The journeys we take in life, always seem to bring unexpected pleasures.  Those little things we never anticipate.  Sweet surprises that can’t be predicted or even thought of when we start the journey.  Amazing, is the word I use for these little pleasures. 

When I started designing, I never anticipated the friendships I would find along the way.  I was focused on my business,  trying to get it up and running, worried that I might not be successful, have enough money to continue, afraid people wouldn’t like what I did, and well, you get the idea.  Oh my, it was a lot to focus on!  Now as I look back on my journey, I realize that one of the unexpected pleasures that I NEVER anticipated was the friendships I would form with other designers.   These friendships have helped me through difficult times.  Times when I needed advice or wanted to ask questions.  Unexpected pleasures like no other!

Vicki Bellino, of Bloom Creek, is one of those designer friends.  She’s been there for me time after time.  We’ve laughed, cried, shopped, visited and had countless phone calls together. Imagine my surprise, when last October, this picture arrived in the mail.  A gift from my friend Vicki!   A Bunny Hill bunny surrounded by Bloom Creek blooms, pieced and appliqued in the perfect pinks.  It made me cry, of course.  Just to think of the hours she spent making this precious gift that symbolizes our friendship, I still can’t believe she did it.  This picture now hangs in my studio.

Vicki and I  decided we wanted to share this with all of you.  So we took the Bunny Hill bunny and her Bloom Creek blooms, and a new quilt was born.  We submitted this new version to “American Patchwork and Quilting” and they said yes!  Coming in the April issue of “American Patchwork and Quilting” you’ll find our quilt! 

“The Bunny Patch”

Applique by Anne Sutton

Pieced & Quilted by Vicki Bellino

Featured Fabric, “Aviary” by Three Sisters, from Moda Fabrics

If you subscribe to this magazine like I do, you’ll be receiving this issue in your mail box any day now.  If you don’t subscribe (you should), you’ll find it on news stands February 2nd. “American Patchwork and Quilting”  is one of the few magazines that ships to subscribers before it hits the stands!  I’ve included directions for the spray starch method of applique in this issue, along with other applique tips. Vicki gives you tips on how she’s quilted this quilt (it’s just  amazing).  If you’d like a kit you can find it here on my web site or here on Vicki’s web site.  We have limited kits available so don’t wait.  Our kit includes everything but the magazine and backing for $45.00! (No, it doesn’t include the sewing machine, the pins, the batting, the scissors, the thread or someone to make it for you tee hee!) Opps, I forgot, buttons and ribbon not included. 

Look for more posts soon on my new Bunny Tales blog!  Be sure and re- subscribe on this blog.  Most of you aren’t having problems subscribing, but a few are.  I’m working on it,  so please try again in a few days.  Maybe a miracle will happen.

And speaking of miracles, the true kind, be sure and bid on the wonderful auction quilts on The Fat Quarter Shops, Jolly Jabber blog.  You’ll find a Bunny Hill quilt there, along with so many other wonderful items.  Don’t miss this auction! 


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Be back soon!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 



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