UPS just gets me in so much trouble.  Granted we do a lot of shipping by UPS, but seems that brown truck is here almost every day with deliveries too!

The good thing is that my hubby thinks everything I’m buying is for you!  It’s great having a web site because I can disguise a lot of boxes as Bunny Hill product.  “Oh that’s for Bunny Hill”, I say.  Like this market trolley I bought on Amazon last week…

The UPS box it arrived in was small!  About the size of the polka dot pocket on the bag!  The bag folds up and fits inside the pocket!    Think of this at a farmer’s market or a quilt show!  Carry it with you and as soon as your arms fill up with veggies or fabric you open it up and have a second pair of hands!  It’s made by Reisenthel of Germany.  I bought it in the USA, even though I just got back from Germany.  This would make NO sense at all to my husband so mum’s the word.

I added some Bunny Hill products to the web site this week.  I love these leather ThimblePads. Love them!  I use them in place of a thimble and they can be re-used over and over.  I prefer the leather pads over the plastic and I’ve been looking all over for them.  Now that I’ve finally found them, I’ll keep them in stock.

I’ve also added YLI silk thread for applique!  I’ve been thinking about this for awhile.  When I found it packaged as a “collection” I ordered some and had it shipped to me UPS of course.  You’ll save money on the set,  and I get more Bunny Hill product delivered by UPS!  That’s a good thing!

You can find the trolley on Amazon.  You’ll find the thimble pads and silk thread on my web site  under “What’s New”.

I keep waiting to see who the LUCKY winner is going to be of those beautiful Snowbound blocks that Karen is giving away.  One of you could win!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.  Those block are wonderful!

And, I’ll be back on Wednesday to tell you who the FAMOUS quilter is who will be interviewing me on her blog.  She’s really famous and here’s the best clue I can give you…she has more ENERGY than anyone I know.



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