So here’s some egg  trivia for you!  How do you tell if the eggs in your refrigerator are fresh?

Take the simple water test!

1.  Put the egg in a bowl with room temperature water.  Fill with enough water to cover the egg.

2.  If the egg sinks and rests horizontally, it’s very fresh.  If the larger end of the egg starts to rise, your egg is about one to two weeks old.  Still ok to eat.

3.  If the egg floats, throw it out!  It’s a “bad egg” so to speak.

These are Farm Fresh eggs that I know are about two weeks old.  I was wondering if they were ok to eat so I gave them the test.

Can you see the larger end standing up a bit?  I did this test with the fresh eggs we just bought at Safeway and the same exact thing happened.  The fresh eggs from Safeway might be about two weeks old before they make it to the stores.  Told you, egg trivia for what it’s worth.

Are you having family over for the holiday?  Do you decorate for Easter?  Tell me how your celebrate Easter or Passover.  We always have our grandkids over for the annual Easter egg hunt.  It’s predicted  to pour rain so we may be hunting for eggs inside!

Have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday with block four of Snowbound!

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