Turkey in the oven…almost!

So, back to tradition. I really am a Thanksgiving lover and yes, I’ll be cooking just like most of you . As of today, it’s a bit questionable who I’ll be cooking for. Both my grand-daughters just came down with the flu, now my son has it too. So far my daughter-in-law is fine, but from what I’ve heard of this nasty bug, she may be next! I don’t know if it’s the swine flu. They no longer test for it. Have any of you had this horrible little creature visit your home?

Flu Bug

On a happier note, If you haven’t entered a name for the little squirrel, you have until 6PM Pacific time Sunday! One of you is going to win this basket on Wednesday! I’m getting awfully close to announcing the winner!

Gift Basket

I’ll be back on Wednesday morning. See you then!

Happy Thanksgiving shopping everyone!




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  • Ronda - Oh Anne I hope everyone gets well before the holidays! THis is a nasty bug this year.I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    We all have so much to be thankful for this year.
    PS I still think Netty is the best name for your beautiful squirel.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Carole - My grandson calls all squirrels, Rocky. I think we are entering that name in the contest. Joey would be thrilled if we won "sewing stuff"!! He loves help me sew, the granddaughters not so much!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours –
    Mary CaroleReplyCancel

  • badlandsquilts - Hope your family is better soon…my boys just got their first h1n1 shot today.ReplyCancel

  • Dee - Sure hope your family feels better soon – have a wonderful Thanksgiving.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon - How about "Natasha" in a nod to Bullwinkle and Rocky the flying squirrel? So international in flavor, too!

    On a different note, knowing that you love all things pink, have you been to roseblossomcottage.com? Look under Enamel Chic.ReplyCancel

  • Cathi - I hope your family feels better soon. We have had swine flu, although what they call "mild" cases of it. It was miserable. The headache and muscle aches are staggering. And the weakness from it seems to last and last. We found that upping our intake of Vitamin D seemed to help as did drinking 3 to 4 litres of water daily.ReplyCancel

  • luvtoquilt - I was just reading your post from last year on "To Catch a Christmas Star". It brought tears to my eyes beause I, too, sat with my mom in the hospital this week. She's 94 and is in the last stages of Alzheimer's, so she's no longer able to converse and it is just so sad. She rallied and is back at the senior care facility where she now lives, but this holiday season is filled with memories of past holidays with her. I'm so thankful for my family and the new memories we are making and I will concentrate on that! Have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with your family!ReplyCancel

  • Annette - I have a little teddy bear I named Merriweather. I think it could also be a sweet little squirrel's name. I hope your family is feeling better soon.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - My name would be Mr Cooper!

    My Grands have had that awful flu too, but the adults were spared,then the 12 yr old had a relapse 3 weeks later,I guess that is somewhat common. Here ,they say if there is any fever of 101 or more,it is considered that H1N1 flu and the children are asked not to return to school until 24 hours with no fever and no meds for a fever,still contagious that long the paper says. We all pray your family will be just fine. Bonnie Nyquist Bonniesline@aol.comReplyCancel

  • Kathryn - Oh dear, I do hope your family feels better soon! We had it and for some of my children it last the full 10 days..for others only 2 days (strange but true).

    Your basket is just so fun to look at, I am eager to find out who the winner is and what your squirrel will be named. I still love Topher best of all (because I submitted that entry *smile*)ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - I hope you avoid the 'lurgy' Anne and that your family recover in time for Christmas if they can't make it for Thanksgiving.

    How about Sunny Honey Squirrel?ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Yes, hope everyone is well soon….. I like Ronda's name NettyReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I was thinking how disappointed Chelsea would be if you skipped Turkey Day! Wishing you good health and lots of happiness for Thanksgiving.ReplyCancel

  • blackdogquilting - I hope your family is better for Thanksgiving.

    How about Digger as a name for the squirrel?ReplyCancel

  • cathy - Oh Anne you are so good to us my 4 yr old calls squirrels Jumpy from his curious George show so we always say hey there goes JumpyReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Dear Anne, Well I,m thinking French of course! AU PETITE ECUREUIL! love chickie.ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Ann - Winifred T. Squirrel would like to come and visit and have some tea please.ReplyCancel

  • Annie - Hi Anne, seasonal flu has not arrived so all "flu" is considered the H1N1. It is very contagious but as with all flu, lots of rest,fluids (notice that the first 3 letters of fluids…is flu) Thanksigiving may be a day to eat turkey, sew and make turkey soup! I don't care what anyone says before I go to work I take airborne and so far the patients haven't infected me!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims - Sorry to hear your family has the flu, and during this special family holiday. Best wishes on their recovery, this bug takes it to heart, misery loves company!
    Beatrix Potter has taken the best name, Nutkin, you know when it comes to squirrels…its all about the nut!! Happy Thanksgiving Anne, maybe Miss Potter will be sewing companion today! Oh, it snowing!ReplyCancel

  • Marie Harper - When I first saw the squirrel I immediately thought of the name STELLA… Squirrel That Enjoys Luxury Living with Anne! She is ONE LUCKY gal that squirrel.

    Anne, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I hope your family is able to come and enjoy your cooking talents.

  • Linda - I think Baxter is the name for the squirrel. My daughter had a little stuffed puppy that she carried around with her EVERYWHERE and still has it (she's 34 and expecting her first child).

    Swine flu—while in England in September my nephew was just getting over swine flu and when we had to go to the hospital for my SIL's knee, there was a sign on the door that said "Do Not Enter if you have any of the following symptoms" and it went on to mention ache, fever, etc. Hope all are feeling better by Thanksgiving Day….that would be something else to be thankful for.ReplyCancel

  • Coffee_Queen - I hope everyone in your family gets well soon!
    My suggestion for the name of the squirel is "Sammy Squirel.'ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - How about Miss Cheeky? I've already submitted one name, but this one just came to me. Sorry about the flu. We're flying over the holidays, and I am worried about all the extra exposure. Happy Thanksgiving, regardless of whom is sitting at your table.

    Jane @ mccrthyj@aol.comReplyCancel

  • gloria g - I too love naming animals. What about Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Chatty. Or Mia. I also like Ms. Forest. I don't know how you will choose. You have received so many cool names. Or even Ms. Squirrelville! Oh well, hope everyone gets to feeling better. Maybe a great Thanksgiving meal would do the trick. Happy days!ReplyCancel

  • Gloria - I hope your family gets better before Thanksgiving…and you don't catch it. How about Squirrely Pearl or Squirrely Berl for the Squirrel's name.ReplyCancel

  • Loris - That box of goodies is looking very full :-) and I just spotted the dog bone charm..I wonder what the ribbon and charm are wrapping up? I'm suggesting Chestnut for the cute little squirrel's name.ReplyCancel

  • Christine - I don't know why but "Louise" keeps popping into my head when I look at your squirrel!!!!

  • Cara - Hope everyone feels better soon. All the bugs this year seem to be particularly nasty.

    I had another idea for a name. Chelsnut, Give Chelsy a namesake.ReplyCancel

  • MahSistersQuiltTrunk - I hope everyone recovers quickly. No flu in our part of the state as of yet. I think Miss Pinkie Hill and Bunny Hill could go on a great adventure together to last a years worth of quilt blocks. Well…. it sounds like a great idea to me. So excited to have a name for her and to see what's new in your design for her. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.ReplyCancel

  • SunnyTechGirl - I really think this squirrel looks like her name is Hazel.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Your post about skipping thanksgiving might actually be true…what a bummer. I hope everyone gets better soon, and that you have a Happy Thanksgiving!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I love squirrels. Please, please may I have this lovely give away? I would call him Nutkin …….

    My name is SheilaReplyCancel

  • Rae Ann - It is a nasty bug! Both my son and I have had the H1N1 flu. Not fun! I hope all get well and you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
    A really cute name for your darling little squirrel would be…
    Squiggles…Squiggle the Squirrel!ReplyCancel

  • Christine Thomas - The squirrel's name…how about Sophie? It has a nice soft sound that goes with her nice soft tail.ReplyCancel

  • Karen in Tucson - My granddaughter named the squirrel in her back yard "Flower Pot" when she was 5 so I named the baby jack rabbit in my backyard Flower Pot. Everyone thinks it is cute!! Karen in TucsonReplyCancel

  • Rae Ann - Hope this is ok to leave another comment, but I thought of another cute name for that cute little squirrel. How about Chipper!ReplyCancel

  • quiltfriend - So — You've given in to the holiday! YUM!
    As far as naming the squirrel! I think Beethoveen makes for a very classy squirrel name!ReplyCancel

  • quiltfriend - Oops! I missed spelled Beethoven!
    There that's better!
    Silly me!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Anne the flu is just awful…best wishes on everyone being healthy for the holiday. I need (WANT) the gift so very badly….the dog fabric matches my current applique project. I need (HAVE TO HAVE) it all. How about the name, Wimple, for the squirrel? Kristy in OhioReplyCancel

  • Thimbleanna - I hope eveyone is better by Thanksgiving Anne. Oh, and you can't give that box away — it matches Brigette's backpack LOL!ReplyCancel

  • Patsy - So sorry to hear about your family..sending wishes for a quick recovery.
    My name suggestion is "Cheeky".
    Best regards to everyone for a wonderful Thanksgiving …PatiReplyCancel

  • paulette - I hope I'm not to late to enter!! Love the give-away! Thank you!
    And happy Thanksgiving!

  • paulette - Whoops forgot to name the squirrel- Chesty, Chester, Hazel, Almondo, Peanutty, or Wally (after Walnut)~ do you see where I'm going with this….
    Thanks again!|

  • Barb - Oh Anne, I do hope your granddaughters and son have a speedy recovery and that your DIL doesn't get the flu – such a miserable thing – especially at this time of the year!

    Best of luck picking the name for the squirrel – and lucky the winner! I'm looking forward to reading the winning name & finding out who won!ReplyCancel

  • Vicki - I like the tried and true, and easy to remember name of Sammy the Squirrel. That way it could be a girl or a boy.
    Have a wonderful holiday.ReplyCancel

  • Heather - I do hope you're family gets rid of the bug before Thursday – that would be something extra to be thankful for!

    My suggestion for your little squirrel is:
    Alfred P. Nut

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!ReplyCancel

  • pojeda - I am wishing you a healthful Thanksgiving! I sure hope your family is well by then.

    As for the squirrel, how about Bella?ReplyCancel

  • gloria g. - That box is looking so pretty……I can't stop thinking about some cute names! What about:

    Sadie the squirrel
    Hattie the squirrel
    Leonard the squirrel
    Itty Biddie the squirrel
    Blue Belle Berries the squirrel
    Geraldine the squirrel
    Frankie the squirrel
    Carmen, Waldo, Oliver, Olivia, or just pick me!!!!! I'll give up then.ReplyCancel

  • EJ180 - Hope you have a well bunch for Turkey day at your house. Doesn't sound like it might be that way though.

    My brother had 2 pet squirrels named Rocky and Goober. I now look at all squirrels and call them by both names. Goober is my fav though.ReplyCancel

  • Shuey - Hopefully the flu will fly through
    fast and all will be well on Thanksgiving day. I hope I am not too late I had to reset my google
    account. I think Sally the squirrel
    would be a great name.ReplyCancel

  • Carrie P. - So sorry to hear about your family. Hope they get well quickly.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving.ReplyCancel

  • Blessedmom's Simple Home - I hope everyone is well by Thursday. It's no fun being sick. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  • Janelle J - Tell them to go get Tamiflu if they still aren't feeling well. I had what they said was swine flu (untested as well) and it was the quickest working wonder ever. Happy Thanksgiving!ReplyCancel