Behind the scenes at Bunny Hill can get a little crazy!   I admit it, REALLY crazy!

This Snuggle Bunny pattern took me over 65 photographs to get this cover photo.  64 rejects for one pattern!    It’s my favorite cover EVER because it’s my grand-daughter Alyssa!  She is such a snuggle bunny!

Alyssa sat in a chair holding this bunny while I got up and down from a ladder to adjust her hair and then adjust the bunny over and over!  For a least an hour she did what I asked.  It was after school, she must have been tired and yet she sat for as long as I needed her.  That’s my grand-daughter!   What a sweetie she is!

Next the bunnies were off to visit Gregory Case in Colorado.  I needed some full shots so you could see what the entire bunny looks like.  It was such a windy day when Greg took these photos on the back cover that the bunnies almost hopped away!  But with his help we finally have a pattern!

I’ve added Moda Snuggle to my web site in all the bunny colors.  We sell it by the 1/2 yd.   Pick your favorite color and snuggle up!  Moda Snuggle and Snuggle Bunnies!  Bet you can’t make just one!

By the time you read this I’ll be getting on a plane with these bunnies for Houston!  I’ll take lots of Quilt Market pictures for you I promise!  Have a wonderful week everyone.  Wish I could take all of you with me!  I’ll be back soon!


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