It’s possible to have two families and be very, very happy!  I have two families and I can’t stop smiling!  When I saw this ad in “Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine”  I started that “pinch me now” thing I have going.  I’ll never get used to the excitement of joining the wonderful  Moda family!  I’m keeping the ad around so that when my “first” family gives me trouble I can hold it up and threaten to go live with my “second” family.   There must be a little space in that huge Moda warehouse of fabric I could “room” in.  Or, maybe I could live in the room of vintage textiles I’ve heard about.    One can dream.

The picture for the ad was taken at Spring market by Camille Roskelley  herself!    She’s a wiz with her Nikon camera!  Actually amazing is a better word.   After a few trial shots, she set the camera on a timer and jumped in the photo.   We were all laughing and having the best time.  Then Eleanor Burns  happened to walk by and made us all crack up!    Can’t tell you what she said because, well, you’ll just to ask her, but it was funny!  Being with Moda is so much fun!

And now I’m working on two fabric lines for Moda.  I’m waiting for the strike offs for my Fall line to arrive any day.   Here’s a little hint;  if you loved “Lily & Will” you are going to love my next line too!   I wish I could have all of you over when the strike offs come so you can see how exciting it is!  I grab the UPS package, hug the driver and race up to the studio tearing the package open on the way.  We have a “jump around the strike offs” moment, and for the rest of the day I’m in the BEST mood!  I just can’t wait!

Chelsea, Bitsy and Mooch are anxiously waiting too because I have a tendency to give little treats when I’m in a really good mood!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!



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