I put it off as along as I could.  Saved it for last.  I’ve heard so many stories about “Minky” and how hard it is to work with that I was dreading sewing on Snuggle.  But guess what?  It’s SEW easy!  Really!   I should have known Moda would do it right!

Cream Snuggle backed with my cream fabric!

I’m using Snuggle colors that look great with my new fabric line, and I’ve been snuggling all week!  It’s wonderful!  Snuggle gives you the soft, plush feeling without all the problems.   It’s wide, so I wondered how on earth I was going to cut it to the size I needed.  Onto the cutting table it went.  I doubled it and then doubled it again and cut through four layers at one time without any problem!  Four layers!  My rotary cutter loved it.  So does it make a mess?  Not much.  It only ravels on one cut end and I can live with that.  The other end and the sides hardly ravel at all.  Here’s what my cutting board looked like on the end that ravels. Not bad!

So the next time you’re in a quilt shop that carries Snuggle, pick up a yard or two.  I’ve made so many blankets this week using my satin (colorfast and washable), fabric and Snuggle I could open a store!  And remember that satin pleated trim?

It goes perfect on Snuggle Blankets.  What a treat and  “Sew” easy!

I’m onto pattern writing this week so hopefully you’ll be hearing a bit more from me.  I hate it when I’m so busy I can’t tweet, or blog.  I’ll be getting to all those emails waiting for answers this weekend.  TGIF!



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