I love weekends, and I love them even more when I don’t have plans.  I spent Saturday working in the studio and watching my favorite TV shows.  I’m working on my next block of the month and I’ll give you a little hint;  it’s a Christmas quilt.  Ahhh, you may think you have ENOUGH Christmas quilts.  I’m here to say this is not possible and I hope I can entice you into more applique.   There’s another little critter I love to draw almost as much as a bunny.   I’ve kept it a secret for a long time and I hope I see some smiles when you see it!  :>)  I love Christmas and I’ve been wanting to design this quilt for awhile, but I just had to wait for the perfect fabric to come along.  Thanks to Moda Fabrics I found it! 

Mooch loves it when I’m drawing.  She  makes herself comfortable right in the middle of my work.  Her favorite thing to do is lay on my drawings batting my pencil and  eraser onto the floor.  Good thing I love that cat.   And to think she’s covered up my drawings for these pictures!  She knows when she has to keep a secret!



As for Bitsy, she might be old but she has the blood work of a young dog.  The vet can’t find anything wrong.  She still won’t walk unless she REALLY wants something, or forgets that she can’t walk.   I’m actually carrying her on walks now, thinking the entire time how silly I am.  Chelsea and I walk while Bitsy is carried.  She does however, occasionally want down to sniff a bush or do her business.   She gets her teeth cleaned on Wednesday and then she just might be in better shape than me!  Don’t you wish you were a Bunny Hill dog?  I guess when you’re 14 1/2 in dog years you can pretty much get anything you want.  She looks at me with those eyes and I melt. 

My huband is getting better every day.  His right thumb still hurts at the knuckle.  Seems that was the most painful bite.  He did happen to pick up a pair of leather gloves to keep in the garage just in case. What can I say?  At least he has gloves now. 

As for the rescue kitty, I’m sorry to say it had to be put to sleep.  It’s back legs were severely infected and they think it had been run over by a car.  It was really in bad shape but at least it’s suffering has ended.  It didn’t have rabies.  Say a little prayer that it knows it was loved at the end.

Hope you are all having  a great weekend.  I forgot I have to get that darn laundry done today.  I hate doing laundry and I hate folding clothes.  If you have a way of getting out of doing laundry tell me now before I start!



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