Otis and Cloe come all the way from Australia.  I’ve never seen anything like them!  They are called Sugar-Gliders!   I’ll let Tiffanee tell you about them.  She’s the owner of these little sweeties!

“I have a very unusual pet (s).. This is OTIS and Cloe’….they come all the way from Australia..They are the cutest little creatures! They are related to Kangaroo’s/Koala Bears..They are marsupials which means they give birth then the babies travel to their pouch and they remain there until they are old enough to come out, meanwhile they attach to the mothers nipple where they grow inside the pouch…What in the world are they? They are known as SUGAR-GLIDERS…they live in the jungles and mainly feed on sweep sap or other fruits in the wild…My husband got me the boy for Christmas almost two years ago and we got the girl shortly after because they are colony creatures and will often die if they don’t have constant companionship….they are so lovable, I carried them both in a purse-like pouch for several weeks after I got them, to get them used to me…..They are lots of fun, however they are noctournal, so they like to play into the wee hours of the morning!!”

Thanks Tiffanee for sharing Otis and Cloe with us!

And the parade goes on…


Angel & Buddy, best friends!


Ricco you are so beautiful!  


Taking my driving test…


Not everyone has a horse!  What a beauty he is!  


Here Kitty, Kitty…


Saying my prayers… 


The girls of the hen house…


Oh this is just so funny!


Born to ride!


You had what for breakfast?


Friends on the farm.  Is that a Lama in the background?  I think it is!


Chelsea thinks she has it bad? 


And you wondered how to make the perfect circle?


Thanks for the photos everyone!    



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