These are such happy little snowmen!  I think they’re having a party!  Why a party?  Well, we’re 1/2 way through our quilt, AND in some areas of the US it’s still been snowing!  Snow means happy snowmen no doubt about it.

It snowed in Oregon while we were at market, and when we flew home over Denver we saw tons of white, beautiful snow.  It’s June and somewhere it’s still snowing.  I can tell just from looking at these little guys.

We’re on block number six can you believe it! Where on earth has the year gone?  Do you realize we’ll be thinking about Christmas before long?  Don’t worry, you’ll be ready with a new quilt if you’re keeping up with me, and you’ve got a few snowmen put aside to decorate with don’t you?

Be sure and look at my Flickr group for “Snowbound” (you’ll find the link on the right side toward the bottom).  It’s amazing to see what everyone is doing.  Some have dark backgrounds, some are embroidered!  I am in love with all the different blocks.  Jump in and post your blocks. There’s still time.  I was really behind, but I caught up last night.  You can too!

Hope you’re all enjoying the series!

Oh, and one more new thing we brought back from quilt market!  Lecien has added 3 more colors to their multi-work 2 strand embroidery floss.  These are the colors everyone has been requesting;  royal blue, Christmas green and redwork red!  You’ll find them on our floss page!  We’re lucky enough to have them in stock!

Finally the three colors we’ve been missing! Thanks Lecien and have a great weekend everyone!



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