Counting Sheep!

I’ve been counting sheep!  Lots of them! image  So all you woolies out there, three of you have won a pattern of your choice. So smart you are!  Wool= sheep = lamb!

And now you get to choose!  Any pattern.  Even a block of the month.


If your name is listed below, send me an email with your pattern choice and your significant information (address etc.) and I’ll send you the pattern of your choice!


1. Luvtoquilt who said:

I am enjoying this project so much — I just can’t wait for the fifth of each month to arrive — you are so creative! Given your love of animals, my guess is that this month we will have a woolly lamb or sheep.



    2. CarrieP who said:

Can’t wait for the 5th. I am going to guess a     little lamb.




















3. Annelies Dease who said: Hmmm…..maybe a lamb???? Hope I am right, because I LOVE your patterns!!! XXX Annie

Congratulations ladies!  Have fun picking out your pattern!

Are you ready to make your own little lamb?  Block 7 is on my web site and ready to go!  Be patient if you can’t download it right away.  Try again again later or click on Crafts4me and you’ll find the pattern there also!

Block seven Applique

Crafts4me offers the embellishment kit (they offer ALL of my embellishment kits).  A Tisket, A Tasket is on backorder so be sure to click “notify me” to find out when they are in stock.

And for all of my redwork fans…embroider away! This block is so much fun!!!

Block Seven Redwork

And I didn’t forget the woolies out there!  How could I?  All  those “prims”, those of you who LOVE wool, in dark colors!  Follow the flock…it’s led by that someone over at…






Print Print

Cottons N’ Wool.   Hummmm, wonder how she gets that darn pattern so early?

Hope you all read my newsletter today!  Happy 5th of July (and 4th too!).




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  • Barb - Another awesome pattern…you outdo yourself each time. Thanks.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Congratulations to the winners!!

    The block is adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Annelies Dease - Oh my Gosh!!!! I WON!!! I am so excited and so appreciative. Anne, just getting a pattern each month has been a HUGE gift, so I don't even know how to react to this. I just woke up and my eyes were barely open….so I couldn't believe it. Now to think about which pattern. I love them ALL!!!! Thanks Anne SEW much!!! XXX AnnieReplyCancel

  • Letterpress - Thank you for letting us share in your creativity with these block of the month patterns. I took your advice and explored your Flickr site, now more revved up than ever about finishing these.


  • AwtemNymf - Thanks for sharing the sheep pattern. Ewe are so sweet!!

    Hope you had a great 4th! We did! Happy Celebrating all month!

  • misswrite - Thanks for another sweet pattern!ReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - Thump… the sound of me falling out of my chair when I was your lambie.
    Bang… the sound of my head hitting my monitor as I tried to hug your lambie.
    "Nine one one, what is the nature of your emergency"… the voice at the end of my phone line after I had an "a cute" heart attack after seeing block 7.

    I must be channeling you. Just yesterday we were driving and I was hoping the sorta-neighbor's lambs and sheep were out so I could snap shots of them. Hubby said, "want me to drive you to that farm on 101 that has all the sheep?". I said nah… we had just bought groceries. And even this morning, I still had a craving to see the lambies… and POOF… here is the cutest one of all!!!!

    Thank you, and I'll pretend you designed it just for moi! PS… thanks for all the lovin' you showered me with on my blocks!ReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - … when I was LOOKING AT YOUR your lambie…ReplyCancel

  • sandyb - Thanks so much for the wonderful July block, you certainly captured our desires and the feelings of our quilting friends…Always thank you for your patterns, and fabrics.
    From SoCal so many compliments to you and your talent, many compliments to what a wonderful person you are, via associates.ReplyCancel

  • julia - Anne,
    I always wait in anticipation of your newsletter announcing the next ATAT block.
    The lamb is so cuuuuute! Every month I think this block ist my favourite it can't getting cuter…but then the next one comes and I'm proven wrong…;O)
    Hugs & thanks for this monthly gift (it's like having birthday every 5th of the year!)

  • Carrie P. - I can't believe I won. Thanks so much. I just love the new block with that wooly lamb. The blocks just keep getting cuter and cuter.ReplyCancel

  • Phyllis - aww – this one is so cute!

    Thanks so much for your generosity.ReplyCancel

  • dotti white - Wow…It is so cute! I love the sheep! That was my first guess but then I went back to the theme of how you like bunnies. I was wrong but I am so glad because I absolutely love the sheep! Did I say LOVE the sheep!

    Congratulations to the winner!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - My Congratulations to the winners, too!! This block is so adorable (okay, I think I've said that every month now!), but every one is just so amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing these with the rest of us – we are all so lucky (I guess we are all winners, aren't we) and you are so talented!! Your creativity is AWESOME!!!

    Thank you a million times over!!ReplyCancel

  • Jen in NY - Love it, another gorgeous block!! Thanks so much Anne!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I love the idea of a black sheep – not a naughty sheep, just different. It kind of matches the chocolate rabbit! Can't wait for the next month ALREADY. SandyRReplyCancel

  • Carlie - Thank you for sharing your great blocks with us. They are so inspiring. I can't wait until each month comes to see your new one.ReplyCancel

  • Sherri - Congrats to the winners! I remember "lamb" crossing my mind…but the rational part of me said, no, Sherri, think of the 4th of July! I so love this block and have picked out my fabrics…ready to start!ReplyCancel

  • Margot - Very beautiful! I love … I embroidered and putting on my Blog. Thank you


  • Paula - I am so in love with this block! I raised sheep when I was in high school for my FFA project, so they hold a special place in my heart. I am doing both versions of your blocks (my very first BOM's!) and have just ordered some of your beautiful Chelsea Manor fabric for the redwork version. Can't wait! YEAH!ReplyCancel

  • Camille - Okay, still laughing over Monica's comment. MAN that girl is crazy!! ha ha… In a good way, of course. Cute little lambs you've got there.

    Still waiting on your 'first quilt'. You better believe you have to join in!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - Congratulations to the winners!

    Ann, lovely article about your workshop in June quilt mag (I am a little slow at reading).

    And, thank you for the July block, as a Mary (but lambless) whose 25th anniversary was the 4th it is especially meaningful. Thanks, agian.ReplyCancel

  • dana - Congrats to the lucky winners! DanaReplyCancel

  • shanna - So cuteReplyCancel

  • boracay island philippines - These designs looks so lovely..ReplyCancel

  • Boracay beach resort - your blog is so lovely.. i could learn a lot from your pageReplyCancel

  • temp jobs - thanks for your designs.. it inspires me to be more creativeReplyCancel

  • Furniture removalists - thanks for the designs.. :-)ReplyCancel

  • rozhearts - Hi Anne,
    Well another great block. I am so enjoying these beautiful blocks and am keeping up to date. just finished the Lamb block and it is so cute.
    Thanks heaps (((HUGS))) Roz.ReplyCancel