It’s May 5th can you believe it?  Are you ready for block five of Snowbound?  To think that once a month these little snowmen take over our lives!  If you’re following along with my free block of the month I think you’ll be glad you did.  The quilt is looking pretty cute!

My snowbound quilt is at the quilter’s, embellishments and all!  My quilter Lynne took pity on me and agreed to quilt around the embellishments.  This is an exception and not the norm, so please don’t do this do your quilter.  Wait to sew on all those buttons until your quilt is quilted.  I don’t want emails coming to me from all the quilters out there!  Promise me won’t you?

If you’re working on my “Snowbound” quilt, start collecting snowmen as soon as the Christmas decorations appear.  I’m going to show you how to decorate for Christmas with this quilt and you’ll want a stash of  snowmen to go with it!  Lots of them!  Fair warning:  You have 7 months!

I love it when I can introduce a new quilt pattern and today is the day!  “Tiny Town” is here!  It’s my newest block of the month!  I had so much fun designing this quilt!  Just think what you can do with this little town!  Make it your own by embroidering your house number, shop names, local schools and even your friend’s houses.  While you’re at it pick out a new car and fill it up with gas!  “Tiny Town” is your town!

There’s so much more to come.  May is going to be a fun, fun month!

Back soon!

Hugs to all you “Snowbound” quilters!



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