This neat little stack of fabric…

Has become this…

My studio is a disaster.  There are fabric scraps all over, pieces on the floor, freezer paper rolls, pins and markers everywhere.  Believe it or not this is what I call designing.  It’s a state of controlled chaos.  I do it all at once; picking fabric, drawing the designs, writing the pattern, prepping the appliqué, choosing embellishments, and on and on.  Really, sometimes I think I’m nuts.

The good news is this…

By the time this little mess gets into your hands it will look a whole lot better and I’ll have a clean studio.

Today I’m going to watch Julia and Julia on DVD and work my way through this quilt.  Block by block, piece by piece.  I’m 2/3rds done!

Have a great Sunday everyone.  Don’t tell me the ending of the movie, but have you seen it and did you like it?



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