Never quite what you expect

I’m feeling like the bad mom this morning.   Bitsy Button came home from the vet a bit worse than she went in.  Imagine going to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and finding out you needed 3 teeth pulled, right then and there.

That was Bitsy’s day.   She has sutures in her mouth and two sutures on her side where they took off a little cyst.  It’s been biopsied before and came back negative, and our vet felt it was better to remove it while she was asleep.


So my sweet little dog had a bad night.  I gave her pain medicine but it didn’t seem to help her settle down.  I emailed our vet at 4:30 this morning asking for something a bit stronger for the pain.  I know many of you feel like I do.  I’d rather have the pain than her…

Please say a prayer she has a better day! I’ll keep you posted…



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  • Anonymous - Hi Anne-

    Bitsy Button most certainly deserves a better day today. I’ll agree it is difficult to watch those we love endure pain. Bitsy knows you love her and would do anything to make her life better. She is one lucky dog to be able to spend her golden years with such a compassionate human as yourself. Hang in there!


  • Anonymous - Oh, Little Bitsy Button, I am sure the worst is behnd you now. They did what they needed to do, it is uphill from now on. You need some high class loafing and maybe a new toy,your Mama could wrap you in one of her beautiful quilts and just love the pain away. I always remember little furbabies in my prayers. Be well,sweet one.ReplyCancel

  • Nadine - Awwwwwwwww, it’s so tough when our babies aren’t quite themselves. Hopefully you all will have a better day…and night! Here’s loving you Bitsy!ReplyCancel

  • Annelies Dease - Oh that sweet face says it all….please give Bitsy a hug from one of her biggest fans!!!
    I am off to quilt camp this week with a Bunnyhill pattern to enjoy, and the APatchwork magazine to read and reread. I will keep both you and Bitsy in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, AnnieReplyCancel

  • Dolores - Ohhh, poor Bitsy. Our Baxter’s vet thought that he needed to have two teeth pulled (he was shelter senior with bad breath when we got him.) Turned out he needed 8 pulled and one was badly infected – hence the breath. He is fine now and I’m sure with a little TLC, Bitsy will be back to normal. Soft food and maybe some soft treats and cuddles??ReplyCancel

  • Thimbleanna - Awwww, poor Bitsy. She deserves an extra special treat, don’t you think?ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Poor Bitsy! I hope Chelsea isn’t jealous of the attention Bitsy needs right now. I’m thinking Bitsy needs a line of fabric named after her now.ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - Oh no! Poor Bitsy Button! Here’s hoping she has a much better day.

    And yes, better me than her. That’s the worst.

    Both of you take care!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - Oh, poor baby! The sad part of it is that Bitsy probably doesn’t even know why she hurts. I hope she starts feeling better soon.ReplyCancel

  • LindaSonia - Awww, poor Bitsy. Hope she feels better soon. Give her a cuddle and a scratch from me!


  • Anonymous - Hi Anne, My heart goes out to Bitsy and you. I hope the worst is behind her, that sweet doggie. I know it’s for the best but see your baby in pain is awful. My sweet doggie is 10 years old and I love her dearly, so I can certainly relate to your feelings. Hang in there, tomorrow will be a better day. Big hug for Bitsy and for you Anne from Anita from the Netherlands.ReplyCancel

  • misswrite - Oh, poor little Bitsy!

    My cat had a tumor on his thyroid and had to have radiation treatment and had to spend a week at the vet and then another ten days in isolation. He’s all better now, but it was awful.

    I hope Bitsy is feeling better soon.ReplyCancel

  • - Being that I am a huge animal lover, my heart go’s out to Bitsy
    Baby ~ God Bless her, If I were there I would hold her for you!
    Love your cat also and I always look forward to your blog!ReplyCancel

  • dana - Oh, my heart hurts for Bitsy Button! Our sweet furry friends should NEVER have to feel bad—we hurt right there with them.

    I know she appreciates the love you give to her. dana

    I just posted last night about my trip yesterday to the vet. with my cat! My previous kitty had diabetes and had dental issues. It was a rough time for him when he had to have teeth extracted. :(ReplyCancel

  • lesthook - Oh! She looks so much like my little rat terrior,Punkin!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Hoping Bitsy is feeling better soon. Just give her lots of love!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - Hoping that Bitsy heals quickly, and that you are feeling better too! It’s so hard to do what’s right when it hurts. Will keep you in my prayers.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - Oh, poor sweetie. My Daisy had a rough week, too, this week; thought I was going to lose her. I’ll add Bitsy to my prayers to the doggie God! (Hugs)ReplyCancel

  • Stasia - Oh, poor Bitsy! I will keep her in my prayers.

    Did they just give you anti-inflammatories? As if Rimadyl or Vetprofen can help with that kind of pain… hate it when they do that at the vet! Ask for Tramadol… stronger, non-addictive, more like an opiate and will help her sleep… if it’s ok after anesthesia.

    Good reminder for me to get back to brushing my dogs’ teeth regularly!

    Hugs and smooches to da widdow baby!ReplyCancel

  • Bobbie Lynn - Oh poor baby. So sorry she is not feeling good. Big kiss to her and I will say a prayer for her too. It is so tough when our beloved pets are sick. : (ReplyCancel

  • Teresa - Poor puppy – don’t you wish you could talk doggie language and be able to explain to her why this had to be done.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecka - She is such a special dog. I really hope she is having a better day. I know you are giving her lots of love!ReplyCancel

  • Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens - Poor baby! I hope she is doing better today. What a sweet doggie.ReplyCancel

  • Loris - Poor pup! My mom’s dog has had this trouble. Mom has learned to take her in more often for teeth cleaning since the dog seems to be prone to troubles…now that she has about 4 teeth left anyways. It is hard on everyone when to dogs are in pain. We all hate it and they are just too sweet to suffer.ReplyCancel

  • Miss Jean - Oh, poor sweet little Bitsy! I hope by now she is better. She is the darling-est little dog. Next to Maggie, that is. I love to hear when people take care of their dogs like they should. They are at our mercy after all.

    Give her a big hug and kiss for me.ReplyCancel

  • diana - I know how you feel!
    Out little girl went in to get her teeth cleaned and came home with two less teeth! She was not herself for about two days. I doted on her, carrying her up the steps, bringing the water to her…it’s a wonder she didn’t keep on playing sickie.
    Good luck and lots of love can be healing!ReplyCancel

  • RachelJane - Oh, poor sweetie. I hope she feels better soon! ♥ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne aka sommeke - A hug for Bitsy!ReplyCancel

  • A Sentimental Journey - oh my, hugs to your little muffin from me and my three crazy hounds. . . xoxoxo PatriceReplyCancel

  • dotti white - I hope little Bitsy Button is feeling better. It is so difficult when you know you cannot explain their pain to them! Hope you get some rest, too! Have a good weekend!ReplyCancel

  • sewpam63 - Puppy love, licks & well wishes from our Jingle dog to your Bitsy Button! Peace & piece to you too, Anne. : )ReplyCancel

  • My Little Family: - Ahhhh, poor baby. Hope she is better today.ReplyCancel

  • julia - Oh Anne,
    it really hurts me to read that your sweet Bitsy is in pain. Poor little dog.
    I hope everything gets better soon ~ Lilly sends a compassionate 'woof' & also has all her paws crossed that Bitsy gets back to her old self again.
    Big hugs,

  • Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail - Poor Bitsy – hope she feels better today. I hate it when my furry friends aren’t well. Cuddles and healing thoughts from Anne-LiseReplyCancel

  • Bronwyn - Hugs for Bitsy.My Sid sends his best wishes. He is off to the vets on Monday for his annual shots. I made the mistake of telling him Bitsy’s story. Not looking forward to the visit.GGGRRR.ReplyCancel

  • Taiya - Oh! Poor girl! That is why I don’t like dental work, either. You never know what to expect. I hope she gets better quickly!ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - So sorry to hear about Bitsy….saying a little prayer right now and hoping she’ll be mended soon :-)ReplyCancel

  • Tami in Tucson - Anne, I know exactly how u feel – ive had alot of tests and procedures this week – but today – the first day i could do something for me!… Im staying home becasue my new boxer baby (1 yr old , from the humane society), has a very upset stomach that u can hear from across the room, and my old boxer boy (big brother)is being cranky and going in his crate and staying tehre for no reson. I just couldnt bare to leave them!!! sometimes our babies just need mama!!!! im sure u will make bitsy feel beeter soon!


  • Library Gal Quilts - Dear Anne, Teddy had his teeth cleaned last year and it took a couple days…then he was drooling like a swamp thing and I found out that sometimes they do this after the tube thingy is down their throat for the surgery…they are just trying to make the sore throat go away…so if that happens, no worries…love to Bitsy and her “mama” :) Pam in ChicoReplyCancel

  • Pam - having a sad/hurting dog is the worst…we gave our bigger dogs with hip issues. yucca powder.. now with the little ones I give Yucca drops.. great for allergies and joint issues…. Lola has lots of sympathy for chelsea.. and she LOVES her carrots…… she must eat 10 at day some days… she even has my other dogs eating them now.. the minute the crisper drawer rattles she is there, doing a happy dance.. :0)ReplyCancel