I am the queen of shopping, just ask my husband.  He’s given me the title, but he’s a bit biased.  I should hesitate to accept, but I can’t help it.  I love the title!  It should come with a tiara that I can wear when I greet the UPS man.

So there I was last weekend, the “Queen of Shopping” cleaning out the garage.  Now that we’ve cancelled the studio addition I’m left with a few things I’ve purchased with the addition in mind.  Most of my purchases are really smart buys.  Things on sale with a price so low I just couldn’t pass them up.  It’s great fun to open up the boxes!

I asked my husband for some help. I innocently said, “Can you help me with that heavy box over in the corner”?  Stupid move on my part.  I forgot the number one rule; never let your husband open a purchase.  Never.  Open it in private, no matter how heavy, then hand him the empty box.  Truth be told I couldn’t remember what was in the box.

So now the “queen of shopping” is left with the “purchase of the year”.  The one thing I’ll never live down.  The one thing I have no room for, a bright pink refrigerator.  Not the “perfect’ Bunny Hill pink, but bright pink.  Up to the studio my husband carried it, with me acting like it was the smartest thing I ever bought. “Put it right over there by my sewing machine” I said.

Hummm, so now what?  It’s here, in the studio, until I can sneak it out when the Goodwill truck drives by.  I’m almost tripping over it!  At least I can use the top for storage, but what do you keep on the top of a pink refrigerator?


Wait! I think I may have found the perfect thing!

Chelsea likes it, and she likes her treats chilled!  “It’s a good thing” as Martha would say.  Bitsy isn’t impressed.  She thinks the pink is too bright.

During the next week you’ll be seeing things change on my blog so please be patient with me.  We’re still working on it, moving things around, trying to find a good fit.  My blog isn’t moving again, just changing a bit more.  We’ll be done soon, I promise.

Back soon,



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