Purple, yellow and orange?  Who would have thought these are carrots!  I’ve been munching away all weekend on yellow and purple carrots!  They are yummy!  Amazing thing, when you bite into the purple carrot it’s purple on the outside and orange in the center!  Heirloom carrots?  Maybe!  Farmer’s market carrots for sure and those farmers are pretty smart.  Wouldn’t Peter Rabbit love these?

Yesterday Margot from The Pattern Basket emailed to tell me she she designed a quilt using my Lily & Will fabric! I was so excited because  I love everything that Margot does.  She has a great style and sense of design and it was such an honor to have her use my fabric for a pattern!  Isn’t it cute?  It’s called “For Baby With Love” and what baby wouldn’t just love this quilt?  Woooo Hooo Margot!  Thank you so much!

I’m still waiting to hear when Lily & Will is shipping.  Last I heard, some of it was in the Moda warehouse and the rest is coming any day!  I would love to be in customs when my fabric comes through but then containers of Lily & Will just might make me faint.  I’d be giddy for sure!

I’m working on so much right now I can hardly keep it all straight.  Deadlines are looming over me this week, not to mention a newsletter for all of you on the 5th!  And on top of it all Bitsy turns 15 on October 7th!  She’s a Libra just like me!  No wonder we get along so well.

I’ll be back in a few days with the next Snowbound block.  Wait, better send me a reminder so I don’t forget.


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