Pretty Things

My studio is filled with pretty things today.  I wish I could show you what’s on the work table under this chandelier.  I’ve been working on it for awhile and everyday I get closer to completion.  Soon I’ll be giving you hints on what it is.  If you guess it right you’ll be entered into a drawing for a really nice prize!  Remember, you’ve had one hint already.  It’s Christmas!

The light from the chandelier is so pretty!  It’s amazing how it lights up the studio!  To install the chandelier we had to remove the ceiling fan, so now I have two of these fans in the studio!

In pink of course.  The fans help cool the room while I’m working under the chandelier.   Oh what we do in the name of pretty!

 This morning, before I started working, I took Bitsy for a ride in this pretty pink stroller!

There’s a reason for the stroller.

She arrived home from the vet with clean teeth and stitches in her rear end.  She had to have a few little tumors removed.  She’s having one of those awful weeks.

I think she deserves her own post and she does too!  I’ll be back to tell you all about Bitsy.

Hubby’s finger is better.  They added another week of antibiotics and it seems to be working.  There’s not a germ left in him.  Bitsy’s on antibiotics now too.  Chelsea, Mooch and I are left with all the germs.  Yuck!



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  • Ina - I love the pink fan! The style is so retro! Hey Bitsy, I would love to be pushed around the neighborhood in a pink polka dotted stroller! Enjoy the ride, Bitsy! ;0ReplyCancel

  • Sarah B. - Is it snowbound all complete? Or maybe a “Tiny Town Christmas” kind of like Who-ville all pinked out! I couldn’t resist since Who-ville is what I think of when I think about Christmas and I have Tiny Town on the brain since your interview. I have a question for you, Anne, where can I send photos of my completed “A Tisket, A Tasket”? I finished it in time to give it as a gift to my Mom last Christmas but I just recently got photos of it. I did it in Redwork to display my Mom button collection…ReplyCancel

  • Donna Liljegren - Hi Anne:
    Kes can relate to Bitsy. She had “bum” surgery last fall to have cysts removed. Isn’t it amazing what vets can do to help our pets? I hope Bitsy is feeling better, and Kes asked me to send along a snuffle for her as she heals.

    I love the chandy. It’s perfect for your studio, as are those pink fans. I can’t wait to see the Christmas quilt you’re working on! I’m sure it will be fabulous.

    I’ll visit again soon!

  • Nancy C. in Utah - OH…poor little Bitsy. She is so lucky to have a loving “mom” like you. Truth is, if I’d had that kind of cutting done on me, I’d want to be pampered too. Being pushed around in a pretty pink polka dot stroller would be a very nice start. We too pamper our little ‘people dressed in fur’ but we feel it is only fair as there is simply no way we can ever match the unconditional love, laughter and joy they bring to our lives. I’m glad to hear your hubby’s hand is on the mend and I’m thinking his backside might be getting pretty sore too if he is still getting shots. (I don’t think he’ll want a ride in the pink stroller though, lol). The chandelier and pink fans are wonderful!!! Well, I got up at 3:45 am to try to calm my morning pain and it is beginning ease up now with a little pharmacalogical help, so I will head back to bed for a little bit then try to do something productive, like maybe doing some sewing! I haven’t been able to sit down to my machine in over 10 days and I’m going into withdrawls! But, I’ll be back looking for clues to try to make a good guess on what you are working on under the beautiful chandelier. Big hugs coming your way!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Oh! GoodY! Love surprises and contests and Christmas! This will be so much fun! (But I suspect that Sarah E. above may have guessed correctly already!)

    Give Bitsy a big hug from all of us – she has had a rough (ruff?) go lately (some weeks are like that!), and better give your hubby a hug too from all of us ‘cuz he’s had it pretty tough too.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - Anything Christmas is welcome in my house so a beautiful Bunny BOM would be a delight!. I have been looking for just the right chandelier for my sewing room too. Its a smaller space so I need a little one but don’t they add just the right accent! Glad everyone is on the mend!ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Love that gorgeous chandelier and darling pink fan. If they make it in pink, I believe you’ll find it, Anne :-) I’ve been thinking ‘Christmas’ for a time, too, this is when I start working on gifts. Will be waiting for the next clue, thank you for offering another giveaway! I hope Bitsy will be back on track once she heals from her surgery, poor little dear… and hubby, too!ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - I want to come back as your dog!! (Hugs) to Miss Bitsy!ReplyCancel

  • cheryl in kansas - The fans are the too much.. how do you find all the pink stuff!and I LOVE the stroller…only the best for our pampered pooches!!!!ReplyCancel

  • auntiepami - A pink fan? Oh you must let us in on the secret shopping location…hope they have one more.

    Give Bitsy a treat for us. Boo-Boo & Bernie send their love.

    I’m sure that whatever you make for us will be pink-a-licious and bunnyfill!

    When I get my puppie, I’ll have to have a pink stroller? Do you think two little Westies would fit?ReplyCancel

  • auntiepami - Did I just spell puppies puppie? Oops.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Love the chandelier! And, wherever do you find all the PINK items.
    I think you are working on the next Block of the Month for 2011.
    Toby, our golden retriever, says hi to Bitsy who looks quite happy in her lovely pink stroller.ReplyCancel

  • Jane Anderson - I was just thinking the other day that Bitsy needed a stroller, and there it is! The correct color, too!ReplyCancel

  • Jean - One of the things on my bucket list (my pink bucket list) is to meet Bitsy so I can give her a big hug in person! She deserves all the pampering she can get.ReplyCancel

  • SewLindaAnn - There’s a man down the street that walks his cat in a stroller (with mesh covering the open area) all the time. I really admire him, and you for taking the time to do something so nice for your loved pets.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Look at the love in Bitsy’s eyes. You are her queen.ReplyCancel

  • Jane Early - Hi Anne,

    Do love all your pets…..but where are the two Black Cats??

    Hope Bitsy gets better soon……Hope your Hubby gets better ….he has one big heart.


  • lisa - my guess for under there is a new BOTM from you. You know how much we already love A Tisket A Tasket and Snowbound….I hope it’s somethign like a Christmas townReplyCancel

  • Barb Colvin - Fans come in colors?! love it :) Let’s see, something for Christmas…a tree skirt?ReplyCancel

  • Marsha - Christmas stockings for the new baby in the family, ala Lily & Will? Thanks for the link to Mila’s Dreams blog! Those have got to be the most precious pics I’ve seen in forever. Remind me of Anne Geddes, only cuter! Hope Bitsy and DH are fully recovered real soon!ReplyCancel

  • Bonnie - My first thought was December’s BOM with a tree and the dear little snowman or snow family, then I thought a advent calendar but that was to big, so scale down and thought a cute stocking for Santa to fill…. so many possibilities, how about a little hint????ReplyCancel

  • Linda - Love your Blog!
    I’m thinking it may be a Quilt of a Christmas Village.
    Have fun! Love,LindaReplyCancel

  • Piecefully, Pam - Here’s hoping you have a germ-free weekend! Think PINK and be healthy. ; ) Hugs to Bitsy.ReplyCancel

  • Gretchen - My goodness, it’s like a pharmacy at your house with all the dr. and vet visits. I’m hoping you are working on the next BOM for 2011 and it’s Christmas themed from what you said in a previous post. Love your chandelier. I bet it casts great shadows at night :)ReplyCancel

  • Stefanie - Sounds like Nurse Anne will be busy! Hang in there!

    XOXO & lots of hugs to you and your patients,

  • Sandra - So cute poor little Bitsy but she just loves her Mommie you can tell by the way she looks at you. Neat idea putting her in stroller. Glad hubby is better. Best to all of you. Do your kitties get jealous of all the attention Bitsy is getting? My kittie gets his noise out of joint when my grandson comes. Blessings to all SandraReplyCancel

  • Dee - I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas, or actually, a Tiny Town Chrstmas. Bing’s voice is crooning thru my head. Wouldn’t it be fund to stroller on a walk – well, except for the part of only seeing knees, which may be better than always seeing feet.:)ReplyCancel

  • Marcia - I love that pink fan. I have an old aqua one on my most recent post, but yours is much prettier. I’m glad to hear that hubby and Bitsy are doing better.

  • Shelley P - I’m thinking og another BOTM, maybe a christmas town filled with bitsy’s.ReplyCancel

  • pam seaberg - Tell your Hubby to take Probiotics after taking anti-biotics. Get the ones sold in the refrig. they have the live cultures. It will give back what the medication took away.ReplyCancel