Another pink post

I am the queen of shopping, just ask my husband.  He’s given me the title, but he’s a bit biased.  I should hesitate to accept, but I can’t help it.  I love the title!  It should come with a tiara that I can wear when I greet the UPS man.

So there I was last weekend, the “Queen of Shopping” cleaning out the garage.  Now that we’ve cancelled the studio addition I’m left with a few things I’ve purchased with the addition in mind.  Most of my purchases are really smart buys.  Things on sale with a price so low I just couldn’t pass them up.  It’s great fun to open up the boxes!

I asked my husband for some help. I innocently said, “Can you help me with that heavy box over in the corner”?  Stupid move on my part.  I forgot the number one rule; never let your husband open a purchase.  Never.  Open it in private, no matter how heavy, then hand him the empty box.  Truth be told I couldn’t remember what was in the box.

So now the “queen of shopping” is left with the “purchase of the year”.  The one thing I’ll never live down.  The one thing I have no room for, a bright pink refrigerator.  Not the “perfect’ Bunny Hill pink, but bright pink.  Up to the studio my husband carried it, with me acting like it was the smartest thing I ever bought. “Put it right over there by my sewing machine” I said.

Hummm, so now what?  It’s here, in the studio, until I can sneak it out when the Goodwill truck drives by.  I’m almost tripping over it!  At least I can use the top for storage, but what do you keep on the top of a pink refrigerator?


Wait! I think I may have found the perfect thing!

Chelsea likes it, and she likes her treats chilled!  “It’s a good thing” as Martha would say.  Bitsy isn’t impressed.  She thinks the pink is too bright.

During the next week you’ll be seeing things change on my blog so please be patient with me.  We’re still working on it, moving things around, trying to find a good fit.  My blog isn’t moving again, just changing a bit more.  We’ll be done soon, I promise.

Back soon,



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  • RC - Well, I love it! Wish it would fall into my car as I drove by. LOL I did have to crack up that you broke the cardinal rule and let your husband open a box that you weren’t sure what was inside. Chelsea looks priceless in her little basket. What a cutie!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Oh no! You HAVE to keep that pink fridge. It’s perfect. You can keep your chocolate and a bottle of champagne in there. Milk for your tea. Strawberries (when they’re in season). It’s a wonderful accessory for your studio… and a great place for Chelsea’s little basket!ReplyCancel

  • Annette - Love it – I think you should keep it. Chelsea is right at home on top of the fridge. Just think of all the yummy things you can keep in it and you will hardly ever have to leave your room.ReplyCancel

  • Diane - How could you even THINK of getting rid of something so perfectly adorable, let alone essential! Ask anyone–one just couldn’t DO without refrigeration!ReplyCancel

  • jilly - I am NOT a pink person, but that refrigerator is too cute. Keep it. You’ll be sorry when its gone.

    Besides, Chelsea looks like she may growl at whomever tries to remove her from her new spot. LOL


  • auntiepami - Love the fridge! Elfa makes a short 2 drawer cart that is perfect to put the frige on, it holds whatever you want, since you can pick & choose the drawers. Or hide it under a pretty pink skirt (kind of like the old fashioned sinks). It would put it higher so you wouldn’t strain your back reaching into it. Chelsea may not like that idea though.ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Do not get rid of the refrigerator!! That is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. I can’t believe that my pink radar hadn’t found that one!ReplyCancel

  • Catherine Dein - Well, that was the funnist thing I have heard of for some- time, I can just see if going up the stairs. My husband thinks I a good shopper but I think you really take the cake. Keep up the great work. (shopping also)ReplyCancel

  • Catherine Dein - Well, that was the funnist thing I have heard of for some- time, I can just see it going up the stairs. My husband thinks I am a good shopper but I think you really take the cake. Keep up the great work. (shopping also). I also agree with Rachel – fill it with champagne and chocolates. Wonderful Idea.ReplyCancel

  • Gigi - Love the pink fridge :) I keep mine stocked with Coke Zero, water and an occasional candy bar for when I’m having a bad sewing day.ReplyCancel

  • Gail Sciortino - Ummm…How fast can I say this…I’ll BUY it from you!!! I LOVE the fridge…I’m in Sacto, is that close enough for me to pick it up? Iam soooo serious…..
    Sincerly serious…Gael from

  • Joy - Oh it is so cute… please send it to me.. please.. lolReplyCancel

  • anna lee & choc chip - Thats too funny…1st-here it is way too cold to be in the garage brrr.. 2nd – I love love the crown & the thing to get the packages…HAHAHA love it you made our day…
    best of luck with your redo…((( bunny HUGS))) from usReplyCancel

  • anna lee & choc chip - this is too really gave us a laugh. Here it is way too cold to be in the garage for any amount of time. I just Love Love the Crown to get the many packages! ADORABLE.
    best of luck as you organize & set up shop. we cant wait to see what you have in store.
    (((((bunny hugs))ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I think you have a built-in PINK GPS. Now I do have room in my new sewing space for a mini fridge. Add a microwave and bed and I never need to leave. Chelsea looks like the cutest little decoration.ReplyCancel

  • Bette - I cant believe you are even considering getting rid of it. I’m not a pink person at all, but if I were, I would consider this the greatest coup of all time.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Ann - I think the pink fridge is perfect..ReplyCancel

  • cheryl in kansas - way too cute…where did you find it???? it has to stay….maybe a small bunny quilt to cover the front if it is too pink for attached by some sort of magnetic thing…just a thought! Loved Chelsea and the basket….truly it HAS to stay!!!ReplyCancel

  • Penni - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pink refrigerator. I live in a log home with 3 sons and a husband and anything I can get that reminds me that I am still female is fantastic. Chelsea looks great on it.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - You definitely NEED to keep the little pink frig! Its adorable. Send it to me if you don’t want it. For one thing, it can hold items other than food-but wouldn’t you love to have it close by and filled with goodies? And, granddaughters are sure to love it. (Wherever did you find it?) I say its a keeper. WHAT else have you gotten? Would love to see.ReplyCancel

  • Lynn - How funny I was going to say – do not get rid of that pink refrigerator. It is so cute, but it looks like everyone else has beat me too it. Looks as if you’ll have to keep it now that the opinion is unanimous. Men – we should feel sorry for them – how can they be expected to understand.ReplyCancel

  • Diane - I guess if there was a pink frig to be found, you’d be the one to find it :-) Right shade of pink or not, it’s darling! Are you sure you can’t keep it? Maybe if you set enough of ‘your’ pinks on and around it, it’ll blend in. Maybe you could just unplug it and put it to work as storage space…besides, Chelsea seems to like it :-)ReplyCancel

  • Robin - I think you have set a new precedent. We are all going to try to find a little refrigerator to match the decor of our sewing rooms. I need one in light aqua . . .ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - You actually bought a PINK refrigerator. It wouldn’t fit in my sewing room! I think it needs a new home in hubby’s garage–father’s day gift!
    Nancy in INReplyCancel

  • dianne - someday i’m gonna get around to decorating my garage – and i will want a pink fridge just exactly like yours! it is toooo sweeeet!ReplyCancel

  • pam - Chelsea is killing me in that basket.ReplyCancel

  • Judy in Michigan - The fridge can be painted a softer pink! I’ve seen it done on HGTV!! In the summer, you’ll be glad to have cool refreshments right next to your sewing machine!!ReplyCancel

  • edyB - It has to stay or Chelsea would be in “pink” tears!ReplyCancel

  • Kim - So do tell…..
    what were you thinking when you bought it?

    I for one would love to have a fridge in my sewing room and
    if I was as smart as you I would have hung onto one of the dorm fridge bought for my kids while at college……ummmm goodness it really is over 10 years ago since the baby graduated!

    Its cute…..enjoy….pretend you are on vacation in that great space :0)!

    Happy sewing,

  • gloria g. - I think it is beautiful, and you are one lucky girl (shopper).ReplyCancel

  • Marsha - I love your pink fridge. Every studio needs one to store the soda and snacks for the needed “stretch” break! It would be a shame to get rid of it!


  • Mary - I like the idea of a mini quilt magnet-ed to the front (Cheryl from Kansas) OR you could stencil on some softer paint designs — like the lovely border on your new blog — or just some pale stripes in various widths and colors — soft pink, beige, grey,- whatever blends with your studio. or decoupage some great fabric on top of the bubblegum pink.

    You definitely need to keep it for those doggie treats. smile.ReplyCancel

  • brigette - i don’t know about you anne, but personally, i don’t think the queen should have to clean the garage…ReplyCancel

  • Connie - Well you could store pink lemonade in it, or pink grapefruit juice or cherry popsicles. Red jello, strawberries and pink cupcakes. I have mine, alas white, under a counter in my laundry room which opens to the sewing room. Then a microwave on top of the counter with all of my tea supplies, you could have red tea with pomegranate(I bet that would really be pink tea). I could survive without leaving my sewing room for at least 24 hours so could you.ReplyCancel

  • Barbara - Bring that pink fridge to market!
    Mary and I are going to fight over it!
    Do you happen to have a lime green one?

    If Chelsea decides that she does not want it ~ Bella will.

    Call me when you get a chance.
    Our new blog is set up on Word Press also and having some learning curve issues.

    LOVE the new blog ~ but loved the old one too!

  • jaybird - only you!! you so crack me up… and no worries.. change is good!!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - I’d sure keep that cute fridge if I were you!!!
    Chelsea really looks at home on top of it, too!!!
    Oh, I just LOVE pink!!!!

  • Anna - Put some Microbrew in it and hubby will love it!ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Lymer - That is the cutest thing – I LOVE it….and I agree, just hand the men the empty box. There are somethings they will never, ever, understand xoReplyCancel

  • Debbi - I’m so glad today is Feb 1, I’m ready for my next snowbound block! I think I’m really going to love this quilt.ReplyCancel

  • Nichole - Hey! Is there anyway you can send it to me???? Ha! Don’t get rid of it, let alone goodwill…you should have a contest and the winner can pay shipping to have it sent to them (I would let us know what that would be first) :) I wish I had one, it is so cute! NicholeReplyCancel

  • Jean C. - So, did I miss somthing? Why aren’t we doing the remodel… if it’s o.k. to ask? Just wondering!
    Let’s see… I already have a t.v./VCR/DVD player …. and a place to “stash” my chocolate… not sure that I can justify that I’m that far away from the kitchen to have a fridge… besides then hubby might never see me! It is cute…. I’m thinking that you could always decopage it and sell it on e-bay! Or something fun like that!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Ann - OMG, where do you live, the PINK refrig would go great in my PINK playroom. I’ll come pick it up in my PINK Smart car! Where did you get it? How about an auction for it, donation could go to the Goodwill or organization of your choice? Mary Ann in Paradise, CAReplyCancel

  • Carol - That pink frig is so very cute. I looked it up online and ordered one through Walmart for a very good price, and no shipping! Having it delivered to the store! I think you should keep your frig and maybe we should have a Pink Fridge Club!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - I absolutely love the pink fridge so much that I bought one for my downstairs where my sewing room is located! Thanks for posting about your pink fridge!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • V and Co. - lol, i’ve had a few of those. yesterday my husband came home to all the furniture in the middle of the room and everything off the walls. he just kept walking by and didn’t want to say a word. smart man.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - *****You have got to keep it. It’s so sweet. The perfect compliment to the fridge would be to paint the Bunny Hill logo on the front in white. Every respectable “Queen of Shopping” needs her own personalized pink fridge.ReplyCancel