I’ve always had a live tree.  It’s only in the past several years that we’ve gone to an artificial tree.  It’s against all my principles, but it’s necessary.  It’s an artificial tree or no tree, it’s that simple.  The month gets shorter every year, and there’s never time now to get “Christmas” pulled together.  So I fill my tree with so many ornaments you can hardly see the branches. Ahhh, but I miss the smell of pine!


My tree is a happy one this year.  Must be because of these little red heads…


This little angel is perched in the branches, watching over the tree.  She’s new and she’s from Nordstrom!

And the Allie dogs love their place among the ornaments…a pink Allie

Pink Allie

… a gray “French General” AllieFrench General Allie

And isn’t that Henrietta Whiskers in my tree?  Can you see her?  She’s a little shy.

Henrietta Whiskers

My little feather tree sits in our family room and holds my childhood ornaments every year.

feather tree

And my sweet snow angel sits near a  container of ornaments.

Snow Angel

And every year my special collection of teddy bears adorn the dining room.

Teddy Bears

One of these days I’m going to have a tree filled with bunnies.  Seems the right thing to do.  Of course, I’ll have to get a live tree to celebrate!



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