You know you haven’t been posting much when you have to login to get back into your blog!   WordPress is asking me who on earth I am!  It’s me, it’s me WordPress.  I’m still here!

Guess what?  Moda has a new designer!  Welcome Aneela Hoey!   Hop on over to her blog and leave a comment. She has such a cute style! I have a feeling we are going to love her new fabric line!  The announcement came from our own Moda Lissa.  Moda Lissa keeps all of the news from Moda locked up in her head until it’s time to spill the beans. That’s right, everything is inside her pretty head.  Then bit by bit she lets it out.  She’s amazing!

Just look at this ad Lissa put together for Lily & Will in “Quilt’s n More” magazine!  I tell you these two babies are so SPOILED!  They’ve gotten only the best from Moda, and I hear their mother can’t stop smiling!  See that pink plaid as the background?  It’s so cute!  And pink!  Be sure and add some to your stash.  You’ll be seeing it a lot at Bunny Hill and who knows when you’ll need it.

You can meet these beautiful babies personally at a quilt shop near you in just a few weeks.  The bundles of joy (fat quarter bundles, jelly rolls, layer cakes, and charm packs) are in some stores right now, and the yardage is getting ready to ship from the Moda warehouse!  I’ll try and tell you when it ships so we can track the UPS trucks!

Have you visited the Moda Bake Shop lately?  If not, you’re missing a free LILY & WILL project!  It’s designed by a new Moda Bake Shop Chef, Melissa Corey .  Thanks Melissa!  Where did you find that perfect little baby for the center of the quilt?

Snowbound Update:

Snowbound Block Number Nine has been proofed by the best and we still missed something.  Thank you Susan for telling me  I forgot to include the directions for the fringe on Snowbound Block Nine!  For all of you who have yet to do this block (guilty ones please stand up), I used a straight stitch for the scarf fringe and two strands of floss, DMC #754.  Stem stitch would be great too, and I matched my floss to the scarf fabric.  It would be pretty cute if you used different colors of floss for the fringe,  like when you unravel a piece of wool.  Hey, why not use a piece of wool for the scarf?

It’s back to work or I’ll never make it to market in October.  I’ll be back soon I promise!


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