Saturday is coming up fast and I’ll be announcing the winner of the “I love my pet contest”.  Chelsea is ready, and she’s been practicing choosing a winner.  She’s looked at all the photos, I’ve read her all the emails, and she’s more excited than you can imagine!

Wait!  What’s wrong here!  She can’t be sleeping through all of this can she?  This just can’t be happening.  She has work to do!

Don’t worry;  she’ll wake up for a treat.  She’s very fond of food as you can see.  Our neighbor calls her Super Squirrel and I’m beginning to think the name fits.  She’s about the right size and she’s storing up for winter.  I’ve caught her burying little chew bones lately.

Before I end this parade of photos, I just have to share a few more.  There are hundreds of amazing pictures, and so many wonderful pets!  I never anticipated such a response. I wish I could have featured each and every one.  Hope you enjoy a few more stars!

We’ll be back on Saturday to announce Chelsea’s pick for the winning basket.  She needs her rest!  She’s got a lot of responsibility for such a little dog.

Thank you to each and everyone who submitted photos!

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