I love a good start to a New Year!

It’s January 5th and I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!  Jumping for joy over here at Bunny Hill!  It’s time to introduce my newest Free block of the month!

snowbound banner

It’s my way of saying THANK YOU to all of you wonderful blog readers, customers, quilters, friends,  animal lovers, and just plain nice people out there!  Thank you for reading my blog, buying my patterns, buying my fabrics, putting up with my attempts at being funny, listening to me go on and on about my pets, my life, and myself LOL!

Thank you dear readers for being who you are!  Each of you unique and exciting!  Here’s my little gift for all of you!

Introducing  “SNOWBOUND”, my newest block of the month for 2010!  Please feel free to grab my badge and use it on your blog or Yahoo group!  “SNOWBOUND” is going to be fun!


And, I’ve started a new Flickr group so you can share your blocks as you finish!  Just click on the badge in the right column and you’ll be there!  Join in the fun and make some new friends.  Snowmen warm your heart and “Snowbound” is going to be filled with them!

Snowbound Block One (2)

Remember the fabric I showed you a few months ago?  “Rural Jardin”?  Well, I’ve been using it for “Snowbound”!  It’s the perfect blends of blues, creams and reds.  I LOVE this fabric!

On the work table now

I’ll be posting the complete directions to make this quilt (no, not all the blocks, you have to wait for those), just as soon as we’ve tested the pattern.  I have speed demons who test…shouldn’t be too long.

“Rural Jardin” is coming to your local quilt shop in March.  You’ll have time to get ready should your little heart love this fabric as much as mine!  Or, get creative and choose your own!  Surprise me!

Happy 5th!



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  • Anita - Thank your for your new pattern. I hardly can wait to start. I loved the baskets a lot and I am sure I will like your snowmen too.ReplyCancel

  • stitchinfiend - Oh my Snowmen my very favourite things – especially as we never get snow where I live here in Aust. I can't wait to see more.ReplyCancel

  • Gigi - I am SOOO IN LOVE_Thank YOU Anne!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • patsy - Thank you so much for giving us another block of the month. I was afraid I was going to suffer some kind of withdrawal in 2010 with no block to surprise me each month.
    patsy in FLReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - You call it a "little gift"? it's a big one !. every month my friends and I look forward to the next block. 3 of us just started a tisket a tasket blocks and now already we have something new ! THANK YOU ! we just love it!
    we live in the Netherlands by the way and at the moment we are coping with a lot of snow, that is rare in our country.

  • Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail - Thank you! Really cute pattern. I'm just going to finish up my baskets and then I'll join you.ReplyCancel

  • chiffonnette - Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces merveilles que vous nous offrez !
    Très BONNE ANNEEReplyCancel

  • teresa - Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! I absolutely love snowmen… maybe because it's so hot here in Aussie?? I'm so glad you decided to do this for us and thank you so much for your generosity. xxReplyCancel

  • Sylvie BG - Thank you very much for this new Bom, Anne ! I love it !
    Happy New Year ! Bonne Année 2010 !
    Hugs from France,

  • Jackie - This will be a really cute BOM. Love the name, but right now I am feeling really snowbound too!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Oh, Anne! You spoil your fans completely! Thank you a million times over for this adorable BOM – we are truly the luckiest bunch to be part of your incredible talent and generosity!

    2010 looks like it's off to an amazing start! Thank you so much!ReplyCancel

  • Sipiweske Quilts - Thanks for continueing with another adorable BOM. I enjoyed the 2009 blocks so much and I can now continue to watch my inbox on the 5th of each month again. Snowmen are my absolute favorite – thank you Anne! – MarleneReplyCancel

  • jaybird - snowbound!!! you are a woman after my own heart… i'm hooked! {let me know if you need another tester!}ReplyCancel

  • Sarah G - Thank you so much for doing this again! I looked forward to the beginning of each month last year to see the new month's BOM pattern.
    Will you be offering an embroidery-only option or should we just go by the line drawing in the pattern?
    Thank you!!

  • Helen - Thank you so much Anne! I was feeling a little sad when the last free BOM ended. I signed up for Le Jardin, which is lovely, but it's not quite the same experience because I know what it looks like already. Now I can anxiously await for the 5th of the month to roll around to see what sweet new block you've designed for us. I'm in!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara - Thank you so much for your generosity! The snowbound pattern looks so cute, can't wait to start it. You truly are a wonderful and giving person. Have a wonderful New Year.ReplyCancel

  • Maria Jové - Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to it, soon finish the other quilt of baskets

  • KatieQ - When I woke up this morning I was expecting an ordinary day; until I opened my computer and saw a ray of sunshine pop out. Thank you for starting a new BOM. I love snowmen. I know this is an extra time commitment for you and along with your legions of fans, I really appreciate it. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • smorie - I'm sooo excited to begin another bom..thank you anne!ReplyCancel

  • Loraine - Oh Wow Anne! So excited for your new quilt BOM. It was so fun to work on "A Tisket A Tasket" last year. I looked forward to the 5th each month.
    You are my favorite quilt designer! Most everything I am working on at the moment is from you!
    Thanks for all you do to keep us busy. I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - YAY YAY YAY! Ask anyone, I am a winter girl and I ♥ snowmen! I am so excited for another block of the month quilt (party). Thank you thank you!!!ReplyCancel

  • SewLindAnn - You are so sweet to take the time to share another amazing BOM with us out here in your fan land of the Blogs. I admit I have not finished my baskets, but I can keep it diverse by working on rabbits and snowmen at the same time!! Thanks for the newsletter, I went to the site and ordered some houses fabric, I'm so excited!!ReplyCancel

  • malggl - Anne, You don't know how happy you made me this morning! I loved working on the basket blocks and I'm so glad that you decided to give us adorable snowmen! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns–I've grown used to the excitment on the 5th of the month! Happy New Year and thanks again!
    Gail (malggl@comcast.net)ReplyCancel

  • Lisa D. - Cutest snowman ever! What a nice gift for your readers. I can't wait until the fabric comes out!ReplyCancel

  • Christy - Oh thank you!! I was so excited last year on the 5th of the month and now that excitement will continue!!! I usually give all my quilts away but my husband loves my basket quilt so much, we are keeping it. I can hardly wait to get started on the snowmen!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - I'm so excited! What a generous lady you are! I will send this to all my friends and start a new bom group with them!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Anne – I can't tell you how excited I am about this new BOM. I SO enjoyed doing last year's and this one is all SNOWMEN. I ♥ snowmen!

    Thank you so much for your generosity and for sharing your creative gift. xoxoReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Anne, thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my little heart! Our furnace went out friday night (during below freezing temps), and we finally have everything replaced and running since late yesterday!! Can't think of anything sweeter than starting the new Snowbound BOM with this wonderful group. I'm going to get my tea and start looking at fabrics…might do this one in wools or maybe even embroidery. Haven't even posted December's yet, but I'm working on it :-) Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Annelies Dease - Oh my gosh…how much do i LOVE your generous heart. Not that I am lacking things to do (G), in fact my FIRST quilt of the new year is one of YOUR patterns.
    I took down Christmas yesterday and on my bannister I hung YOUR quilt. Oh my, I should stop now before I sound like a stalker. But you are just the sweetest and most talented designer. Much happiness to you in the new year. If karma is a truism, your year should be the BEST ever. Now to run and shop….you are giving us a sale too. You are the BEST!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Norine - Snowmen!! Yippee!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Looking forward to getting started.ReplyCancel

  • Anina - Oh how tempting! But I've only made two blocks from last year's so maybe I should stick to that.

  • Annie - Thanks Anne,

    I swear this will not be a UFO. I lusted over last years quilt, have the patterns and the fabric…but have not started it…so technically not a UFO! I plan this year to complete each block in a timely manner…that means the month they are published…I am sweating already!ReplyCancel

  • Bradie Sparrow - OH I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for sharing Anne! Can't wait to get busy….ReplyCancel

  • misswrite - Oh, how exciting!!

    I have looked forward to the fifth of the month for the whole last year.

    I'm so glad there will still be something to get excited about.

    Thank you, and blessings for a wonderful new year!ReplyCancel

  • Huneybee Quilts - Yeah!! I'm so not a snowgirl (meaning I don't want to live in it..) but I am a collector of all things snow-people and they often linger in my house past the months they should have melted away!

    Thanks Much Anne, I hope to get started right on time this year!ReplyCancel

  • Sherri - Thanks once again Anne…I can hardly wait! And that Rural Jardin is so gorgeous…I must use that fabric as well!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - Anne,

    I absolutely LOVE Snowmen!!! I thought this was going to be a dismal year without something to look forward to on the 5th of each month! You are so good to us. Thank you, thank you for sharing your snowmen with us.


  • Agnes - I am just so excited and thankful for you to offer us another wonderful block of the month. Snowmen that is a great idea, they are my very favorite.

    It gives me something to look forward to each month. Thank you so much for your gracious sharing.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Thank you Ann, this will be a winning addition to my Winter/Christmas quilts..Happy New Year and again, thank you..

  • Crafty Mama - I love it! And your fabric choice is delicious!

    Thank you for doind this again!ReplyCancel

  • Robin - Dear Anne, Wow! What a wonderful New Year's present!! I'm finally going to be able to start on the basket quilt this month, so I'll be doing 2 at once. How fun!! Thank you sooooo much! RobinReplyCancel

  • Jen in NY - Eeek! Oh Anne, I'm so happy you're doing another one! Now I really have an incentive to get the baskets one DONE! :-)ReplyCancel

  • Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims - Well Snowbound describes the Holidays here….almost. We had a white holiday in Central Oregon!! Love that…. Yippeee I just love your new BOM. Snowmen all year long, quilted ones….just perfect. Thanks Anne, 2010 is going to be so fun!! I need more practice at making noses, I thinks my noses will be so good come next December!!
    Hugs, CarrieReplyCancel

  • Bari Jo - Oh be still my heart… Anne you've done it again! I am so excited! WOW! what a fun surprise to wake up to on my computer this morning! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Love the fabric too! I cannot wait for it to get to the stores in March! You have been so generous and I am just so touched at all you share with us!!! I hope to get started as soon as the fabric is available! Happy New Year! BariReplyCancel

  • edyB - Another fun BOM … Thank you so much for sharing your cute needlework with us. Love snowmen and have quite a collection. This quilt will be a special addition to that ever growing collection.

    Happy StitchingReplyCancel

  • Kim D. - Anne, I collect snowmen so this is perfect. Thanks so much for giving us another BOM. We appreciate your talents and generosity.ReplyCancel

  • DawnB - Thank you Anne once again for your thoughtfulness. I really enjoyed the anticipation the 5th of each month to get my new block, and now it will continue through this new year. What I really loved was your comment on how blessed you are to have an old dog. I felt the same way; mine died at the age of 17. She lived a good, long life, and I cherish the time I had with her. Thanks again for the new BOM.ReplyCancel

  • Barb - I love your BOM's!!ReplyCancel

  • Chocolate Cat - Thank you so much, it looks a lot of fun! Even better I picked up some Rural Jardin at the AQM in November so I am all ready!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Thank you, thank you, thank you for the new fun block of the month. Most of the ladies in our applique group made the Tisket A Tasket Basket quilt and loved it. (I made 2 quilts from it-one for my daughter and the other for my DIL.) We all love your patterns and website. And, snowmen are a personal favorite for me!ReplyCancel

  • Kaaren - Woo hoo, Anne! Another BOM to tickle our collective fancies.

    Guess what? If you recall, I sent you a photo of my TAT quilt that I gave to my friend Lucie for CHristmas. Well she and I went shopping for fabric for her to do your "Snowbound" quilt because she liked the TAT pattern so much…and I'll be stitching along with her. The best part is, I'll be able to keep this one for myself! Woo hoo again!ReplyCancel

  • Peddlecar Quilts - Oh Anne, how can we ever thank you?!! Snowmen happen to be my very favorite too! Check out my blog, because I just bragged all about you and shared your news and added the cute button to my site! We love and support you in every way!! I hope it's ok, in the spirit of the post, that I showed your first block. Thankyou thankyou!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Loris - Love the new Snowman block! I hope to stitch these for one friend and the baskets for another. The designs are wonderful! Could I get help with learning how to put your BOM button on my blog? I'm able to put the picture there but would like to make it a live button so readers to check out your site.ReplyCancel

  • martameiga - Lovely, as all your patterns… :o) I am becoming a big fun of them hahaha.
    Just recently I bought your Yoyoville, The Bitty Buttons and friends and the Autum House BOM patterns from Trelly's shop and I am eagerly waiting for the fabric to start doing my yo-yos for the first one!! I am afraid I won´t be able to follow the Snowbound BOM but I will be following the progress and maybe some day do it as well (first I must finish all my UFOS…)
    Lots of love and thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us…


  • Sue-Anne - I love snowmen! Thank you so much for sharing this. I cant wait to get started. I have the perfect background fabric in mind – better go check if I have enough. Red and pale blue are my favourite colour combination at the moment.ReplyCancel

  • SheilaC - THANK YOU so much for the new pattern!! I just love the snowman and the cuppie cake!!

    You are a doll!


  • luvtoquilt - Oh, Anne — I'm so excited — count me in! Can't wait to get started. Don't know how I'll feel about snowmen when it's 100+ degrees outside — maybe it will cool us off! Thanks for doing this — it will be fun to greet all my friends in the Flikr group!ReplyCancel

  • Robin - May I just say thank you for these patterns. I've been saving them and one of these days will try them. It's been so interesting to see how everyone is making them so different and I've gotten some great ideas. I can't wait to see how this new one will turn out.ReplyCancel

  • Ronda - OH Anne its Christmas in january all over again. It was bitter sweet when a tisket a tasket was completed. I always look forward to the 5th. Now I still can!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us all! Its gonna be a great year!ReplyCancel

  • Margo - I knew that today was the day for your 2010 project unveiling! I waited until I came home from work to check your blog because I wanted to savor the moment that I read about your NEW project! IT WAS SO WORTH IT! Thank you for thinking about us so much1


  • madrekarin - Yay! I love this little block. Now to just finish last year's quilt. ;)ReplyCancel

  • Allie - LOVE IT!!!!! Oh Anne this is so delightful – I've added your button to my sidebar, too. How darling!ReplyCancel

  • cynthialeedesigns - Love this block!! Two of my favorite things…snowmen and cupcakes!!

  • Vicky - Wow, thank you, Anne! I'm going to get this printed off – as soon as I remember to get a new ink cartridge. :) It's going to be another dynamite quilt.ReplyCancel

  • raleysmom - I love snowmen. I have been collecting them for years. Last year in the embroidery club at my local quilt shop we did a snowman BOM and now I get to continue through another year with your cute designs. Thank you for giving us JOY for another year.ReplyCancel

  • What Comes Next? - Snowmen make me melt! Thaks Anne, this is going to be fun!ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - Thank you very much, Anne, for offering such a nice project. I wish you a wonderful new year, enjoy each day all year long! Hugs from FranceReplyCancel

  • Connie - This is fabulous! Thank you so much for the new BOM. I'm a fairly new quilter and I'm in love with your designs. Gonna start with this one and work my way up to Rabbits Prefer Chocolate once I've gained more experience.ReplyCancel

  • Monica - I am so happy you are giving us this gift of another adorable bom. I loved a tisket a tasket – mine's not done, but I'm working on it! Can't wait to start snowbound!ReplyCancel

  • Sinta Renee - I just love you Anne! You are so sweet to surprise us with another wonderful BOM! And Snowmen ta' boot! This time I'm going to figure out & join the Flicker group:)Thank you! and happy new year to you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cogdilldj@gmail.com - So sweet of you to share with us all…. what a great way to start the New Year! Hope yours is wonderful! Just like you!
    Thanks so very much for your continued talents!ReplyCancel

  • Mila - Lovely, lovely, lovely… and charm, and shabby chic!!! Really, want to start yet!
    Thanks to you, for to share this new BOM with us.

  • Simone de Klerk - Thank you thank you thank you for another gorgeous BOM!!! Something to look forward to again each month (O:ReplyCancel

  • Cristina - Grazie per un'altro anno insieme…i tuoi schemi sono stupendi…

  • Mary - Thank you so much for generously sharing your talent and creativity. I enjoyed the baskets so much, just have to get them done…and I will love the snowmen even more because I am a snowman collector and love anything snowy (including the gorgeous landscape around my mountain home!) I can't wait to start getting fabric for this one. Again, Thank You!!ReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - I woke up yesterday full of excitement that it was the 5th. And then crashed when I realized the BOM was over. And then… I heard harps playing and sun-rays lit up my office (my friend Robin sent me an email)… a new Bunny Hill BOM!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh, so cute – and thanks for giving me another year of happy 5th day!ReplyCancel

  • Julz - Thank you so much for sharing your new pattern. I've loaded your button onto my blog. Hugs JxReplyCancel

  • Ms. Jan - You are so generous (and talented!), thanks very much!!!ReplyCancel

  • Miss T - Oh! I love Snowmen! I am a fairly new (inexperienced) quilter and an even new blogger, although I find myself drawn to both of em. This will be my first BOM! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - Thank you! I love snowmen and Irish chains. It is so fun to have something to look forward to every month that is free. The Rural Jardin fabrics look scrumptous.ReplyCancel

  • Miranda - Thanks a lot! I'll put it on my Blog so that my quiltfriends in the Netherlands and Belgium can find them as well! Hugs from VirginiaReplyCancel

  • SueJean - Love it. Thank-you so much. I had just discovered the 2009 baskets and ordered enough fabric for my daughter and I to each make it. I am looking forward to doing it all in hand applique. I may machine applique this new snowman one. It is darling!ReplyCancel

  • Ariane - Wow!! This is going to be an amazing quilt. I can't wait to get started. Thanks for sharing this pattern with us.ReplyCancel

  • richdj - How generous you are to share another BOM with us! I really enjoyed popping in every month for your Tisket a Tasket & I'm really looking forward to being able to pop in again for Snowbound.
    Thank you Anne. I don't have a blog so I'm sorry I can't display your button.
    Jan Richards(NZ)ReplyCancel

  • fusteina - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!
    I am just waiting for Rural Jardin Fabrics to start this new challenge.
    I really appreciate this beautiful gift you made to us.


  • Maria - Your blog puts a smile on my face every time I read it. Love the new BOM – snowmen are my favorite type of men!!ReplyCancel

  • AnnieO - So cute! Love his little skinny arms but promise of a big joyful hug! Your generosity is appreciated. I am a sucker for Irish Chain too…ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - Thank you for providing us with a wonderful new BOM. I am doing mine in Tan thread, (embroidery). It is turning out beautiful. I will be finished with it tonight and then . . . withdrawls until February 5th. You are the best!! Nancy in AZReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - delightful.


  • Marisa - So fun! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and giving us something fun to keep our hands busy!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa C - Thank you, thank you. I love Snowmen and cannot wait to work on this one. Come on March, I need these fabrics.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh Anne, you outdid yourself! This is absolutely darling. I thought the Tisket a Tasket was the sweetest but now I think it has a tie!! You are so creative.
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Beverly in WAReplyCancel

  • martameiga - I love your new website look!!!! It is beautiful!!!!so sweet… ;)))))
    love from Spain


  • Peggy - What a great idea, I have finally decided to join a Block of the month group. so looking forward to it! thanksReplyCancel

  • Van e Chris - Thank you so much Anne! We just love Snowmen!!! You are very talented and very generous either! We are really happy to be a part of it!

  • Emi - "Thank you, it's a pleasure to visit you, your designs are wonderful.

    A big hug from Costa Rica.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Thank you for another wonderful year of new blocks. I am so excited!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Your free patterns are truly a gift! Thank you. I had pretty much decided to skip this year, because of the "snow bound" theme ( I live in Florida), but tonight, believe it or not, we are expecting SNOW FLURRIES! I may have to re-think this…….ReplyCancel

  • Loose Threads - I enjoy your blog and website enormously and think I will give on a go as start to my Christmas 2010!!! Love Snowmen!! Thanks so much.ReplyCancel

  • Maggey and Jim - Hello,
    Very cute and I will post your button. Love your blog too.

  • the Material Girls Quilts - It is so cute!! Posted your button on my blog! I am so excited, can't wait to check out the Flickr pic's!!

  • cyndi - how do i get the block pattern? it looks so lovely!ReplyCancel

  • kathy c. - Love the fact that we’re starting a new BOM, and the fact that it very much has your ‘special touch’. Now am finishing up my basket top, and have my fabrics acquired, but am wondering what to do about the ric-rac. Am not sure what you used. Is it the jumbo? I am thinking maybe you’ll share that with us when you do the blog on using ric-rac in the binding…….don’t keep us waiting tooooo long. ThanksReplyCancel

  • diane w - I just found you and I am so happy I did (insert happy dance) Snowmen are my favorite. I have never appliqued before so I am hoping this will not be over whelming for me but I am going to try. Love the fabric, Rural Jardin, so I will have to wait until the release in March and play catchup. Thank you for your present and your talent.ReplyCancel

  • Diana - Greetings from Taiwan! I’m so glad you’re starting a new BOM for the new year. Last year I missed out on the Baskets because of too many projects on hand, but this year I’m joining in for sure. Thank you for your generosity!ReplyCancel

  • Twila Dockter - Anne, Thank you for this BOM! My daughter Samantha got married Dec. 26 in the middle of the Christmas blizzard of 09. We used snowmen in cupcake tins just like these on top of their cake. My goal is to have this quilt done for them on their first anniversary. She married a marine and they are stationed at Camp Pendleton, California so it will be nice to sent them Snowbound, a little reminder of home and their wedding. What great timing you have for your BOM!! Thanks again.ReplyCancel

  • Wanda M. - Sacramento, CA - I have been meaning to send you a note since the first of Jan. to let you know how excited I am you have decided to do another Embroidery BOM. We have a Redwork Club who I share your patterns with the first Saturday of each month. I had last years top finished before the new year. It is know marked and ready to hand quilt…thanks again for the wonder Redwork Project.ReplyCancel