I love vintage cards, it’s a good idea to turn them into a gift tags.

    Martine – FRANCEReplyCancel

  • Ina - Oh man, what a MESS…that poor guy. I don’t know how you would even begin to clean up paint. :( I don’t know him and I feel sorry for him.

    Maybe you can ask your friend, Anne, to help you decorate early for the holidays? She can only say, “No.” ;0ReplyCancel

  • Julie Zaloudek - It was nice having an opportunity to chat with you at Market. I’m sure your “fur people” were happy to have you home!ReplyCancel

  • Louise - So nice to have you back, Anne. Gee I always wanted to see a bathroom in the Hilton…it looks the same as it did 12 years ago. Did you hear me gasp when you mentioned the gallon of paint..oh dear…Anxious to see what you have cooked up with the Christmas decor..I love Christmas…Welcome back!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Ro. - Missed you, missed you and more missed you Anne :)
    Thanks for your market photos, your tail waggers club & hubby updates.
    Your booth is/was beautiful :)ReplyCancel

  • kathie - Love your booth, now why didn’t my children’s nurserys look this good? Very cute!
    thanks for sharing your pictures with us

  • Marcie Patch - Hi Anne, loved seeing you and Anne at market. So nice to finally meet you!ReplyCancel

  • Mary T. Salmon - Hi Anne!
    Your booth for market is smashing! It looks like a little wonderland. I saw Twas the Night Before Christmas at Shabby Chic. It was YOUR quilt! I love it! Love it! Love it! The mice are adorable! So Vintage! So Victorian! So Me!!
    Thanks so much for the gift tags. So cute! My kitties are following me everywhere since getting back from Houston. They really missed me and I did not sleep as well without them at my feet and around my neck! Rest up! So sorry about the paint story…good vibes sent hubbie’s way…Love, Mary P.S. How can I send you a picture of Pam’s quilt in Houston? It was from a picture of my kitty.ReplyCancel

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski - Hey Anne – your booth looked awesome! There are a few things in it that look REALLY familiar! Maybe they came from Minnesota?
    The new fabric colors are two of my favorites. Enjoyed the photos of some of the people you saw at market too.ReplyCancel

  • Debra - Beautiful stuff! I don’t blame you for waiting to tell hubby, I do the same kind of thing. :)ReplyCancel