Craft Iron

Good news!  While I was at market I spoke to the people at Cl0ver asking why they discontinued their craft iron.  I love my Clover craft iron and the thought of going without isn’t appealing.


Apparently some of the irons are making a buzzing sound.  They didn’t say what the buzzing sound means.  I guess the moral of the story is don’t ever trust an iron that buzzes!  My iron seems to be fine, but I’ll be extra careful not to leave it on all day.

The good news is that Clover is replacing the iron  with a new model that should be available by next market!  They promise the same type of iron with that wonderful pointed tip.  New and improved, coming in about 6 months.   Hope it comes in colors don’t you?

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’m sewing some little “Allie” dogs for my Christmas tree!   Pink dogs!

Pink Allie Dogs

Back soon!


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  • CJ - I didn't know there was such a thing as a Clover craft iron. I do wish you were showing the fabulous TIP though. ;) I will be looking for in in 2010. LOVE the pink,beribboned doggies.ReplyCancel

  • Quilt Hollow - Ah yes…you'll have to have a pink one! :-)ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - A good iron is hard to find! Yes, why oh why can irons be pink and lime and aqua??? Darling pups.ReplyCancel

  • Cara - Pink dog?! Those are adorable. Little Bit would never leave them on a tree though lolReplyCancel

  • luvtoquilt - Thank you for the update on this iron. You mentioned it in a blog a while back, and it caught my interest. Let us know when the new model is available. I need that!ReplyCancel

  • Linda D - My craft iron passed away several months ago. I'll be looking forward to the new Clover one….hopefully in red!ReplyCancel

  • a good yarn - I'll be waiting with baited breath for this. Trying to iron small pieces with my big foot of an iron is maddening. Allie dogs for Christmas. What a super idea!ReplyCancel

  • karenfae - I love small irons for my quilting. I hadn't seen the clover but I do have a Rowenta that is a travel size – I found it on line at Amazon I believe. It works wonderful – no buzzy noise

  • Ronda - The puppys will be adorable on your tree cant wait to see it! I will keep a look out for that iron. Red would be lovely!!!!ReplyCancel

  • quiltdolls - i have never had a problem with my clover iron either but a person had my shop told me that clover irons were not good & I needed to get a rowenta.
    I normally do not have extra money. I care for my 17 year old autistic son. I am just lucky I have time to make quilts & play with wool. My favorite quilts are primitive.

    kim from san diegoReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I have 3 of the clover irons, so I plugged all three in at once two do make a constant clicking sound that sounds as irons do when the heat up and then cool down and heat up. I look at the serial make number and they are same, model number is different White/TC-503 is quite. light aqu/B-68sp is the newer model the one making the noise also has a slight smell of plastic melting. And gives off more heat.
    The older model seems to be a little better made, handle not as wiggley.I also noticed that the aqua color sole plate is slightly brown which means it heated up more and burn the fabric and left the residue. It may be that it keeps heating and does stop at the set temp. Always remember to turn off unattended irons. Hope this helps.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I have had my Clover craft iron for over two years and never had a problem with it. I use it for Kim Diehl's method of applique and love it!ReplyCancel

  • PatchworkPottery - My old travel iron ,which I loved, starting shooting sparks at me! I had to go buy another iron right away as I was in the middle of a fusible webbing applique project for Christmas!

    I couldn't find my iron anymore so I settled on a different one which I now love! It is Rowenta first class precision and has a very lovely tip:o)

    Hugs, LReplyCancel