It’s June 1st and I can hardly believe it!  I leave for Germany next week for my son’s wedding!  In just seven more days I’ll be on my first trip to Europe.  I just couldn’t be more excited!  When I think of all the things I need to get done before I leave it’s a little overwhelming, but it’s like that before any trip don’t you think?  I have lists of things to take care of before I leave, and getting on that airplane will seem so unreal to me!  I’ve never been to Europe so I have no idea what to expect!

Bunny Hill will still be open, orders will be processed and you’ll never even know I’m gone.   The newsletter will come out on the 5th with the next Snowbound block, and I even have blog posts scheduled so it will seem like I’m still  home.   I leave on the 7th and will be back in two weeks. Germany, Paris, and the Cotswolds in England are calling me!

Before I forget I went shopping at sample spree!  That’s right!  Shopping for you! Remember I promised a give away?  Someone is going to win these bundles of my first fabric line with Moda, called Lily & Will! Leave a comment and tell me if you want the pink, blue or green bundle and I’ll announce the winners on Friday morning! Then come Saturday it’s Snowbound time!

Just look at how they are bundled!  Pinks, ivory and browns, greens, ivory and browns, and blues, ivory and browns.  Bundles of fat quarters from heaven by color!

You deserve a bundle if you can stay with me through this video.  It was the end of the day and suddenly Moda Gene put the video camera in my booth.  On the spot I had to talk about my fabric line.  I was SO not expecting that.  I wonder if you ever get used to a video camera?  Go ahead and laugh a little.  Can’t believe I actually did the  thing with the satin at the end but you’ll get the picture!

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