Designing with Lily & Will was more fun than you can ever imagine.  Usually when I’m working with a line of fabric I tire of it by the end;  not so with this fabric.  I think it’s because it’s such a versatile line. Put the baby aside for a minute (carefully and just for a minute) and think about the things you can make for yourself with Lily & Will.  That’s right, make something for you!  Try some pillows, table runners, dresses, totes or how about this “Park Lane” quilt?

Park Lane” is one of my favorite quilts.   It’s so easy you’ll love making this quilt and just look at that fabric on the outer border!  You’ll need a charm pack of Lily & Will and if you don’t buy it now you won’t be able to get it!  Only Lily & Will I will have charm packs;  the green colorway is being dropped for Lily & Will II.  Charm packs will not be available after the first line.  You’ll still be able to get the original pink and baby blue with Lily & Will II, but not the green.  You’ve had advance notice!

If you think about it, this is unheard of.  Moda has not reprinted a line for a second season that I can remember and Lily & Will has that honor!  Tell your local quilt shop and I’m sure they won’t believe you.  Assure them it’s true.  You have it direct from the designer!  Along with the new colors in Lily & Will II, shops can order more of the original pink, blue, brown and cream fabrics in yardage, bundles, layer cakes and jelly rolls!

If you want the green (trust me it’s absolutely yummy) buy it as soon as you can.

And there you have it.  Advance notice!

Back soon!

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