I’m getting so excited!  I think this quilt market is going to be one of the best ever.  More and more exciting things are starting to appear on blogs, web sites and ads. New designers are attending market for the very first time, and so many creative ideas are filling the quilting world.  This means great products for all of you!  International Quilt Market, Spring 2010 is going to be so much fun!  New and fresh products, fabrics,  ideas and patterns are just around the corner for all of us!

I leave in just 10 days and it’s looking like a bit of chaos at my house right now.  It always does just before market as we pull together last minute things. Our drapes are fireproofed, an event all on it’s own.   My front yard looks a bit like ma and pa kettle for a day twice a year as my husband “hangs” the drapes to dry.  Why he picks the front yard is beyond me. Our neighbors are used to it and just shake their heads. He could do this in the back yard, but he LOVES doing the drapes so much I don’t dare open my mouth and suggest it.

The boxes are shipped, but not without some excitement.  My husband puts everything on a pallet, shrink wraps, and waits for the freight truck to pick up.  The truck that came this time didn’t have a lift gate, so everything got unwrapped and carried on one by one and then shrink wrapped again.  Oh such excitement! My husband LOVES this too!

And in the middle of it all I’m on a mission to find the most comfortable shoe.  One that will take me from the convention center in Minneapolis to the Hilton without blisters or sore feet.  I’ve been shopping at Nordstom online and every day new shoes arrive.  They come in and go out, as I walk around with different shoes on my feet trying to find the perfect pair.  It’s quite a scene at Bunny Hill.  I’ve returned so many my husband says they are going to put me on a “no sell” list.  I think he might be right! Mephisto, Ugg, Born, Dansko, Finn, to name a few brands.  Spare no expense.  Just give me a comfortable shoe.  I’m still trying to choose one, or two, or three.

And my sweet little animals curl up where they can to watch all the market excitement.   I found Chelsea on a scrap pile of my new fabric.  She loves it and didn’t hesitate to tell me. I didn’t have the heart to move her!

A  return to normal will come sometime soon. Not soon enough if you ask my pets.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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