Feeling much better, thank you

I don’t know how the Europeans do it.  The time change just did me in.  My brain felt “fuzzy” and my words were actually coming out wardsback.  LOL! But today I am SO much better!  I couldn’t wait to get up to my studio this morning!

New fabric 002

I opened up my bundle of fabric from The French General and into my beautiful silverware box it went.  “Rouenneries” is my first Moda love from this market.  In shades of beige, taupe, gray, old red, and red, it’s so French and so elegant!  She even has LINEN in the line!  LINEN!!! Be still my heart!

New fabric 003

And what do you get when you put two green boxes together?

Pictures 152

The unveiling…finally!

New fabric 005

These are the precious little bunnies that Carrie brought to me at market!  Have you ever seen anything like them?  I adore these bunnies Carrie almost as much as I adore you!  Thank you so much!

New Fabric 006

And how about this bundle of “Sweet Abundance” by Camille and Bonnie.  I am LOVING this fabric too!  So many assorted colors to work with!  This is going to be a fun one and I can’t wait!

Pictures 197

Here’s a picture of me and Bonnie in Camille’s and Bonnie’s booth.  Had I known my collar was so bad I would have immediately fixed it.  You know that of course.

And then it happened. I was in my booth and the PERFECT hair cut walked in.  A customer came in and really, I could hardly concentrate on selling her patterns because I loved her hair so much.  She’s from Italy and I want my hair just like hers but I can’t fly to Italy once a month.

Pictures 286

She let me take pictures so I can show my hair stylist.  The next time you see me it will be from a side view.  Think I need to buy new expensive earrings.

More to come!



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  • Happy Cottage Quilter - I have enjoyed reading your blog so much this past week. It sounds like you had a fun and exciting time. And the hairstyle to boot!! I’d love to have my hair cut like that. It looks stylish and easy to care for. Hope you are all rested up. Looking for more pictures.

  • Peddlecar Quilts - You are way too cute for words! Yes, take that pic into your hairsylist and you will be all set!!! I’m so glad you had such a great time at Market. One of these days I will be able to meet you there!! I know you will come up with something great with that fat quarter stack too.ReplyCancel

  • Sherri - I love the French General fabrics and Simple Abundance as well…just can’t wait to see what you make with them! And those bunnies from Carrie are darling! Glad you’re feeling better…sure appreciated all the market posts!ReplyCancel

  • rachel griffith - yayyy to new goodies.
    those little hear, see & speak no evil bunnies are the cutest.

    i won't begin to tell you how jealous i am over that simple abundance bundle.
    *wink wink*ReplyCancel

  • Cyndi Walker - Funny – I have those very same fabrics on my cutting table. Aren’t they just gorgeous? :) Can’t wait to dive in and I’m hurrying to finish all my others so I can get started.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Wow! Those fabrics are so gorgeous! I am gonna have to get me some of those or all of them!;)ReplyCancel

  • misswrite - Oh, The French General fabrics are so beautiful!

    And those little bunnies are darling.

    Are you going to put them in a quilt? :)ReplyCancel

  • Mary on Lake Pulaski - Lovely fabric, cute bunnies and that is a nice hair style.ReplyCancel

  • Carrie ~ - Those are some lovely fabrics, I look forward to seeing them too. Just adorable no seeing, speaking or hearing evil bunnies Anne. They definitely are right at home in your studio.
    Go for the haircut, its and easy keeper, you will love it. Yes to the earrings too….LOL..ReplyCancel

  • Christine Thomas - It’s been fun to read about market in your blogs. Thanks for keeping us updated.

    How much fun was it for me after I got home from shopping to discover that I had bought some Bunny Hill Designs fabric. I feel like I bought fabric from a friend. Miss Emma’s Garden.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - If I had seen those bunnies, I would have immediately thought of you … and we have never met.

    Love, love the fabrics and love the fact that you couldn’t concentrate because you were staring at someones hair. Now there’s a brain that my brain can relate to.

    Thanks again for taking us to Market with you. I got all the perks with no jet lag.ReplyCancel

  • Magnolia Bay Quilts - I love all your new fabrics, and I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts about Quilt Market.

    Those little bunnies are adorable! Whenever my brothers and I got into trouble as children, we would pose this way to make our mom laugh. Then our punishment wasn’t quite as harsh as it probably should have been!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh my goodness Anne, you sound so upbeat and refreshed. Love the haircut as well and love love the bunnies. I have been patiently waiting for a peek at Kaari Meng’s line..her first I think. It is absolutely wonderful, but not in the shops until fall. Okay a bit more patience.Thanks for all of your newsy news..LouiseReplyCancel

  • mascanlon - Gosh the fabrics, the bunnies, the haircut! it looks a lot like the Dorothy Hamill haircut we were all in love with in the 70s…one of my favorite cuts of all time!ReplyCancel

  • gail - Hi Ann,,, I was looking at your shop at the new Quilt and Stitch Marketplace. It is a beautiful website! I am a member of Make Mine Pink and am so excited about the new marketplace. I look forward to getting to know you better.
    Happy Creating,,, gailReplyCancel

  • Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail - Thanks for the photos and updates from the market – would have loved to attend.The French General fabrics are lovely! And the bunnies are sooo cute.ReplyCancel

  • JKW - Glad you are back and upright again. I had the most fun w/o being there. Your pictures were amazing in that you are a detail person (birds on a wire with pink plastic hose) absolutely love the little stuff. . . the stuff most people never see. You are the best. WHOOPS – did you say Linen? Can’t wait for that. Thanks so much for the great writing and pictures. Blessings, JanReplyCancel

  • fiberdoodles - Oh the bunnies are too cute! What a nice treat and the fabrics are lovely. I’m glad you are rested.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  • mimi'sdarlins - Hi, Anne! Glad you’re feeling better. It took me five days to get back to our time zone once when we got home from England! In bed by 7:00, waking at 3:00AM and putting the coffee on :-) Then my husband would smell it and join me!
    The French General fabs are FAB! And the bunnies, to die for! Love that haircut too…..but you know, now you’re probably going to start receiving earrings in the mail…..maybe bunny ones!!ReplyCancel

  • Kernowquilter - Thanks so much for your blogs, it’s easy to imagine being there. I’ve finally done the antennae on the butterfly on this month’s block so can go and plant the pots for the terrace. Don’t like the new fabrics (much!) lol. Unfortunately the Moda rep hasn’t been to my supplier in Cornwall since before Christmas so we’re short of all their new fabrics. Still, may be able to find is somewhere.
    Loved the May block and am looking forward to next month.
    Kernow QReplyCancel

  • Helz - Ohhhh… Yumm… & did you mention in Linen also… Off to look for more French General !!! Thanks So Much for the Market Update lots of fun had there.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - Looking forward to see what you do with your new fabarics!! Good to hear you had a good time at market!! I had a good time looking at the pics!!ReplyCancel

  • jaybird - I saw your FQ bundle of Simple Abundance and was immediately jealous which usually doesn’t look good on me or turn out well… this time it did!!… The quilting fairy Ivonne) brought me back a jelly cake of SA from market!! Now the question is what to do with it….ReplyCancel

  • Lori - The fabric are just lovely, but those bunnies are *too* much!!!ReplyCancel

  • Loraine - Hi Anne,

    It was such a thrill to meet you at market. You are such a doll.
    I’m in love with “French General”. I’m highly anticipating it arriving. It looks so wonderful in your silverware drawer. “Simple Abundance” is great too. Also one of my favorites from market.
    I hope you recover from your “time warp”. I felt the same way all week. The one good thing, is that I was able to get up so early I was getting a lot done before my family woke up!
    Have a great weekend.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - hate the hair cut. You’ll spend more money trying to keep it look like that since hair grows about 1/2″ per month it only will look good for about 2 weeks after each cut. Men hate short hair. I gave the picture to my husband to take to his barber for a good hair cut for a man. Love the bunny stuffReplyCancel

  • Mary's Cottage Quilts - Anne, I have so LOVED reading your blog recently – not that I ever don’t enjoy it but the market blogs kept me very informed and in stitches!
    Thanks for letting me share market with you!
    Now… just got to get my hands on that new french general fabric… I AM DYING!! It looks just divine! Thanks again!
    Can’t wait to see the new haircut either :)

  • LilyHaven - What gorgeous fabrics. I’m so excited! And I love the little green box. It’s lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Camille - Anne, I’m blushing… you are too sweet! Glad we got to chat, you’ll have to keep me posted on all things fabric. ;-) Deal?ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - The PERFECT haircut on a woman is the one she DOESN'T get! lol The wedge cut is an attractive look for SHORT hair, but compared to touchin' the tush hair, c'mon! It doesn't rate, Gals! RonReplyCancel