No more clock watching!

Sometimes when I was working at a “real” job, the kind where a pay check would appear every two weeks, time would just draaaaaaaaaag on and on.  I’d clock watch and it never seemed to move.  That’s such an awful thing that clock watching.

clock watching

Time to go

But now that I have this more than full time fun job, I never have enough time.   I don’t even wear my watch at work.   I’m up at 5:30 every morning, and off to work in my pj’s!


I can’t wait to get started!  I LOVE mornings.  They are my favorite time of day.  I’m officially dressed and working by 9AM, but it’s those wee hours in the morning that I do my best work.


Lots going on around here early in the morning.  64 days until Fall market!


How about you?  Morning or Evening person?  If you’re a morning person join me for sunrise sewing!  If you’re a night owl, please don’t wake me up.


Oh, and don’t give me too much credit for these photos…clipart, courtesy of Microsoft. Proving that you CAN have photos on your blog, even without a camera!

Did you notice the time on this post? Have a great weekend!


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  • Anonymous - Morning…..9:23 am and I've already walked three miles, had breakfast, MOWED THE LAWN, and showered. NOW I can sew.ReplyCancel

  • ranette - WOW…I'm not as industrious as Anonymous, but I've already changed the sheets, done 2 loads of laundry, showered, blogged (takes a lot of time), put on makeup, eaten breakfast and now I'm off to work. Tomorrow I'll get up really early and sew and feel justified because I already have most of the housework done! :O)ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Your post says 5:42am when I look at it! Wow! I'm up and have walked 6 miles this morning, but compared to the rest of you, I'm pretty lazy! Now, I must go walk my sweet doggie – then I'll get to work! (I'm feeling like a slacker – but I do love mornings, too!)ReplyCancel

  • dotti white - Count me in as a morning lover, too! I am most productive then! And working in my pj's…….I love the rare times that I am able to do that! I am excited to see what you have been busy with! Have an awesome weekend!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara Myltschenko - Ahh the wee house of the morning. You posted this about 15-20 minutes before my son gets up and calls from his bed for someone to come in there. It's peaceful time . . . .ReplyCancel

  • JKW - I was a morning person and would love to be again, but my daughter works nights and the only time I can talk to her is 12:30 a.m. and sometimes we talk until 1:30 or 2 a.m. So, I've had to adjust and it's been difficult. OK, won't call at 2 a.m. :-) Blessings, JanReplyCancel

  • Martys Fiber Musings - OH, yes, morning is the best time of the day. Dearest sleeps in so I usually have two hours of "my time" with my cuppa and sewing machine before I go do my exercise regimen.ReplyCancel

  • ozjane - Bunnies sneak out to get to Mr McGregor's garden and eat the lettuce…
    Owls have an interesting night life and live in a lovely quiet world at the other end of the day.
    We tend to be inside not out foraging for lettuce….LOL
    However those owls who do not sleep tend to catch the bunnies at their mischief as well…have cut fabric at 4.30AM on when I cannot sleep.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca P - I love mornings the best too. It's a brand new day & everything is new & fresh. All of nature is waking up too & I love the sounds & smell. Now I don't wake as early as you, my day starts around 7am. Plenty of time to have a cup of coffee on the deck, catch up on emails, then head to my sewing room.ReplyCancel

  • darcey - I am an early bird! I get more done between 6am and 9am than I do the rest of the day combined. I tiptoe around and make coffee without a sound, so no one intrudes on my peace and quiet. Enjoy your day.

  • Anonymous - Morning time is best. It's amazing the stuff you get done in the wee hours, yes still in jammies. Then I get go off to work only to stop and do a few more things before I get there! Now lets ask the guys what they get done in a day. Most would say what we get done in a day would take them a week! :^)
    Have a great week-end everyone!
    Patty in Erie, PAReplyCancel

  • Carrie - Yes, I see the time. 5:42? You slept late this morning. ;)

    I'm both ~ night owl and early bird. I love the quiet time so I often stay up until well past midnight to work, but I'm almost always up before 6:00 am. Maybe that's why I'm always so cranky… hmmm.ReplyCancel

  • Goosegirl - I am a night person. I rarely go to bed before 2:00AM but I parent an almost 5 year old morning person, so 6:00AM comes as a shock every morning.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon - I love early mornings it is the best time of day i am often up and sewing by 5am. The sun coming up and the quiet is wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • BunnyNuts - I don't recognize 5am at all! I am not a morning person and require atleast one cup of coffee before any intelligent conversation can occur.
    I'd say I was more an afternoon person!!ReplyCancel

  • Anina - Morning, definitely morning. During the school year I get up around 5:15am. With a smile. :o)ReplyCancel

  • Diva Quilts - lol at the time!

    Well, I'm definitely not a morning person – well, actually, maybe I am. A REALLLLLLLLLY early morning person. Ten p.m to 3:00 a.m. – those are my favourite hours! Given you're 15 hours ahead of me, we'd probably meet – me going to bed and you just getting up – like those Wile E Coyote and Shepherd Dog cartoons.

    G'night, George!


  • Quilt Hollow - Mornings are most productive here! I fade so darned fast in the evening that I'm pathetic! My teen son sleeps till noon and really comes to life about the time I'm winding myself down. Also wanted to say wonderful to have $50 for Mama Sparks World! I can speak for many of us…we love your patterns!!!ReplyCancel

  • Judy H. - Totally a night person! Although I'm capable of functioning in a world shaped by morning people, I'm not at my best until mid-late afternoon, and then can be pretty darn productive until around midnight!ReplyCancel

  • Gael T. - WOW, not too many nite owls here eh? Me? NIGHTS are SOooooo the best, especially in the summer when its been over 100, but by 2am its sooo nice and cool…I enjoy listening to the night birds sing, sit outside, feeling the cool air…Mornings? whats dat?ReplyCancel

  • Barb - I do my best work at night.ReplyCancel

  • Happy Cottage Quilter - Well it looks like us night owls are in the minority! When I was first married, my dh worked the night shift, and I used to do all the cleaning and crafts late at night. Guess it became a habit. Thanks for the great giveaway on Mama Sparks blog. Very generous of you :-)ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Total night owl. The only time I see the wee hours of the morning is when it has been a loongg night. And these days, that is only when I can't sleep. I promise to be quiet though.ReplyCancel

  • barb's creations - I'm also a morning person.Mostly due to the fact Hubbys alarm goes off then,but I'd still be up doing things even if it didn't go off at that time.I love mornings especially during the summer.Nothing beats hanging out your sheets on the line and that clean air smell on them as your taking them down an hour later.Yes I said an hour later sometimes less like this summer just gone here in Australia when we hit the high 40's,don't know how that changes to your temps but here it was very,very,hot! Up early get all the housework done the tea organised for after work and then off to work.All I have to do when I get home from work is relax as all the hard works already been done before 7am :) Barb.ReplyCancel

  • Tudy - I guess my body has made me a morning person because laying in bed after 6 or earlier hurts. I am also a night person because I never go to bed before 11. Oh well I guess I just can not make up my mind.ReplyCancel

  • mascanlon - Used to be a night owl, it was the only time to myself with a houseful of 2 teenagers and a toddler and a fulltime job. Now its just us 2 empty nesters and 2 dogs and I'm a morning person up at 5AM nearly everyday of the week. But I still have to put in time behind a desk most days…someday I'll be sewing every day!ReplyCancel

  • Sweet P - I've always been a morning person. If I sleep past 7:30 I feel lazy and think I've wasted half the day away. I'm in bed by 10 most nights. DH is a night person and likes to sleep in so I get many mornings to myself.ReplyCancel

  • Allie - I love early mornings, before the world is awake – but I'm a night owl. My body clock refuses to change! And believe me, I've tried. I figure I could be a morning person if I lived in Australia.
    Thank you for the wonderful give-away on Mamasparks blog!ReplyCancel

  • fiberdoodles - Most definately a night owl. I get up early but NOT that early and its the standard chores. The creative porcess kicks in a little later.


  • Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. - It is the am for me the older I get. I used to be a night owl but not any more.

    I agree this "FUN" job is busy, busy, busy.. But I wouldn't have it any other way.


  • Jen in NY - Hi Anne! I'm with you, I love the mornings. My five-year old son, the early bird, gets me up at 6. We head downstairs and have time together, snuggling and listening to the birds. It's wonderful. I also do my best sewing in the morning (but after at least one cup of coffee!).ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I would say I'm a morning person. I'm retired I'm up and at it by 7:00 a.m. I do have lazy days where I will still be in my jammies at noon. Some days I accomplish lots and then there are days I just go in circles.

    Anne, I just have to say thank you for your generous give away on Mamasparks blog. Mamasparks is a wonderful friend. I'm not a blogger yet but some day I won't have to be the Anonymous one. Mamasparks will have me blogging soon. I love your patterns, I am the proud owner of 13 of them and I have 7 more on my wish list. You are so talented. I look forward to the 5th of each month. Thanks so much for "A Tiskit A Taskit" BOM.
    Pauline…..from Canton MIReplyCancel

  • Christy - Wow! there a lot of early birds reading this blog! I love the quiet early mornings with the birds tweeting watching the sun rise AND I love the late nights with the cool breezes and sound of chirping crickets! Siestas after lunchtime are a must to live and sew like this! Ahhh, the life of an empty nester!ReplyCancel

  • Hogan's Adventure - Morning person here!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • trelly - I love wake up early, when the worl is in silence, to have the breakfast visiting the blogs… reading the newspaper (about 2 hours)…. then I can be a person and a housewife jajajajajajajajajajajajajaReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Yes definately a night owl.Do my best work when all are alseep and the house is quite.getting up before 7.30am is a killer for meReplyCancel

  • Contented Caroline - I have usually taken the dog on an hour long walk – tidies the dishes away from the previous evening, showered, dressed and at the sewing machine by 8am – I find it my most constructive, creative and contented time of the day.ReplyCancel

  • Jan - Am reading these comments in my PJs and home alone, which never happens! I work M-F, so Saturday is a slow to get up day and then must blog and read others' blogs and count the days 'til the new BOM is out! Can't wait – love you bunnies!ReplyCancel

  • carole ann - I do get up early ,then it's off to the paying job,but I do remember always sewing or baking late at night because of the children, having to wait for them to go to bed. So I am still a night person,staying up late at night to get things done.ReplyCancel

  • GARI - I am a morning person who hates to get up. but once up I MUST get dressed and then I have to be doing something. I do read my email while eating breakfast but am then pulled to the studio where my "work" awaits me. Twice a day I return to the house to make sure the dishes get done and the animals are fed and then back to work. Best job I have ever had. LOLReplyCancel

  • Sandi - Oh, I am definitely a nightowl and very thankful that I no longer "work outside the home". I love the wee hours of the morning but I am awake until then instead of rising early. LOL! I will be sure to be quiet and not wake you. I love the quiet of the night, especially since we moved out here to the country (actually small town and we're on the edge of the country). And I haven't said this before but I love your basket patterns and have started them in wool. Thank you so much for sharing!! When I finish one of them, I'll share the photos!ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - I get up between 4:30 and 5, so I'll get the coffee pot going for you! Early to bed, early to rise ….ReplyCancel

  • Jane Anderson - Thank you for being a morning person! You keep us in projects by getting on the job that early. JaneReplyCancel

  • jules - i'm both.. is that allowed? for now i still have a "real" job… but i'm working on changing that.. i stay up late working on projects but i also love getting up early and getting a good start.. like today.. up early and 17 of 20 blocks for a quilt are done already!! btw i'll see you at market this fall.. i can't believe we only have 2 months to go!ReplyCancel

  • jaybird - ignore that last one… was signed in under my "real" name… ha!!!

    i'm both.. is that allowed? for now i still have a "real" job… but i'm working on changing that.. i stay up late working on projects but i also love getting up early and getting a good start.. like today.. up early and 17 of 20 blocks for a quilt are done already!! btw i'll see you at market this fall.. i can't believe we only have 2 months to go!ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - Anne, thanks so much for your generous $50 giveaway to MamaSparks' blog….you're always doing such nice things :-) Oh, and I used to be a morning person, but now I sleep in (just a little). Can't picture myself ever getting up at 4:30 though, my goodness, there's still so much good sleeping time left!ReplyCancel

  • Linda in Reno - Hi, Anne! I just loved your 'no more clock watching' post. I retired last August and also quit wearing a watch. Isn't it wonderful? Your site is my favorite and I'm working on your BOM. I always look forward to your emails, especially the ones with your precious dogs. Thanks for all your work!ReplyCancel

  • Donna K. from N. TX - Thanks so much for the clip art tip. I'm not able to publish a photo every day that relates to my blog, but now I can find art work to visually express my blog entries. Love your blog! Keep up the good work!ReplyCancel

  • Jean C. - It depends on if I've gotten my ahem, beauty sleep! I get up with my DH each day at 4 a.m. an then if I go walking (also 3 miles or more) at 6 I stay up… but… if I'm not walking I usually try to get a bit more sleep. Because I can really be a night owl too! Burning the candle at both ends never works for me!
    Yesterday stayed up and lets see did 5 loads of laundry made 6 dozen cookies and a dozen muffins… plus all the other things I need to get done! I say sleep if you've got to otherwise….. SEWWWWW!!!ReplyCancel