Sunny, warm, and beautiful.  That was our weather this weekend and I actually got outside for a bit!  Strange feeling since I’ve been in the studio for weeks.  Another storm is due on Tuesday and we may get some hail!  Hail in the middle of April!  Don’t know how the weatherman knows this in advance. 

I love roses and every year I plant 5 or 6 more rose bushes.  It’s finally starting to pay off.  My roses are all starting to bloom, so if we get hail on Tuesday I hope it will be gentle. 



A quick trip to our local  farmer’s market was called for.  They have the best bread!

 And veggies of course…


And they were selling orchids!  Beautiful orchids!

I may be able to grow roses, but every time I try with orchids, they never bloom again.  Any orchid advice out there?  If you think I should give it a try I’ll buy one next week. 

My son was supposed to arrive from Germany today and of course his flight was cancelled.  I’m wondering how the airlines will ever catch up when they do start flying.  Mother Nature is amazing and definitely in control!

Have a great day everyone! 



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