If there’s a pink one I’ll find it!

Look what I found on Shabby Fabrics blog!  Jennifer has the same pink sewing machine I do!

I know Jennifer loves pink.  I just didn’t know she was as crazy about it as I am!  Humm, wonder if she has a pink coffee maker?  The best thing is Jennifer is having a give away too!  Leave a comment and you could win!

You know about my pink fetish and now you know about Jennifer’s too.  Here’s something you might not know about!  The shank from the Pfaff sewing machines will also fit most featherweight machines. So why would you want a Pfaff shank on your featherweight?  Because then you can use most of the Pfaff snap on feet, including the 1/4″ foot and open toe foot!


Take your featherweight to the nearest Pfaff dealer and try the shank on your machine.  I love sewing with the Pfaff 1/4″ foot. (If you want the 1/4″ foot with the drop down guide, make sure you try it first on your machine.  It may drag a bit on the bottom depending on your machine.)   

Today at Bunny Hill I’m going to be sewing 6 pieced blocks for my new Christmas Block of the Month, on my pink featherweight.   Was that a hint?  6 pieced blocks & Christmas Block of the Month?

Guess the theme of my new block of the month and you’ll be automatically entered into my drawing!  That’s right, what’s the theme of my new Christmas Block of the Month and your name goes into the basket for the drawing. 



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  • Sivje Parish - Oh Anne, you know I am crazy about your pink featherweight and now you have found a twin! Oh my!

    My guess? Um, this is a long shot, but is your theme “blocks”?
    Happy Tuesday and I hope you have a wonderful Bunny day!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - Love, love, love the pink featherweight!!! You lucky dog you! I think your BOM has something to do with “The 12 Blocks of Christmas” . Maybe???ReplyCancel

  • Anne - Hi Would it be snowballs? Or snowflakes? I love all your designs so much, and the way you share is just delightful AnneReplyCancel

  • Lisa in Lake Oswego - Anne, thank you for being so generous & giving with your free designs. You are truly an angel. I have never guessed correctly yet, but here goes: my guess for theme is “Bakers Dozen”. I don’t know why, I just felt inspired. . . . “Blocks” seems too obvious, but then, maybe that’s the trick, to throw us off the track. . . . it must sure be fun to be read all the different answers!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - First of all, how do you find so many wonderful items in pink? I am truly amazed as I never see anything in pink. I love the pink Featherweight.

    Hmmmm-next BOM theme-could it be little houses dressed up for Christmas?ReplyCancel

  • Donna - My guess….it has something to do with Paris?ReplyCancel

  • Becky in Georgia - The pink featherweight is sensational! My guess is Christmas bunnies :)ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - My guess is the Christmas village or maybe 9 patches!ReplyCancel

  • Cara - Hmmm I’m thinking something baking related, or maybe squirrels!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara - The pink featherweight is so cute, I think it fits you to a “T”. I think the theme of your next quilt will be Christmas kittens. Thanks for all your creativity that I so enjoy. Now to only find the time to do all your quilts!ReplyCancel

  • Judy in MI - I will guess Christmas houses – like houses on the block. Love all your pinkness! Thanks for the chance to win something wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • Beth - Your pink featherweight is very cute! There is a shop down here in my neck of the woods called the Little Red 222 where they will custom paint your featherweight any color you want. Last time I was in there they had an apple red one, a bright green one, and a purple one. I really need to get mine out and use it more often.ReplyCancel

  • Polly - Hmmm…my guess for your new BOM is angels. I love the pink machine! Is your car pink, too? PollyReplyCancel

  • Jackie Vanderhorst - Hello Anne, Love your pink Featherweight. I’m green with envy! I think the next block will have something to do with England, maybe even the Cotswolds. Isn’t it the most beautiful area of England? Looking forward to the next freebie. I’m working on my Tisket TAsket blocks and I think I’m hooked on applique.ReplyCancel

  • Janet - Love the pink machine! You said the blocks are pieced, so it can’t be bunnies. lol I’m guessing trees–for a new guess. Thank you for the Snowbound BOM. I am enjoying it. Love your blog. You are always so upbeat.ReplyCancel

  • Robin Gold - A pink featherweight — how fun!! Regarding your new Christmas block of the month, you’ve been working with kid fabric, so maybe the theme is Christmas toys? Whatever, I’m sure it will be wonderful!!ReplyCancel

  • Denise :) - Love the pink, pink featherweight! As far as the theme … angels was a good guess, but I really wish you’d do more BUNNIES! :)ReplyCancel

  • Patricia Droste - Hi Anne, Love the pink everything… I have finished Tiny Town, so I’m anxiously waiting for the new Christmas BOM to be announced. I’m thinking that is the theme…Christmas Blocks.ReplyCancel

  • SoozeM - Oooh I love the pink featherweight!!

    I don’t suppose your new Christmas BOM would have a Christmas theme would it? :)ReplyCancel

  • Mama Spark - I am guessing it is birds! “Featherweight” sounds like birds to me. Christmas birdies would be so darling!! Hope I guessed correctly!!ReplyCancel

  • Marj - I am hoping for more Bunnies, but I am guessing the new BOM is pieced stars with applique birds.ReplyCancel

  • Shelley dionne - Pink is the theme! Christmas in PINK! Yippee!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cherie - I love the pink! Looks so fresh and inspiring. I’m guessing with the featherweight & 6 blocks you might be doing 6 geese a laying from the 12 days of christmas? Whatever it is I’m sure it will be beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - Pigs are pink – maybe a Christmas BOM with pink piggies! Oh, goodness, that is one heckava stretch! I can’t even imagine what that BOM would be titled — I’m Dreaming of a Oinky Christmas? Oh, wait, a pig with angel wings, flying, of course! Sorry. I get a bit giddy here just thinking about this year’s Christmas BOM!ReplyCancel

  • Pam in Indiana - I tried to post to Jennifer’s website yesterday but wasn’t able to. My favorite machine is my Featherweight that I call “Annie” after my babysitter who taught me to sew on her electrified Singer treadle. Thank you for the info on the Pfaff feet for Annie. I will check that out! I am obsessed with pink, too! Our 110 year old Queen Anne Victorian tower house is 5 shades of pink (as DH was painting it, the neighborhood kids would yell, “Hey, Ken, where is Barbie?”). Our old conversion van was raspberry and pink (now I drive a white Yukon). Just about everything I own is pink and people comment at work if I am NOT wearing something pink! Fortunately, DH is secure in his manhood! He has to be with four daughters and a son!! My guess is a Pink Parisian Christmas Bunnies theme?!!! I would be the first to order!!

    I love your blog and it is one that I try to read regularly. Thank you for the patterns, too. I love applique!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy C. in Utah - OH…I really need to get a Featherweight, I already sew with a Pfaff so I would have the best of both worlds!!! I drool all ove my keyboard whenever you post pictures of yours, it is so delightful. Gotta find one in my price range first.
    Now, I’m thinking the theme of your new Christmas BOM would of course be Christmas but could this months block also include a darling little ‘sewing machine’? Perhaps even a little Singer Featherweight? OH…and maybe the overall theme for each block would be stitching of all types! Well, as you can see my imagination is running away with me so I’ll stop while I’m behind, LOL. Have a wonderful day Anne.ReplyCancel

  • Sue Janowski - My guess is Christmas! However, I’m trying to put pink in Christmas and can’t do it. Can’t wait to seeReplyCancel

  • Michelle Miller - Well the theme for the quilt is obviously “christmas”, but if we are looking to be a bit more specific…. could it be a featherweight,sewing machine, or Christmas in PINK related theme?

    Enjoy your posts and all things PINK related!ReplyCancel

  • Pauline Francis - Luv your pink featherweight! My wish list has a featherweight on it..hope to be an owner someday…….I might have to buy a black one and paint pink polka dots on it.

    I’m thinking your Christmas BOM might be embroidered and/or applique mice using shades of pink and grey fabrics. They say grey is big right now but I don’t have much in my stash.

    Sight unseen, your new BOM is on my wish list. Everything you design is fabulous.

    I really like reindeer also. Maybe that is the theme.

    Mama Spark gave me a few lessons on blogging so I can now officially say I am a blogger but really struggling. Hope this works and I’ve guessed right.


  • Michele - My first thought was, of course, Bunnies! Little Christmas bunnies (sort along the same line as Snowbound). Perhaps bunnies with the Twelve Days of Christmas theme throughout. If not, maybe Christmas Cats!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Well…. What about Christmas puppies? With lots of pink, of course! Love the featherweight, I have one and a pfaff. So glad to know that the feet might just fit! All this time, and I never knew, thanks!ReplyCancel

  • cheryl in kansas - I saw the pink featherweight on Shabby Fabric yesterday and thought of you….now why didn’t I know you had one???? By the way thanks for introducing me to Shabby Fabric’s site….

    Bought the new quilt mags and saw your pic in the Moda ad….cute idea!

    I had sympathy pangs for you last week….it was the week of the VET here….first one cat had an eye problem….off we went, next day cat #2 got a huge scratch on her back about the size of a quarter…called the VET…..next Dexter started not wanting to jump up or go upstairs….off the the VET…..he is now on 2 meds, bed rest and has to be carried up stairs and he thinks every where else…..SO you are no longer alone! ha ha haReplyCancel

  • Ruth B - I saw Jennifer’s pink machine yesterday but how cool that you both have a pink featherweight! Mine is just plain black but if I could paint it any color I would choose pink too. I’m guessing your BOM will be a vintage Christmas. Can’t wait to see it!ReplyCancel

  • lisa - I am sticking with my guess from a few posts back…christmas town/village/streat block maybe? Now you didn’t say we had to guess CORRECTLY did you? =) Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • AnnieO - That’s a cute Featherweight–right up your alley for sure!

    My guess on your next Christmas BOM theme is Stars. I love star blocks and am always happy to see them in a quilt!ReplyCancel

  • Trelly - Oh Anne, I need one!!!!!! Do you know where can I find it?????? And your new BOM… about your holidays, maybe? european houses! kissesReplyCancel

  • Linda - My guess is “What’s for Christmas?” theme. Thanks for the info about the feet.ReplyCancel

  • Paulette - I think your theme MIGHT be something to do with children’s Christmas dreams, sort of like Visions of Sugarplums but with toys and other childhood wishes. Was that vague enough?ReplyCancel

  • Sarah B. - Six blocks seems like it would be Santa’s six small reindeer? But I like all the birds that are in blogland right now so that’s a possibility. Of course, there are always new ways for the bunnies to make an appearance! My favorite guess, though, is still a Christmas town…ReplyCancel

  • Jean - How about The 12 Days of Christmas-The 12 Blocks of Christmas with rabbits doing all the parts?

    Did you know that you can free motion quilt on a featherweight? Get the special foot, put the stitch regulator in neutral and away you go! I have a featherweight service man that has all kinds of wonderful gadgets for the featherweight. He paints them as well. When I was there last he had one painted like the American flag!!! He only paints the ones that are too scratched up to be restored to their former glory, however.ReplyCancel

  • Darlis - My guess is Christmas Stars. Love the pink machine.ReplyCancel

  • krisgray - hhhmm- is it the 12 days of Christmas the bunny way? Wonderful featherweight info – thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Donna K. - Could it be: “I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas”? I remember our silver Christmas tree with pink balls!ReplyCancel

  • Richy Lainson Jr - My guess would be… “Piece” on EarthReplyCancel

  • Laura - Hmmm I think maybe you are creating a Christmas village for us? I think with your touch that would be an amazing quilt.ReplyCancel

  • Sandy W - Bunnies of Christmas is my guess 6 Bunnies of Christmas or 12 Bunnies of Christmas. Just anything Bunnies! Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies. Oh Yeah, Pink Bunnies of ChristmasReplyCancel

  • Cynthia - How about “Bunnies Love the Twelve Days of Christmas” with bunnies doing each of the verses of the songs?

    Would be wonderful! :-)


  • Charity - Hmm! My guess for the new pattern would be “pink holiday” I think you will be pulling inspiration from your recent trip abroad. And I think the name has a sense of sofistication.
    Or, Maybe you are just mischeviously using all of these ideas as ispiration. Either way you are one creative gal. Keep up the good work. I love following along.ReplyCancel

  • Viv - I think Christmas with Scooter Pie and Allie….or maybe all the the bitty critters…whatever it is, it will be great.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Hi, Anne! I’m wondering, since you’re sewing the pieced blocks on your ‘Featherweight’….maybe the theme for your Christmas block of the month is birds? Anyhow, I think they’d make a darling Christmas quilt, so that’s my guess :-)ReplyCancel

  • Kari - Candy? or scotty dogs? Just guesses!ReplyCancel

  • Jane - I hope your block of the month theme will be Christmas ornaments. How cute that will be! I love your pink featherweight!! Mine is the light green color. Your blog is so inspiring. Hugs, JaneReplyCancel

  • Jackie R. - I know, I know, I haven’t thought about anything other than your new Christmas theme since your last tad-little-hint-blogs I think your theme is “Christmas Baby”, with a “christmas kitty” added in somewhere :)
    I totally enjoy you & your blogs, love your pink featherweight , your patterns and fabrics (Moda is blessed to have YOU designing for them) and all your family, friends and other hobbies you share.ReplyCancel

  • Kim Pebley - I enjoy your blog… I think Pink Christmas Bunnies…ReplyCancel

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski - I think geese are going to be the theme of your Christmas block of the month!ReplyCancel

  • Annie - You mean you want something more specific than Christmas?? Let me see …..baskets, snowment, …….. maybe santa’s??? At any rate – it will be a winner as all the others have been!!!ReplyCancel

  • Sally - Oh Anne – I love PINK TOO! I have a featherweight but it’s not PINK! Wish it was. Well I think you are doing the 12 blocks of Christmas – which maybe will be a PINK Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • Pat Hergert - love your website and blog – thank you for sharing your creativity and talents with us! I am partway through the Snowbound blocks and am very curious what you have in mind for next year. Someone suggested scotty dogs with the twelve days of Christmas – heaven! if that isn’t what you are doing, might you consider it? Would love to see occasional construction tips from you. I haven’t appliqued in a while and am struggling to regain my skills. My points and inside corners leave much to be desired :)ReplyCancel

  • Sandy Allen - I’m thinking that your theme is Christmas trees, all different styles-Victorian, homespun, traditional, etc.ReplyCancel

  • Carol L. - I’m going to guess the new theme is birds.ReplyCancel

  • Anna McD - I love love pink! so I’m guessing a pink Christmas bomReplyCancel

  • Trina Christenson - Love your pink featherweight! How cute is that! My guest is Christmas bunnies, what else?!ReplyCancel

  • Janelle - I think your theme is going to be Christmas snowmen or birds.ReplyCancel

  • Mutti - Love that pink~ IReplyCancel

  • Mutti - OOPS…I wasn’t finished. I think the new theme for BOM is ‘I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas!’ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Dufendach - My guess is Pink Christmas ornaments.ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie - I loved reading all the guesses, I would love a angel BOM or birds but I think you are working on 12 days of Christmas blocks.ReplyCancel

  • Lynn S - I love my featherweight too…how about sewing for Christmas as a theme?ReplyCancel

  • Laine - I think your theme might have something to do with bunnies – maybe hopping around a Christmas tree.

    I adding a Featherweight to my Christmas list.


  • Pam Gavin - Love your blog and your patterns. I am guessing “Little Bity Christmas” animals celebrating Christmas with pink/green/blue fabrics!!ReplyCancel

  • Sally in Seattle - I love featherweights also. I have 3 of them – no pink ones though – they are all white. My guess is the theme for your new Christmas quilt has the word “Peace” in it due to your hint piecing – perhaps “Peace on Earth”.ReplyCancel

  • Leslie - I was given my step-grandmother’s mother’s featherweight (did that make sense?) — with payment coupon book and all. I also have Pfaffs. Thanks for the tip!

    I’m guessing, “In the Pink.” My grandmother had pink felt and sequined Christmas decorations that went on a flocked tree in her turquoise and white – decorated home.ReplyCancel

  • Patty Ojeda - I love your pink Featherweight! I have a black one and I love it! I am thinking that the new block of the month theme would be pink bunnies and words embroidered, like Peace on Earth? Or bunnies hopping around Pink Christmas Houses?

    Whatever you do, I love-love-love your free BOM! You are so generous! Thank you from the bottom of my pink heart!ReplyCancel

  • Linda K - My guess is a Christmas village. Maybe with a little critter or two. Fun to guess, but know it will be fantastic whatever it is!!ReplyCancel

  • Ann P. - Can’t wait to see your Christmas BOM. My guess is that it will be a Christmas village.ReplyCancel

  • LoriD - Can it be All things Pink at Christmas”? LOLReplyCancel

  • KatieQ - Although I may not be clever enough to think of any theme beyond Christmas or snowballs for your new BOM, you’ve got me dreaming of a pink Christmas. I must admit that blue is truly my favorite color. I’ve even got Elvis to back me up with “Blue Christmas.”ReplyCancel

  • Karen in Breezy Point - Cute pink sewing machine! My guess for the theme is toys–vintage toys, perhaps? Can’t wait to see what it will be….
    Karen in Breezy PointReplyCancel

  • Diane - Machine quilt on a Featherweight?!! Oh, the things you learn reading the comments on Anne’s Pink Blog!
    As for the new theme, I personally would love to see KITTIES depicted in all sorts of ways: Santa hats, playing with yarn ball ornaments, making friends with a little birdie, snoozing under a Christmas tree, trying on some tie-on bunny ears to match her best friend’s (who’s a real bunny!). . .

    Whatever you come up with, I know we’ll all LOVE it!!ReplyCancel

  • Linda - My guess is Pink Stockings filled with Christmas toys!
    Thanks for sharing,love,LindaReplyCancel

  • terry cortez - My quess is 12 days of Christmas with either snowball, stars or flying geese as the pieced blocks. Am I close? Love your blog and read it faithfully.

    Terry in So. Calif.ReplyCancel

  • Cory - I think the theme of your new BOM is Chreistmas. Thank you for the wonderful give-away. Take care and God bless, CoryReplyCancel

  • Suz Kuhns - You are so creative, so pinning a single theme down is hard; but I’m thinking Christmas birdhouses and birds.ReplyCancel

  • Donna - how about stars pink ones, blue ones , green and on and onReplyCancel

  • Becky - I love your pink sewing machine!!! Is the theme for your new Christmas BOM “I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas”?ReplyCancel

  • Piecefully, Pam - Hmmm, I’m going to guess CHRISTMAS, and maybe PINK too. Let’s call it “I’m dreaming of a PINK Christmas!” shall we…?! Sing it Bing. ; )

    Your pink FW is a cutie for sure. Mine is the traditional black. Her name is Agatha, and I LOVE her! Thanks for the tip about Pfaff feet!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Ann - Gosh, this is really a simple answer to the theme question but the first thing that popped into my head….It’s a “Christmas” theme!!

    Love your blog!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Bailey - I’m guessing a Christmas theme with a pink over tone and blocks thrown in for good measure. I just love your pink featherweight. One day I was on the freeway and a woman in pink leather passed me on her pink Harley motorcycle and I instantly thought of you. I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo.ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Hey, Anne! Stop by my blog and see my new baby! She’s not pink, but she’s a cutey!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine Schaffer - I hope your new theme will be Bitsy’s Pink Christmas!ReplyCancel

  • Jane Winton - I’m going to guess pink Christmas blocks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • rita burhans - wow! there are so many ideas going through my head —
    Christmas Icing
    Blue Ices
    Chill For Christmas (like in taking a ‘chill pill’ and relaxing
    The Nutcracker Gems
    Pink Polka Dot Snowballs

    ugh! maybe i’m cheating by guessing so much! but it was fun!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Just love your pink Featherweight! And now you know it has a twin. How cute is that!! Your theme – Hmmmm. Obviously it’s Christmas and there will be 6 pieced blocks and maybe 6 appliqued blocks. Maybe something to do with Paris since you were just there. Will there be some pink bunnies in it too?ReplyCancel

  • amber - Could it be the 12 days of Christmas? So fun!ReplyCancel

  • SoozeM - OK so I am guessing you wanted a more specific guess than just Christmas? LOL! OK I am changing my guess to a winter Christmas village with pieced houses and snowflakes! Although it could be just snowflakes, that would be pretty cool too! Actually knowing the designs you come up with whatever it is it will be very cool!ReplyCancel

  • CaraQuilts - More snowmen!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - My guess for your BOM theme is…snowflakes!ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Maybe those pieced blocks are flying geese? Six geese a laying? I’m still guessing birds in there somewhere….do geese count as birds? Am I getting close? Can you tell I really, really want to be in this drawing?

  • Yvonne - Ohhhhh, my guess is something like 12 Cats of Christmas…ReplyCancel

  • Kami Mandell - I am guessing pointsettias. I love to decorate with soft pink pointsettias at christmas time and I am sure that you do also. I see you sneaking in cute bunnies and puppies in there somewhere too.ReplyCancel

  • Christine - I am going to take a big guess on the Christmas BOM …presents “the block” and friendly animals to applique.ReplyCancel

  • janita - the theme for your new block of the month…. Christmas with pieced snowball blocks and appliqued gingerbread men that’s my guess! Thanks for making sewing sew much fun! Hope to win! Can’t wait to see it!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - I think the theme with be cats and dogs.ReplyCancel

  • Sheri F - Ok Anne, I LOVED the Autumn Houses and the Tiny Town, which I’m starting now, so how about “Christmas blocks” for the next theme for the block of the month?? Anything you do is just great with me! Could be all PINK Christmas blocks!!!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth Bradley - Hi Anne! First of all I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed doing the A Tisket A Tasket and now Snowbound!!! You have put so much time and work in doing these BOM’s for us and we all appreciate it! Your designs just give me a good feel. So I am pretty sure your are not going to do another Snowman theme? I think it may be Santas! Gingerbread men would be adorable too!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Bosworth - Of course, I love your pink machine. I think our two sewing machines are identical twins! I’m thinking your newest block of the month theme might be Tiny Town at Christmas time. Oh how wonderful that would be but then… everything you make is wonderful! Much love from JenReplyCancel

  • Cory - Anne, Is the theme of your new Christmas BOM the North Pole? Thank you for this fun contest. Take care and God bless, CoryReplyCancel

  • Cory - The theme is “The Night Before Christmas.” This sounds like a wonderful quilt. I can’t wait to see it. Take care and God bless, CoryReplyCancel

  • Callie Triarsie - I love the pink featherweight! I have one in mint green. Oh but pink is my favorite color. Congratulation on the find. I love all your wonderful patterns and happy fabric. The whole website just brings such joy. You do such great things.
    Anne you are such sunshine in this world.


  • Judy Neil - Pink, what can I say other than PINK is my favorite color also. We should form a Pink Lady Club!!! To own a pink featherweight would be Heavenly. I am thinking the block of the month will be scenes down in shades of pink. How interesting that would be.
    Happy New Year. JudyReplyCancel