Chelsea’s Surprise!

I have no idea how she got this done, but she did. While I was making my “Carry Me Bag”, Chelsea made one too! Something about fabric strips called “Honey Buns” that she just loves!

I always read the comments about her out loud. Her ears perk right up. She loves them! So, to say “thank you” or “yip yip” she’s giving away the bag she made! (In case you didn’t know Chihuahuas “yip” not “woof”.)

Chelsea and her Carry Me Bag

She had a little trouble with the covered button! I promised her I would help this morning if she’d just come to bed.

So, on Saturday, when she picks a winner, her bag will have the prettiest covered button! And it will be coming to one of you! You know what to do right?

Oh, wish her luck. She has to go for a weigh- in at the Vet this morning. Things aren’t looking too good right now, and she didn’t seem to loose an ounce while sewing. Hate how that happens!

Have a great week. We’ll see you on Saturday!


Anne & Chelsea

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  • mimi'sdarlins - How lucky are you to have an assistant like Chelsea! Maybe after she picks the winner, you can send her over here to finish one of my WIPs…..Sure hope she picks me, tell her I'll make a special treat for her if she does (but don't tell the vet) :-)ReplyCancel

  • scrapworking - Oh, good luck Chelsea! I totally understand and can relate. I have a Dr's appt on the 29th and he is going to scold me too. Sigh. Great job on the purse, it is totally adorable and I would love to win it. Sorry about the button – I'd need help too, so don't you fret. It's just "not your thing"…looking cute is. Thanks for the opportunity to win…your blog, patterns and site are an inspiration!ReplyCancel

  • Judy in Michigan - Oh Chelsea, you are just a doll. Yippee!! (that's thanks for offering your project to us). What a good little girl you are. I will take very good care of the bag if I am lucky enough to win.ReplyCancel

  • sndy1 - Such a talented dog! I would love to receive that bag that she made.ReplyCancel

  • Ruby - Wow, how sweet is Chelsea! Thank you for entering me in the drawing! Good luck at the weigh in!ReplyCancel

  • Lesliebee - So cute! I'm looking forward to getting the pattern to make my own (just in case I don't get Chelsea's).ReplyCancel

  • Miss Jean - Oh, Chelsea. You are just too talented! I love your purse. If you came to visit I could carry you around in it. That way Maggie couldn't drive you crazy and run you ragged.

    And don't you worry about those mean people that weigh you. They just don't understand. I would rather have a root canal (have mommy explain what that is) than to go get myself weighed.

    Maggie sends a big arooooooooo. Maybe I can teach her to quit……ReplyCancel

  • Marie Harper - It would be such an honor to tote the bag made by Anne and Chelsea. Love the bright colors and the clever use of jelly rolls. Thanks for all your inspirations!ReplyCancel

  • Robin aka Bookquilter - Chelsea and my sweet Kipper should be weight loss buddies. Those vets are just blunt when it comes to weight aren't they. The bag is adorable….thanks for the tutorial to walk us through making this wonderful bag…I am already seeing christmas presentsReplyCancel

  • NMSue - Ohhh-would love to win a bag made by Chelsea. Hope you pick me. Dogs are so talented anyway. At the vet, stand slightly off the scale so the vet won't notice. I dislike being weighed too!ReplyCancel

  • Ravenhill - What an adorable and clever helper!!! The bag is fabulous! I would flip if I should be the lucky winner!
    ~Emily xxReplyCancel

  • DaisyGirl - Dear Chelsea,
    My doctor used to fuss at me every time I went, then one day I said "how come you are overweight?" He's never said another thing about my weight. So here's hoping your doc's overweight! hahaha
    I'd love for you to choose me! :)

  • Tamara - Poor Chelsea a visit to the vet is such a downer after creating such a wonderful bag. Chelsea keep your spirits up along with your sewing.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Please let Chelsea know I will be thinking the good thoughts for her this morning as she weighs in..I know how she feels all too well..

  • Sherri - That Chelsea is really something…and she sews the cutest bags! I'm wishing her all the best today!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh Chelsea, what a cute bag you have stitched!! I must get that pattern from your mama. And about that pound or two, you will be able to get rid of that soon, I am sure. You are a cu tie pie! Keep up the good work.
    Would be delighted to tote your bag any day, anywhere! :)ReplyCancel

  • Happy Cottage Quilter - Oh wow, just love how the little bag turned out. I'd love to see how to do the buttons.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh, Chelsea – I'd love to win your cute bag. All the patterns at Bunny Hill are just wonderful. I've made several. Thanks a bunch! TerryReplyCancel

  • Cynthia - Good job Chelsea, I love the bad you made. Cute honey buns!ReplyCancel

  • Mushyhed - Loving Chelsea's bag. So cute!! My 2 doxies can relate to Chelsea. They are always being put on a diet.ReplyCancel

  • Robin C - Oh my what a beautiful bag. Chelsea is definitely a sewing girl. Best of luck on the weigh in. Being short makes us girls look heavier than our taller friends. I'm a shortie and an ounce is not my friend, forget the pounds!

    Robin in VAReplyCancel

  • trelly - Hi!!! Could you tell to Chelsea that I wat to be her friend? jajajajajaja, I love the bag, please Chelseaaaaaaa. Kisses for you and for my friend ChelseaReplyCancel

  • Periwinkle Pumpkin - My daughter loves Chelsea and I love your blog. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • tami_f - Chelsea…pick me!! :) I totally get the doctor thing…mine is on me all the time when it comes to the dreaded weigh-in. Hope it goes well…the bag looks GREAT!!


  • miniaturequilter - Umm..doctors can be difficult that way, tell her to what I do. Tell the doc he should be happy she doesn't smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol and that seems to put things in perspective!!
    The bag is very cute, those buttons look hard to me too!ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - Hi Chelsea,
    Good luck at the vets. I totally know what you are going through. Unfortunately sewing doesn't help me lose any pounds either! I have been doing pilates recently. Have you ever tried them? I should think that might help, but even if it doesn't, remember that the pounds aren't what matters most, it's the personality, and you have a phenomenal one!ReplyCancel

  • PunkiePie - cute cute cute! Count me in please!ReplyCancel

  • Judith - I just love it and what do I see I can win too.ReplyCancel

  • Jacquelynne - I think Chelsea should be very proud of her handiwork- the bag is lovely and I'm sure it will complement all of her summer outfits!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Chelsea is so talented. Do you think she would teach my toy poodle to sew? In the meantime, I'd love it if she sent me that beautiful bag.ReplyCancel

  • marykathryn - Wonderful sewing, if only my cats could help in my sewing room instead of causing havoc! Good luck at the vet, be sure to take your collar off before they weigh you…every little bit helps. Please enter me in your drawing – thank you.ReplyCancel

  • ccweigel - What a smart dog….would love to have the bag. Good luck at the vet but we love you just the way you are!ReplyCancel

  • Dolores - Baxter just got clipped (actually buzzed) and he is now as svelt as Chelsea. He wouldn't fit in the bag but would love it if I won it and kept some extra little treats in it for when it was walk time or pet store time.ReplyCancel

  • Christine Thomas - It's like Weight Watchers weigh-in. Count me in for the drawing, please. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Dandelion Quilts - Good luck Chelsea….drink some green tea…it will help with 'water weight'! Plus it will get your metabolism moving. :)ReplyCancel

  • Anita - Good luck at the vet Chelsea, I know from personal experience that dieting is no fun!ReplyCancel

  • Dorothy Vaughan... - Chelsea is such a cute little dog, and very talented too. I would be thrilled to be the winner of her lovely bag.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Thanks for the chance to win Chelsea! What a great job on making the bag, and of course you can't loose weight while sewing, especially when you need snacks to keep up your energy!ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn - Chelsea is full of personality, and so is the bag she made. I'd love to show it to my cat, Abby, to inspire her to sew as well!!
    Kathie L.ReplyCancel

  • Jo Anne - Well, Chelsea's bag is adorable and looks like it could carry her to the vet in grand style. Here's to a positive weigh-in.ReplyCancel

  • Pam - Oh, Chelsea, you are such a cutie & so generous, too, to offer to give away that adorable bag! Thanks & I sure hope I win!ReplyCancel

  • Margaret - Thank you to Chelsea! I'd love to win! I love chiuahuas. Hope her weigh in goes well!ReplyCancel

  • Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens - Lol… good luck with the scale, Chelsea! We girls all understand that when the sewing bug hits, the scale doesn't seem to be our friend :o)

    Very cute bag!ReplyCancel

  • Pat - Chelsa, I sure hope your weigh in goes well – I know about those!

    Your Carry Me bag is beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I would like to receive a bag like that. Can't get the pattern here and hold thumbs for a win!! She is a great assistant and I can only hope to get someone special like her one day. Well my to Maltese doges Benje and Collie are not happy with me now, but they are boys and don't want to do any quilting!! :-) So my hopes are on you Chelsea…. Thanks for all the patterns.
    Anneke Potgieter
    South AfricaReplyCancel

  • arkie - Would Chelsea be available to teach my Maggie how to sew? She did a lovely job on her bag!ReplyCancel

  • Gretchen - Chelsea did a fabulous job helping with the bag. Hope I am the lucky winner!! Don't worry about the weigh in at the vet–everyone knows doctor's scales are always wrong.ReplyCancel

  • Abbybeth - Good luck Chelsea – my kitty Zoe sympathizes with you, she got a similar talking to at the vet as well. Your sewing skills are impecable though! Beautiful job!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - Chelsea is so talented!! Must have been from watching you sew all the time. She really is a quick study. Wonderful job!ReplyCancel

  • Marcia in Michigan - What a creative talented Chelsea. I have a creatively challenged Beagle; well I have 3 creatively challenged Beagles. But they are the most loved puppies in the whole world; just like Chelsea! They don't yip, they hoooooooowwwwwwlll. :)ReplyCancel

  • Quilt Monkey - I wish your Chelsea would teach my Bear a thing or two about helping out in the sewing room! That is, other than re-arranging the quilt blocks I carefully lay out for assembly. But then, cats don't take direction as well as dogs. Oh well, I think I'll try to win Chelsea's bag rather than wait for Bear to make one…ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Chelsea, how clever you are! Thanks for including me in the drawing. And remember to exhale before you step on those scales!

    Donna Knight

  • Amy R - The bag is most beautiful. Sure hope the visit to the vet went well!ReplyCancel

  • Deborah Hays - Oh Anne, I LOVE the bag! (Obviously so does the little miss Chelsea!) Thanks for sharing with all of us as you stitched away making that bag. Many hugs, DebbieReplyCancel

  • Winona - Chelsea, you are so cute, but I am sure you know that.LOL You have done a great job on your bag. Good luck with your weigh-in today. WinonaReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - It's all those hours of Chelsea watching you create that inspired her. What a darling bag…please let her know. Does she fit inside? Good luck at the weigh-in. Like weight watchers for dogs. Everyone applauds when she loses a pound. (I'm just guessing, never been). I truly think the artichoke treats will be the reason she loses weight. :o)ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - Good work on the bag, Chelsea! I'm with you, so unfair that sewing doesn't whittle off the pounds. Walking on the treadmill just doesn't release my creativity the same way sewing or quilting does.ReplyCancel

  • roccagal - Hey Chelsea and Anne-thanks you both for the wonderful tutorial! Anne you are so lucky to have such a cute assistant-I especially luv the pic of Chelsea on yesterdays post-she is so cute! Good luck at the weigh in-you look thinner to me(don't worry Chelsea I am on a diet myself)

  • Rachel - Okay, Chelsea, do your magic… pick my name because I really, really want that bag! I made a quilt and a table runner out of the same fabric line and it would be neat to blend into the living room furniture haha. Oh, that bag is so beautiful!!!

    Good luck at your vet appointment, Chelsea. I don't like those weigh-ins either, so my sympathy is with you.

    Take care!

  • Kim West - what a darling bag Chelsea! Good luck with the weigh in! My dr has been scolding me for a while….ReplyCancel

  • Taiya - That's talent, Chelsea! And without opposable thumbs? Wow!ReplyCancel

  • Barb - That is so funny….you crack me up. I will say that I have enjoyed your tuts on this bag…and I will find me some timex and interfacing one of these days when I go off to Hawaii…thanks again.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - Chelsea is such a cutie (and she doesn't look like she needs to lose weight…lol) Thank you for the opportunity to win that darling bag!ReplyCancel

  • Stjoemom2011 - I love anything from Anne and Bunny Hill!!!!!! Something from Chelsea would be over the top!!!!ReplyCancel

  • swedish fishie - Oh Chelsea is too cute!! So talented too! Tell her not to worry about the weigh in. My girl Paige gained 3 pounds in 5 months. It can't be that bad! The purse is absolutely adorable and I would love to win it, although Paige would definitely be too heavy for it!ReplyCancel

  • Greentechmama - Good Luck Chelsea! Love your purse…you did a great job on it =)ReplyCancel

  • Glaucia - Chelsea, you're very talented! What a great sewer,and very generous too! Thanks for the chance of winning your bag :)My dog, Valente, has the same issue with weight as you, he's a lab, you know,10 y.o., and the vet doens't seem to understand how difficult is to keep walking without enough food.At least, enough food for him!! We wish you luck at the vet!ReplyCancel

  • Rochelle - Chelsea can come over to sew and workout with Buttercup our chihuahua she loves to do both.ReplyCancel

  • Sandrine - What a wonderful job Chelsea !

    message for Chelsea : Yip Yip Yip

    that means that I hope to be selected to win ;)ReplyCancel

  • Lori - The bag is just wonderful! And what about that cute Chelsea. Does she hire out her sewing skills?! LOL
    I'd be honored to win your bag.ReplyCancel

  • Jeanelle from Colorado - What a talented and cute dog!ReplyCancel

  • Karen in Michigan - Chelsea! You are one great friend to offer your beautiful project up for grabs! Good luck at your appointment! Remember no-one is perfect – including your vet…ReplyCancel

  • ske3my - what an adorable little bag and chelsea looks too cute next to it .. good luck at the vet .. karen caReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Chelsea, good luck with your weigh-in. Just keep thinking about your beautiful bag. Thanks for the chance to win the bag.ReplyCancel

  • KSedlak - Chelsea looks adorable in her bag. Wow, she really did a beautiful job and it suits her to a T. I think it's very slimming on her.ReplyCancel

  • Sharon S - Chelsea-good luck today. Yu look just fine to me! Great job on the bag!ReplyCancel

  • Life At Camellia Cottage - Chelsea, you are just the sweetest thing! How wonderful of you to make a bag just for one of us! Hope the weigh in went well! Becky G.ReplyCancel

  • dotti white - That Chelsea…she is so precious! I knew from yesterday's photo of her that she was up to something instead of just waiting for you to be done! Anne…you should be so proud of her making that sweetest of bags! I'd love the chance to win the product of your handiwork together. Have a wonderful week!ReplyCancel

  • Laurel - What an adorable bag, Chelsea!!!Oh how I would just love it!! Pick me, Pick me! Laurel

  • Cynthia - Hi Chelsea'
    My Mom loves your Mom's goodies! Do you work with your Mom till all hours too! If your looking for a new pal my name is Tucker. Everybody says I'm pretty cute and I think you are too! I'm alittle bit too outgoing sometimes! I'm kinda a in your face and other places kinda dog! I hope if my Mom wins come for a visit in that pretty neat bag! I'll save you a stick!ReplyCancel

  • Merrie. - Chelsea; Murphy says to tell you that he thinks you are gorgeous just as you are! I love the bag you made; you sure are a talented Chihuahua! (Murphy says "and you are pretty too!") Well I hope I win this bag because it would sure be extra special because you made it Chelsea; you and your mom are sure a pretty talented duo!! Merrie and MurphyReplyCancel

  • Robin - Hmmmm…..I never seem to lose an ounce while I'm sewing either! Give sweet Chelsea a scratch behind the ear for me.
    I would love to be entered in the drawing. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Chelsea needs to use the old fashioned treadle sewing machine to help with that weight problem. Love the purse and would love to win it.

  • Richelle - Best of luck to Chelsea for her weigh-in! I know how those go, not always fun.
    She did a great job on the bag, it is adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Jeannette - Love Chelsa bag, those covered buttons are tough, but we all need helpers with the difficult things.ReplyCancel

  • Angela - Chelsea you are the best. And my lil Toby thinks you are pretty cute too.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - I wish my dog could sew. I would have so many more things finished, if she did. Since she cannot sew, I hope I win the bag Chelsea sewed instead!!!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Oh Chelsea did a fantastic job on her bag. I'd hate to see the job my 1 year old lab would do, I don't think she's nearly that talented at sewing. I'd be very excited if I win her bag.ReplyCancel

  • Patchwork Penguin - A weigh-in???? Whatever for? She is just so slim and sexy now :o)

    What a wonderful job you did Chelsea……. and don't feel bad about the button……. I've never covered one either.

    Quilty Hugs!

  • goodrbadwitchryou - Oh girl it's tough needing to lose a pound or two, I alway's say you cant have it all good looks,talent and personality and still be thin.
    So dont fret over it I mean the purse you made is adorable what more could amyone want from you!
    I would be honored to win.ReplyCancel

  • jan - Chelsea is a dear to sew for us.
    I understand her angst over the weigh in with the doc. Pick me Chelsea pick me!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Gill - Anne, I had to put both of my dogs on a diet. The vet recommended green beans. She said that they are full of fiber and very filling. My dogs love them mixed with their dry and a little wet dog food. The dry is the light kind. I buy the store brand with no salt added. Why do they put added salt in canned vegetables??
    I love your bags!!ReplyCancel

  • Linda - I love this bag. We have been making bags at our quilt shop every month but I really like this bag.
    I am feeling very lucky this week because I lost my wallet on Saturday evening at a theater and got a call on Tuesday afternoon that it was located.
    I need a bag with a latch at the top.ReplyCancel

  • Beth - Oh dear, poor girl having to get weighed in, I know how much I hate it! I would *love* to be in the drawing, what a wonderul bag!ReplyCancel

  • SarahVee - Sorry about the weigh in Chelsea. Looks like you know how to stay happy and busy in spite of the weighty circumstances! Let Anne know we all love you anyway. You make the bunnies happy too. Thanks for the chance to win your bag.ReplyCancel

  • Judy H. - Chelsea, you are so talented! I love your bag, and would be thrilled to have it come live with me. (Oh, and my Pippin sympathizes with you about the nasty vet. His vet is probably going to say the 'diet' word, too.)ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Pami - She is so cute. I'll bet a mountain lion wouldn't stand a chance against her though. Maybe she should come to Weight Watchers with us. Maybe steal some of you know who's snack bags? Please let her know she did a bang up job!ReplyCancel

  • Lynn S - I think my yorkie Bruiser would like Chelsea as he likes to sew too! Love all your patterns. I only have the binding to do on my Baltimore Bunny quilt. All hand appliquted and quilted–I am so thrilled with it! Love your special carry case too!!ReplyCancel

  • Tricia - What a beautiful bag, Chelsea!! I'm so impressed. Perhaps you can come give Kolar a sewing lesson and he can sew while I play online… rather than curling up on my nice fuzzy blanket and sleeping next to me! :-) Hope I win!!ReplyCancel

  • trudys_person - What a great bag Chelsea! And I have trouble with covered buttons sometimes too. What kind did you use, metal or plastic? I used metal last time, but my sister says the plastic ones are easier. I don't see them very often though …ReplyCancel

  • Lisa D. - Great job on the bag Chelsea. Don't despair – I don't seem to lose any weight when I am sewing either!ReplyCancel

  • Brenda - My Chelsea is a clever little girl. I feel for her with her weight struggle. It's something a lot of us share.ReplyCancel

  • simplestitches - What a clever little dog…..can she come and help me to finish of loads of WIPs?

    Good luck at the Vet's (but Chelsea you are looking rather slim and svelte)

    Thanks for the opportunity to be in your giveaway…love your blog!
    cheers JulzReplyCancel

  • Teah - Love that bag Chelsea! I need a little assistant like you. I hate the weight in part at the doctor's too! Make sure to take your shoes off, it always helps me. Thank you Anne for such a nice contest. Love your blog and thank you for the BOM, I'm behind; but it's awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Schiefferly - Hang in there Chelsea! You're loved regardless of your size!

    You made an amazing bag! I hope you pick me- my daughter Natalie loved the colors you picked!


  • Joy - Chelsea did a FABULOUS job on her bag LOL. Just love it!! Good luck with your weigh in Chelsea, I used to do WW so I know how nerve wracking it can be ;o).
    Fingers and toes are crossed cos I'd love to win that bag!!!!
    Joy :o)ReplyCancel

  • Tudy - Tell Chelsea I love her work. I would love to win it to.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I think Chelsea looks MUCH thinner standing next to the skinny purse. Anne, maybe you should take the purse with Chelsea for the "weigh in"? ;0ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oops, forgot to add my name! InaReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I just got back from my favourite patchwork shop and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw chelsea with the Carry Me Bag. i just purchased the pattern and honey bun rolls to make it because I fell in love with it. Now I have my own step by step lessons to do it. Thankyou my friends. Now if I could just borrow Chelsea! Think you could send her to Australia to help me. I'll bring her back when I visit USA next month I promise!!
    cathy in AustraliaReplyCancel

  • Janelle - Hi Anne
    Chelsea's bag is gorgeous and I can imagine her being carried around in it! I would love to win it!ReplyCancel

  • Potpourri - I would love that purse and I think Chelsea should come for a visit so she can "teach" the furface who lives here how to sew.ReplyCancel

  • DianeH - Well Chelsea you've done it now! Jake, my smarty pants Jack Russell has been out done! Sewing a bag – drat that's one thing he NEVER thought of! How is he going to top that? I've never seen him in such a funk. You've done a wonderful job and are a darling to be giving it away (I hope I win, but don't tell Jake).

  • Anonymous - My little Cavalier Spaniel has a lot to learn and needs to pay more attention to Chelsea! That is one special bag and we'd be honored to be a winner. Good luck at the vet! We know how you feel. Bessie went yesterday for her vaccinations!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Too cute…I hope she picks me. Susan Haase

  • Kate quilts... - I'love to win that bag, it's so cute. Good luck to Chelsea at the weigh-in. I know just how she feels.ReplyCancel

  • Kerry - What a clever girl you are Chelsea! I used to have two Chihuahuas. The mother looked very much like you; her name was Chiko. Would love to own your bag, your choice of fabric is perfect. Oh, and good luck at the vet's too.ReplyCancel

  • Carrie Sullivan - Chelsea rocks on the sewing machine! You go girl. Don't worry too much about the weight girl.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecka - Wow, Chelsea I always knew you were talented, but now I am impressed. I will you would teach my bunnies to sew. Sorry your button didn't turn out, but Mom can fix it for you. Hope your weigh in went well. It's hard to be on a diet when everything tastes so good. :)ReplyCancel

  • terrysweet - chelsea- what a beautiful job!!!- don't worry about the covered button- just tell them it was your design choice. terryReplyCancel

  • Tina D - Hi Chelsey,
    Please include me in your special giveaway bag and don't worry about your weigh-in – curves are in, skinny is out !ReplyCancel

  • Ellen - Great bag, Chelsea! Good luck with the vet's appt.
    Sure love to win the bag.


  • Lexilooo - oh how cute, chelsea, you are adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Lissa Jane - How lucky you are to have a GOOD helper.. I have an EVIL helper when I sew (cats and chain piecing are NOT a great combination) and chelsea, I feel your pain, I get the 'fat chat' when I visit the Dr too… *yawn* LOLReplyCancel

  • DebrafromMD - What a talented dog you have. Good luck with the weigh-in Chelsea!ReplyCancel

  • Cindy - Please enter me in the drawing for that darling bag!ReplyCancel

  • lilsis - My daschund Chichi is so green with envy. It seems she was born with two left paws unlike Chelsea.

    Best of luck at the vet Chelsea…ReplyCancel

  • sweetbabies00 - What a cute post! I love your little dog! Tell her I have my problems with the scale too. Good luck!

    Great job on the purse.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - George would love to be carried around in the bag that his friend Chelsea made hopefully for him if you pick us!ReplyCancel

  • drostep - Can Chelsea come live with me – at least for a while? She is so talented and I really need some help. I have calorie free treats.ReplyCancel

  • Deb - Well, isn't Chelsea just the little cute-ster! And smart-ster to make a bag like that! I'd love for it to come to my house! Thanks for the chance!ReplyCancel

  • quiltngirl - Chelsea is not only adorable – she is talented too! If she picks me I will fit it with healthy lo-fat puppy treats.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh Chelsea…you are just so so clever…you look very trim and terriffic to me…tell the vet to have his scales checked. the bag would would lovely in my collection…hugs from Linda B in AustraliaReplyCancel

  • kjb139 - I hope Chelsea did well at the vet. Does she come with the bag? She would love living with me! I spoil all my pets!

    Kathy in

  • Dianne - I've got one…as you know…but mine doesn't have any blue in it!ReplyCancel

  • Jen in NY - Good dog, Chelsea! Good dog! *scratch behind ear* So talented, you are! My cats could take a lesson from you. Are you teaching any furry classes? Is Mooch in?

    A tip for the next weigh-in…no salt the day before! :-)ReplyCancel

  • Dee NC - Beautiful purse and an adorable dog! I hope she does well at her weigh in. I've got one that has the same problem!ReplyCancel

  • rebecca - Way to go Chelsea. Great bag!! RebeccaReplyCancel

  • Mountain Gate - Chelsea,
    I can relate–it's just so hard to get out and exercise when you're busy at the sewing machine, isn't it?! And you are so multi-talented–you must tell your vet that we just can't be all things to all "peoples." To make him/her feel like you're really trying, be sure to tell them that for a treat, you eat lo cal rice cakes!
    Happy stitching!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - Chelsea, you are such a sweet and talented pup. What a lovely bag you have put together. I am in your company with the Dr. and the scale issue, sigh….ReplyCancel

  • LindaSonia - What a cutie patootie… good luck with the weigh in Chels… ;-) LindaSonia (

  • Barbara York - OOOH, I love that little bag she made and hope that I get to carry it around. Hope all goes well for your little one at the Vet's.


  • Terry - Oh what a smart one she is to sew up her own bag! It's adorable! Tell her I said thanks for the giveaway! :0)ReplyCancel

  • Betsy - maybe chelsea can teach my dgds to sew … she is such a great example of entrepreneurship … lovely bag and i would sooo love it …ReplyCancel

  • Pat - I am sure that you have taught her well. She did a great job. Love that bag!ReplyCancel

  • Deb - Chelsea, you never cease to amaze me with your talent. Congratulations, maybe you should make your own video and we could train our dogs to be clever also. Good luck with your weigh-in girl, its one of those horrible days all of us females hate when we have to do that. Just smile and nod your head, you'll be right.ReplyCancel

  • mascanlon - Well my assistant Spike weighs in at 57 lbs…down from 62 so I don't think I'd be carrying him but I sure would find something sweet to carry, so surprise me! please!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Wow and all my cat ever made was some placemats. What a talented dog.ReplyCancel

  • Mearaid - Wow and all my cat ever made was some placemats. What a talented dog.ReplyCancel

  • lorene - Oh little Chelsea! good luck tomorrow!!! I have helpers in my sewing room too! Miss Beauty, Miss Priss and Mr. Diesel! sometimes they help too much! LOL! thanks for putting my name in the hat! BTW, I have a redwork group at the store I work at. several of the ladies, including me are doing tisket a tasket! thanking for sharing, we are having a ball!!

    Lorene HReplyCancel

  • Kim in Calgary - Chelsea, I love your bag! It goes nicely with your hair colour. I would love to win the bag. Congrats on your first bag!ReplyCancel

  • Monica - Chelsea looks quite proud of her little bag. A darling bag to say the least.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah in Calgary - Oh my goodness! That is such an adorable bag Chelsea! I love it! I would also love to win it!ReplyCancel

  • DanainDFW - Such a cute bag. I'd love to be picked. Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Chelsea's bag is wonderful!! She will look great in it as she travels about with you. I do hope for the best when she goes to the vet. Give her a love from me. You are always an inspiration to me and all who love quilting.
    Nancy the weekend quilterReplyCancel

  • Deb Sews Quilts - I am amazed by the talent of Chelsea. Do you hire her out? I have lots of ufo's that I would like for her to finish!!!ReplyCancel

  • linny - Chelsea, what a beautiful bag you made. I do hope all goes well at the weigh-in I know exactly how you feel.ReplyCancel

  • Donnelly - I love it when we get to see Chelsea and Bitsy! Thanks for the giveaway. My chihuahua doesn't "yip" or "woof", he "yodels"! Maybe it is because he is a chihuahua/corgi cross.
    Have a great day.ReplyCancel

  • Julie Isa - don't worry about the vet, sweet chelsea! your beautiful just the way you are!! yip yip to you!!!ReplyCancel

  • darcey - I wish my dog could sew like Chelsea…you are so lucky, Anne! I don't know how you can resist those beautiful eyes…if Chelsea were mine she'd be very, very spoiled. Thanks for the opportunity to win … I love your blog. All the best, looking forward to Saturday's draw.

  • Kathy in GA - Oh Chelsea, you are so sharing! It looks like you want to be in the cute bag that you've made for us, are you sure you can give it up? If so, I'd love to win it! signed Wicket, a very special old Maltipoo "puppy"…who would love to be carried in the bag to help his old joints.ReplyCancel

  • Kathy in GA - Chelsea, I forgot to mention that when I was much younger (6 months old) I was so good at helping to sew that I swallowed a threaded needle, thread first and had to stay away at the hospital until I passed it. Can you believe that Mom didn't want it back, and 14 years later still hasn't finished that quilt? I hope you like your vet visits more than I do! yip yip, WicketReplyCancel

  • Leisa - Cute dog, cute bag – please count me in!!ReplyCancel

  • Nanci - This so cute and would be the perfect bags for my sons new puppy. Sweet little Chelsea!ReplyCancel

  • Brenda - Well, I think that tutorial was the bomb so I am chiming in to suggest a video for the next one. LOL! Love the bag, it's darling. Does the puppy dog come with the bag? hee-hee. Can't blamne a girl for trying!ReplyCancel

  • Melinda - I do know that Chihuahua's yip – I have proof every day with my wonderful Chula. I would love to win Chelsea's bag even though I have the pattern and plan to make a couple of them myself.ReplyCancel

  • Mary A - Chelsea definitely looks as though she's lost weight. Don't let anyone tell her otherwise. Her bag is beautiful. Good job, Chelsea!ReplyCancel

  • mamaspark - No Chelsea, girlfriend, you just remember that those Moda Honey buns are calorie free so you can create all you want and you won't gain an ounce! Keep up the good work!!ReplyCancel

  • Glenda - Chelsea is quite the little helper…and what a cute bag she did. I'd love to win it so please enter me in the giveaway.ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah - yummy bag Chelsea! It turned out beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • di - Chelsea, could you teach my cat to do that? You are one talanted pup!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy - Good luck on your weigh in Chelsea! and what a great bag! I sure hope I'm lucky.

  • Melody - Sew much talent in such a petite package! Yay for Chelsea the Super sewing Pup!ReplyCancel

  • Sinta Renee - Oh good luck Chelsea…I hope the scale is in your fabor! You and me both! Buttons are a challenge:) but you did good!!! Please enter me in for the drawing! There is a doggie treat in it for you… low-cal.ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - What a sweet puppy to make a bag to give away. Good luck with the scales, those awful things!!ReplyCancel

  • Dolly - Chelsea is a doll to me, she is so cute. It would be nice to win a bag from her!ReplyCancel

  • Shirley L - What a great tutorial! Everything you ever wanted to know about bags but you didn't know what to ask! How could Chelsea not make the bag! I love the picture of her waiting with her paws crossed. I can't wait to see a picture of her at the sewing machine. Maybe we can ask Bernina to add paw guards on as an accessory and then Chelsea would be able to quilt using the BSR2 function on the Aurora 440! Love the bag Chelsea! You're so talented! We love you as you are! Maybe you can try not putting all of your paws on the scale. Good Luck!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • May Britt - Chelsea did a wonderful job on the bag. She is so clever. yip yip. Hope she picks me to have her bag.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - oh chelsea it's always so hard to face those scales… I can so relate. Awesome purse!!!! Please pick me. Nurse PayneReplyCancel

  • Sally - I think Chelsea should start a doggie diet club. She could call it "Weight Waggers". Then she and her furry friends could exchange diet puppy treat recipes. Chelsea is so cute she looks like she would fit right in her Carry Me Bag.ReplyCancel

  • AnnieO - Chelsea is definitely gifted and obviously her 1/4" seams are perfect. A covered button would just make it even more special. I would be happy to own a carry bag and I don't even have a chihuahua (I don't think my Aussie will fit either!). Please enter me in your drawing.

    Signed, an admirerReplyCancel

  • Quilt-Insel - the bag is very cute and i love the colours. i wsh chelsea very much look and all the best.

  • Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail - Fingers crossed, Chelsea. Just yip to the vet that it always takes longer to get it off than put it on! But you are such an accomplished little dog! I would love to own a creation of yours.ReplyCancel

  • Jantine - Chelsea has done a beautiful job on this bag. And as we quilters know, you won't loose wait while sewing. It involves a lot of moving which is not compatible to sewing, is it?ReplyCancel

  • Goosegirl - Chelsea, you are amazing! And I hope your weigh in brings you good news. Like you, I am under tall, but full of love for that purse!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - wow what a cute bag and such a cute helperReplyCancel

  • Fiona - OMG Chelsea is just so adorable – If she ever wants a holiday in oz just give me a call. My Toby would love to have her visit. The bag is sweet also.ReplyCancel

  • barb's creations - Chelsea what a lovely bag,you are very talented and you also have a great eye for colour combinations.
    Hope you go ok with the weigh in,just think thin :) Barb.ReplyCancel

  • Helz - Luv the Shot of Chelsea saying " Are You Done Yet? " Chelsea's Carry Me Bag is almost justazz Cute… !!!ReplyCancel

  • Helz - Oh !
    Lotsa Luck @ The Vet's Chelsea !!!ReplyCancel

  • -girl from the bush - oh chelsea, good luck with the weigh in. "Maybe you could just leave one back leg on the ground a little and mr vet might not notice". (worth a try) goodluck! I really love your bag, beautiful colours! Your such a clever girl!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - What a darling bag. And of course a darling dog. I love how you bring Chelsea into your blog!! What a fun blog you have. Heather from WNYReplyCancel

  • Kaaren - Hi Chelsea! This is Mac, the Westie. Arf! Arf! If you pick me, I promise to share my treats with you! Honest! My Vet wasn't too happy with me either on my last visit so maybe we can go for some walks together. I can show you some of the best 'watering holes' in town. Arf! Arf!ReplyCancel

  • Conni - Think skinny, Chelsea! Best of luck on the "weigh-in"! And your bag is adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Miss L's Craft Room - Beautiful bag, beautiful dog! I have a Miniature Schnauzer that would look very cute in that bag. BTW, I can totally understand the weight thing. I'm still trying to lose the weight I gained when I had my daughter…she's just turned 33. :)

  • Christy - Hey Chelsea
    Some times I sneak into my mom's sewing room and sew too. I usually sew blankets for me to lay on not beautiful bags to give away. You are a generous doggy! As to your weigh problem..I too have this problem. My mom calls me a "sausage dog"..can you believe that!
    From one chihuahau to another..continue to look so cute and yip away!

  • Julie - Great job, Chelsea. I need to get you and Winston, my Papillon, together for a lesson….I could use a sewing partner!ReplyCancel

  • lisa - my little boy winston wishes you good luck. He does love his cookies. So, he hopes you do well so you can enjoy some treats too. Love your bag!! Its beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Tree - Hope the weigh in went well Chelsea, you look just perfect to me. Your bag is gorgeou, how talented you are. This is a fabulous blog, I'm waiting on some material arriving so that I can have a go at the A Tisket A Tasket patterns.ReplyCancel

  • Robyn *Ü* - How cute! And, Chelsea, you look like a million, you don't need to lose a pound. What do those doctors know anyway?ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Chelsea,
    I love your bage. How could anyone resist fabric strips especially if they are called honeybuns. If the doctor says you are too heavy, don't worry it is probably because you are all heart.ReplyCancel

  • bmayer - that would be such a treasure to win something from Chelsea!ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - Chesea is an amazing quilter! I think that would be a perfect bag for Miss Penny, don't you? :)ReplyCancel

  • Kim - Chelsea…you are not alone. Things aren't looking too good for my weigh in tomorrow either.. ;)

    Your bag looks beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Sandy - Oh Chelsea, you are so cute, and so talented. I know how you feel, my beagle, Barney is overweight too and not having luck with losing..might be a little my fault too!!
    I would love that bag at my house…ReplyCancel

  • julia - Dear Chelsea & Anne,
    a beautiful bag and just perfect for a Chihuhaua…or a busy girl. It's beyond cute…!!! {Do you know that I just need a new bag? I've had a 40hrs-day and someone stole my wallet…it definitely would be more than nice to have a girls night out to recover & present this treasure… ;o)}
    I'm glad that you (Anne) decided to help with the covered button {love them…a perfect way to easily find a matching button}.
    My fingers are crossed for the weigh-in at the vet…maybe Chelsea needs some balloons to lift her ;o)?
    Hugs, JuliaReplyCancel

  • SewLindAnn - Oh Chelsea, I totally understand the weight thing – good luck on the weigh in. I never lose when I'm on a sewing binge either, it's hard to move from the chair when I'm so content!!ReplyCancel

  • scottylover - Oh how pretty! Chelsea did a great job picking my favorite colors! Please pick me!!
    Sandy AReplyCancel

  • BarbR - What a good job Chelsea did with the bag. I know she learned it by osmosis from a wonderful quilter and sewer. Perhaps she'll design her own line of doggie material someday. =!=ReplyCancel

  • Teresa - Ah poor pooch. I hate to have to go to the doc and weigh in too! Its a cute bag though, please count me in!ReplyCancel

  • Marie - What a great assistant! Good luck at the vet Chelsea. I would love for you to pick me. Love that bag.
    Hugs, MarieReplyCancel

  • Linda Caldwell - Chelsea is working so hard to help you no wonder she didn't lose any weight – she didn't have time to exercise. Just tell her to try harder next time and let her keep being your helper. :) Thanks for an adorable blog! Linda CReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - What a clever dog you are, Chelsea! But then I knew you could do it!ReplyCancel

  • Kristyz - Just found your blog and I love it. I hope all goes well with Chelsea's appt. I love that purse, I'm gonna try to make one for my friend. Don't you just love Soiree, it's so fun!ReplyCancel

  • mamabug - Cute Bag!!! I'm hopping that Chelsea drops some pounds and I'm hoping I do too :) Kathie k.bugbee@att.netReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Chelsea certainly did a great job on the purse. Would love to have it for the summer.

    Thanks a lot for including me in your drawing.


  • misswrite - Oh, my goodness!

    Chelsea, you did a great job on that bag!

    Don't worry about the vet, honey. Just take off your shoes before you get on the scale. ;)ReplyCancel

  • Roberta - Hope your weigh-in went well Chelsea, you know we are all rooting for you! It is surely difficult to resist both the fabric "honey buns" and yummy "sticky buns" as we call them here in Ohio! LOL Nothing more comforting than a nice cup of tea, a warm "sticky bun" and sewing–makes a perfect day. Love the carry me bags, both are beautiful. You are so sweet to gift your beautiful bag, Chelsea. Would certainly be a pleasure to receive.ReplyCancel

  • Debra - I hope Chelsea's weigh-in went ok. I hate the feeling I get just before stepping on the scales at the Doctor's office. I ALWAYS weigh more than I do at home! Love the bag!ReplyCancel

  • phylliso - How sweet your dog is!I pray the appt.goes well for her, please enter me in the giveaway too,I love everything you do,thank-you for having giveaways, phyllisoReplyCancel

  • Charlotte - What a fun purse. Chelsea, do you come with the bag? Just kidding- know that your "mommy" couldn't part with you. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks.


  • ~Q~ - What a great bag, Chelsea! Maybe you can give me some pointers on the bag as you did a lovely job!ReplyCancel

  • Dee - Chelsea, I can relate to the weight issue – menopause you know:) Your bag is looking beautiful, and I too have trouble with buttons – wish my mommie was around to help with that – she was a beautiful seamstress, and loved her dogs! DeeReplyCancel

  • - my chihuahua yips to. My Midge is 1 year old as of June 1st and I just adore her. I made her her own bag that she fits right into! I love reading your blog and I check in every day. Thanks for the wonderful patterns. I wish my applique could be as neat as yours.ReplyCancel

  • Ani - Oh Chelsea! I'd love to win your bag, it is soooo cute – JUST LIKE YOU! :0) I'll send you a bag full of nice low cal doggie treats if you pick me! Best, AniReplyCancel

  • eamylove - That carry-me bag is soooo slimming! I hope it works for people, too. Very cute bag – I'd love to win it!ReplyCancel

  • Mary - So Chelsea, yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip your Mom yip yip yip yip yip bag yip yip yip yip yip yip yip too cute. Keep yipping!ReplyCancel

  • HollyC - Chelsea, what a clever dog you are. Just love your bag!! Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful bag.ReplyCancel

  • dana - Oh, Chelsa is so cute and so is that danged "Carry Me Bag"!! DanaReplyCancel

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski - Good luck Chelsea…hope the numbers are down.
    Thanks for making a bag to give away. I will cover the button if you don't have time because of your exercise schedule.ReplyCancel

  • Paula - Oh Chelsea! What a sweet little bag you made. You are the most talented dog I've ever met, just don't let my new Grandpuppy, Toby, know that I said that. He would be so sad. It would probably make little Toby happier to be able to go to the market with me if he had your sweet bag to ride around in.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - Oh, Chelsea I love the bag. You sure do know how to put things together. Could you come to my house and show my cats how to do something so clever? Hope the weigh-in went well.ReplyCancel

  • Amyt - What a great bag. I just discovered your patterns at the Fat Quarter Shop. If only there was time to make them all. Good luck at the Vet!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - That Chelsea is so darn cute, and a typical chihuahua, giving and loving. I know she will lose weight soon, now that it is summer, and she can walk more. Husbands are sooo good at that activity- walking the dog, while we ladies wield the heavy needles at home. Anyway, enter me in the drawing. Jane AndersonReplyCancel

  • Christine - I just found your blog and your purse is adorable and so is Chelsea. I love the fabric. Have a great weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anna - I love this bag design – and I love, love, love it in Lila Tueller's Soiree! Your Chelsea is too adorable. Unfortunately, my assistants are two young boys (4 and almost 2) so they're not much help. And, Max – my kitty – just likes to lounge around on batting and my fabrics (and on my ironing board).ReplyCancel

  • BonnieN - I didn't know Chelsea could sew! Beautiful bag you made, at least the Honey Buns have no calories! I love that loop you made for the covered button!!Good luck at the vet!ReplyCancel

  • JaneR - Dearest Chelsea, I do believe that bag would make a good carrier for you – or at least when it's on the table! I would enjoy this sweet bag for an upcoming event. Won't you 'yip' at my name/entry and choose me?ReplyCancel

  • What Comes Next? - What a beautiful bag Chelsea has made! Hope the trip to the vet goes (went?) okayReplyCancel

  • Mary's Cottage Quilts - I wish I could make bags as cute as Chelsea :). With her paws, I bet it was very hard to cover the button – glad she has such a nice helper like you :)
    It's very cute – I hope I win!!!

  • ytsmom - Chelsea is a much better assistant than my cats. Maybe she could give them lessons?ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh Chelsea, what a beautiful bag you have created. I hope I win…..but even if I don't, we appreciate all of your hard work and love you just the way you are.

    Linda M.

  • Karen - What a talented pet! What an adorable bag!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I do so enjoy reading your blog and making your patterns. I have horses so I can relate to having a Chelsea only on a larger scale size. Wishing you lots of new inspirations from Chelsea.

  • Carrie P. - Well, Chelsea fits perfectly in that bag. Maybe it will make her feel better to be weighed in if she is carried in that stylish bag. Too cute. Good luck, Chelsea.ReplyCancel

  • mahladybug - Wishing you a lifetime of new ideas and lots of help from Chelsea.ReplyCancel

  • free indeed - Very cute purse;perfect for summer romps out with friends! YIP YIP!ReplyCancel

  • BunnyNuts - Oh Chelsea you did a marvelouse job. I sympathize wiwth the trying to loose weight – Jeni's Ice Cream is just too darn good!
    Pick Me Pick Me!!ReplyCancel

  • Merritt - Chelsea,
    What an adorable purse! I have a few "helpers" around my house, too. Hope I win.ReplyCancel

  • Patsy - Chelsea's bag is beautiful. Hope she picks me to win. I can relate to her about the weight. I don't yip, tho.ReplyCancel

  • Denise - Oh my Chelsea your bag is lovely.
    I would love to be the owner of your special bag.

  • Joanna - She is the cutest dog ever!! And the purse – oh my, it's sooooo lovely!ReplyCancel

  • goldenneedle - Such a talented furchild…..I wish mine was that talented, all he can do is bark. Thank you for the giveaway.


    bklang at agwireless dot netReplyCancel

  • Lori a.k.a. eeyorestayl - I love your blog, and LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about Chelsea's adventures, since I have three girls myself! They are 2 Aussies and 1 border collie – and they are all princesses as well!

    I would LOVE to win Chelsea's bag!!!ReplyCancel

  • Peg - Happy In Quilting - Your Chelsea is very cute and so talented….I never realized that Chihuahuas did a “yip” and not a “woof” until we inherited our boy Tarj….the first time I heard this funny little noise I was quite taken back….they are funning little characters…but very devoted..ReplyCancel

  • Tozz - I hope I get picked as I would love this adorable bag :) it is fabulous!!How clever you are Chelsea!!ReplyCancel