Orange toenails

Roxie is our neighbor’s dog.  She’s a love.  Even Chelsea thinks so. Chelsea watches from the studio window and not once has Chelsea barked at Roxie.   Roxie passes all the “Chelsea” tests. 

Roxie also has orange toenails

Orange Toenails

and a “bad dog” hat. 

Bad dog

Good Dog

Chelsea wanted one too when she saw Roxies’s hat.


She gave us the “look” we can’t resist.

So Ross went on the hunt to find her a bad dog hat.  Well, when he got there, the cupboards were bare, and so the poor dog had…

…A spider collar?  We’re kidding right? 

Spider Collar


Chelsea poor dog

I promised next year we’d get her the “Bad Dog” hat or I’d even make her a “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” costume .  This made her a little bit happier. 

As for the treats?  Chelsea and Bitsy both got treats in the mail this week from our friend Christine.

Treats in the mail

It’s going to be a good Halloween! 

Happy Halloween everyone!  May you have lots of treats and NO tricks!



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  • Potpourri - Aw I think it should be a Good Dog hat.
    I do love the spider collar, it's a hoot!

  • sewpam63 - Too funny!!! Seem…seams like a bit of a trick though? ; )

    Happy Hallowe'en Anne, to you and yours!ReplyCancel

  • trelly - jajajaja, beautiful dogs! happy halloween!!!!ReplyCancel

  • BunnyNuts - Oh I love the spidey collar – Shellie got a OSU Buckeye jersey for her costume, but she now wishes I had painted her toenails!!
    Happy Halloween!ReplyCancel

  • -girl from the bush - aw Chelsey, you look so good in orange !! almost as nice as pink!! Have a happy halloween everyone!ReplyCancel

  • brigette - she's the cutest little chihuahua in town!ReplyCancel

  • Caryn - The orange nails, the hat and the spider collar are just adorable!!!ReplyCancel

  • Joy - Those orange toenails are adorable, but poor Chelsea looks none too pleased about that spider collar!!! Better start hunting for the 'bad girl' hat for next year me thinks ;o).
    Happy Halloween!!
    Joy :o)ReplyCancel

  • Thimbleanna - Eeeeew Anne! That spider collar just isn't right! Poor Chelsea — she's still cute as can be though!!!ReplyCancel

  • Blessedmom's Simple Home - Chelsea looks adorable in her spider collar costume. I have a little lady named Belle that looks alot like her.

  • Mary Anne Drury - Happy Halloween to those hysterically cute pooches !!!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Toooo funny!!!ReplyCancel

  • RC - That collar is priceless! I love the look on Chelsea's face.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca P - The orange toenails are great. Love the spider collar. That would love great on my kitty.ReplyCancel

  • mascanlon - Aww…so cute. Halloween is our bulldogs favorite day. Because we are in SoCal and the weather is usually good we put up a baby gate across the front door and leave it open. Spike runs to the door with every child, his tail just going like mad. No barking or jumping just having fun. Kids all love him, lots of petting and even a few pictures too. Hmm, I might try and duplicate that spider though…he was wearing a bandana tonight!ReplyCancel

  • Gabriela - Hello,

    I am glad I followed your blog from Charlotte's! I love these dogs!

    ~ Gabriela ~ReplyCancel

  • Twyla and Lindsey - Those orange toe nails are the best! TwylaReplyCancel

  • vickibellino - The look on Chelsea's face says it all – "What is she posing me as this time?" lol!ReplyCancel

  • Kim D. - Oh, Chelsea you're So adorable.. Maybe she needs a Big Dog Hat.. LOL Love the collar..ReplyCancel