School Days, School Days

All the wonderful spools are back in stock! I’ve added this cute 6” wood spool. I actually had a few the first time but they are so cute I couldn’t part with them!

Wood Spool

Aren’t you glad it’s Labor day weekend and the 5th of the month all at once! I for one, am excited. I have so much planned for this weekend. It involves sewing, and more sewing!

I’ll be watching the Law and Order re-runs, or shows I’ve taped during the week. Shows like Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, and The Mentalist! Criminal Minds ? Tell me some of you like that show. Do you think I’ll get my yo yo’s mixed up if I watch Criminal Minds while sewing?

When I’m writing patterns I need absolute quiet, but when I’m sewing, it’s a different story. I love to watch TV and catch up on shows. What about you? Do you sew with quiet, TV, or music?

Have you download block nine of “ A Tisket, A Tasket” yet? It’s ready on my web site.

Block nine is a very smart Scottie dog. He walks the children to school, and carries a basket filled with apples for the teacher!

If you’re working on this quilt please show me your blocks ! Post them on flickr and join our group! There are some CUTE, CUTE blocks and quilts coming together!

September Applique Block

September Redwork Quilt



And now that we only have three months left I can show more of the quilt! Don’t you wonder what the last three blocks will be?


A Tisket A Tasket

A Tisket A Tasket Redwork

You’ll have to wait until next month for October. In case you didn’t know October is my favorite month of the whole year!

Are you doing the wool version of this quilt? Don’t miss what my friend Anne has done this month. Her quilt is looking pretty cute. Gotta love those prims ( I even gave her a prim color for her name)!

Have a great weekend everyone! Sew away if you get the time!



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  • Sue Mullane - Love the 5th of the month. This month's block is so cute with the little Scottie! Have been having so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • Margo - I am thrilled with this month's block as I am a school teacher AND I am soooo very partial to Scotty Dogs! Thank you for your creativity, Anne.

    Bakersfield, CA

    P.S. In our house we love "The Office" and "House."ReplyCancel

  • Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail - I adore Scotties! This block is lovely. Thank you, Anne.
    And I like Criminal Minds, too. And the Mentalist, Midsomer Murders and Bones. And I often sew while watching them. :)ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh thanks Anne for another lovely block. It reminds me of the excitement of a new school term: new books, pens,teachers, etc. Also, now the children have gone back to school the weather changes for the better so it's time to tackle the rainforest, sorry garden, so no time for quilting :( Just adore the Scottie dog, my cousin had two so brings back memories.ReplyCancel

  • nckym - I love the new block this month. Dogs are such a big part of our lives that it is nice to include them in this adorable quilt. I love to watch NCIS and Criminal Minds and especially Fringe which I actually "watch" instead of just listen to. Hand sewing is such a comfort when the weather turns cool. Hurry up Fall – I want to use my fireplace!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Another darling block! I need background noise, especially when sewing bindings. Lennie Briscoe is my hero. I could watch Law and Order reruns everyday! And yes, I do watch the creepy Criminal Minds.ReplyCancel

  • Sipiweske Quilts - Hope to get started on this block today – thanks Anne – it is another cutie! Criminal Minds is my FAVORITE show and I'm always doing hand sewing or embroidery while watching TV – can't sit with idle hands. Quiet is absolutely necessary for writing patterns though, plus hoping for no interuptions. Have a wonderful weekend! – MarleneReplyCancel

  • My Little Family: - The quilt is beautiful! Can hardly wait to see October. One of these days I am going to do a block per month project. I will start that the day after every room in my house is clean at the same time ;)ReplyCancel

  • luvtoquilt - Each month just keeps getting cuter! I got up at 5:00 this morning to download the pattern — am I getting a little too obsessed? Scottie dogs — it couldn't be better — they are just too cute. Thank you so much for sharing your creative genius with us. When I'm in my quilt room I have classical or Spa music playing. I like the TV shows you mentioned, and I really like The Closer.ReplyCancel

  • jaybird - cute cute and more cute… apples..i should have known! i did know it would be school related.. and law & order.. i'm addicted too.. and has to be noisy while much better! {but its radio or cds.. no tv in here}ReplyCancel

  • Miss Jean - Oh, Anne!!! Thank you for the Scottie!!!!!! I know it wasn't just because I nagged you about it – begged and pleaded, but thank you all the same!

    Yes, hubs and I watch Criminal Minds. With the doors and windows locked! Can't wait to see the season premier to see what happened.

    Have a great weekend sewing!ReplyCancel

  • MahSistersQuiltTrunk - A great block for September. I watch every show you mentioned including their re-runs. I also like The Closer and Saving Grace. I like no noise when I am using my sewing machine or writing, but I watch TV when I do hand work. Enjoy your weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon S - I have to make 2 of these. My "I'm allergic to applique" friend collects scottie dogs & has apples in her kitchen. This block is very cute! Survivor is one of my favorite shows & I love my music when I'm sewing. No quiet time for me. Thanks Anne!ReplyCancel

  • Jean C. - The Scottie is cute… thanks so very much… the blocks are great!
    I watch Gilmore Girl DVD's and a bunch of other video's and DVD's while sewing… and when not I enjoy the some of the shows you mentioned… The Mentalist and now the Philanthophist (?)sorry can't spell!)
    Don't want it to be too cool yet… next week end is a 208 mile bike race From Utah thru parts of Idaho and finishes in Wyoming! 1000 riders… our family has 15 riders in it! Fun times!
    Enjoy your Fall sewing!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Oh, Anne, this block is just too adorable! Your creativity knows no bounds! I love dogs (and bunnies, cats, sheep…okay, animals in general) but dogs are so special to me. A millions thanks yous!!!

    October is my favorite month too (even though I get 'older' every October – I'm a true Halloween baby – but it is my favorite holiday!)

    Now I must go print out this month's block and get started! Your quilt is soooo cute!!ReplyCancel

  • Sandi - I love Law and Oder, any of them and also Criminal Minds and the Mentalist. I do DVR them so I can skip the commercials and sew watch also. If there is a mystery I will proably watch it. Along with being nuts for fabric and books, TV is right up there. SandiReplyCancel

  • Sandi - I can't spell or write this morning as shown in my previous post. I do love the new block, thank you so much for doing these. SandiReplyCancel

  • jabeybaby - What an adorable block! Thanks so much for sharing these fantastic blocks!ReplyCancel

  • Thimbleanna - OhMyGosh Anne — you'll have all the scottie fans and BOM quilters squealing like schoolgirls! That block is ADORABLE! I usually sew with quiet 'cause if there's something on tv that I have to keep looking up at, it takes me longer. My hubby loves all those shows you mentioned!ReplyCancel

  • What Comes Next? - I watch all those same shows, too, and I will watch while I am hand sewing, but when I'm on the machine, its music only in the background. Love the Scottie dog – must get caught up so that I can add hime to my list of completed!ReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - Very cute! Love the scottie. And yes, those are some of my favorite shows!ReplyCancel

  • madrekarin - This may be my absolute favorite. At elast until next month. Thank you, Anne. It's just adorable.ReplyCancel

  • dotti white - I absolutely love this awesome and adorable block. It is so sweet and I am very partial to apples!!!ReplyCancel

  • Allie - Oh gosh I think this one is my favorite. I love Scotties!
    I have to have quiet when I'm concentrating – but regular sewing or cutting, I love to talk on the phone. I use a headset. I Love Lucy re-runs are good too!ReplyCancel

  • Sewjoe - Thanks for letting us know the new block is available. My day has been so yucky and this just made it so much better. Very cute!!ReplyCancel

  • Sweet Cottage Dreams - You know what? Miss Jean was right! This block is too cute and well, you know, right up our scottie dog alley. (ha)

    I have not made any blocks but perhaps someday I will get back in the groove of sewing fun stuff again.

    Thanks for all of your hard work. I am guessing next month's quilt square will be rather cute and ghoolish at the same time.


  • Sweet Cottage Dreams - Oh….PS….when I sew, I usually have the Food Network or HGTV on….or, like you, when I am seriously concentrating I like it quiet.

    LOVE all of the shows that you mentioned. Criminal Minds is one of my favorites. I like the Spencer character.

    Mentalist….let me just say one word – drool. Simon Baker is a hottie!


  • jodi @ Pleasant Home - This months block is adorable. Depending on the mood, depends if I saw in silence or not. Generally it's silence. I just think better. Growing up when all my friends and siblings listened to music doing homework? I could never do that.ReplyCancel

  • ranette - Cute Scottie block!

    Oh and I love Criminal Minds (can't wait for the new season to start) and have you watched Dexter?! It's great too!ReplyCancel

  • Quilting with Pugs - In the mornings I watch the country music videos. Then I channel surf. Sunday afternoon are the sewing shows in the bay area channel 17.ReplyCancel

  • Bevy Pomona CA - I love September….cause it's my birthday month!!! I love Criminal Minds, Law & Order/CI & Law & Order…and all of the CSI shows & the re-runs..cause I can sew & listen to the shows, since I've seen them ALL! I Love the scottie!ReplyCancel

  • MARYNAN - Thank you so very much for your free BOM designs A Tiskit A Tasket. I have only just discovered your site. Thanks once again, you are so kind. I can't wait to start it. Think I will do as stitcheries first up.ReplyCancel

  • Joyce - Love the Scottie dog! I have a Westie (white Scottie) who loves to watch the kids go by. He barks – but they just wave! Thus, my sisters and I will be stitching a white dog.ReplyCancel

  • misswrite - Thanks for another precious block!

    When do we get one with a kitty? :DReplyCancel

  • scottylover - This block is adorable! I love Scotties and can't wait to make this one! Of course, I just might have to move it to the front of the line. ;) I am so far behind on these it isn't funny!

    Thanks so much!
    Sandy A in St. LouisReplyCancel

  • Kim D. - Anne, Your block is adorable and I love the little scotty dog, so sweet! I love all the little animals in these blocks, how about a chicken too. :)ReplyCancel

  • misswrite - There's a chick on the April block. :)ReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - Gasp.
    Erratic heart rate.

    Don't tell the other months, but this is my favorite block so far. Ohh. Emm. Gee!!!! But I love all the other blocks so much too… so does this make me a Bunny Hill BOMpolygamist?

    I have 3 now to catch up on… I can't wait to get workin' on them. Thank you, Anne!ReplyCancel