Christmas has arrived at Bunny Hill!  Well, at least “The Night Before Christmas”!  Did you know that this was the poem that changed the way we think of Santa Claus?

“The Night Before Christmas” brought us Santa’s mode of transportation, how he looks and even the names of his reindeer!  Clement Moore originally wrote it for his children!  Imagine having a father who could write poems like this!  And now almost 200 years later it’s still a universal poem that children love to hear! So many variations of this poem have been published over the ages.  Hard to know exactly what the original poem was.  One thing for sure;  Santa’s bag is full of toys and he’s bringing them to good girls and boys!

I’ve used to read this poem to my own children and I know it by heart, probably just like you!  This quilt evolved more than ususal as I designed it.  My drawings changed as new mice were needed, until each mouse found a home in the quilt.  It was fun to watch them come to life sometimes in places I never expected!

There are 8 mice.  Can you find them all? Finished Quilt Size is 52″ x 62″

Featured Fabric:  “La Petite Ecole” by French General & Moda Fabrics

I’ll have a fabric guide available that you can download as a PDF soon.  I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready!

And of course I can’t forget the new Snowbound block!  Here we are at number 10!  Two more and you’ll be finished!!!

This little snow lady is embellished with a beaded necklace!  And if you’re going to carry a peace sign make sure it’s pink! That little lamb looks like she likes it!  Hopefully your quilt is looking something like this by now.  Just one more row to go!

If you entered my “guess the name of my new block of the month contest” for The Night Before Christmas,  I’ll be announcing the winner late next week.  I’m waiting for patterns to arrive so I can include one in the gift basket!  And remember that 5″ square of pink that threw you off when you were trying to guess?  It was used for faces and hands;  children and Santa!  Oh that was so bad!  That one really threw you all off!  Sorry!

Enjoy the day.  I’ll be back soon!


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