Forgot to tell you!

I keep forgetting to tell you that I found the greatest thing for spray starch appliqué lovers.  Best Press!  I don’t think I’ll be appliquéing without it.  Why?  Because I hardly EVER have to clean my iron!  I can prep an entire quilt and only clean my iron once.

Best Press

In the life of a spray “starcher” this is a huge thing! No more scorching, starch build-up, flakes, well you get the picture.  I’d carry it on my web site, but the shipping would cost as much as the bottle.  So go to your local quilt shop and tell them you want to try it!

Go ahead, call me lazy.  Call me willing to pay more so I don’t have to clean.  I’ll admit my pet peeve about starch appliqué is cleaning the craft iron.

I’m not the only one at Bunny Hill who is a bit lazy.  I had to clean around our Mooch cat she was so INTO her nap.  Pleassseeee can someone make this cat a sleeping mask?

Miss Mooch

Photo frame courtesy of a Jessica Sprague class!

Oh and one more thing before I forget.  I’m tracking the UPS truck.  It left Jacksonville, Florida on the 18th carrying several cartons of Chelsea Manor fabric.  It should arrive here on Wednesday.  That means a give away is coming very soon!

Have a great day!


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  • NMSue - I buy the BIG jugs of the Best Press. Use it on everything I iron. Its fabulous.ReplyCancel

  • Pat - I love Best Press too!ReplyCancel

  • Dandelion Quilts - Best Press is the best!ReplyCancel

  • sue t - Best Press is with out a doubt the nectar of the quilting gods! My favorite is the Caribbean Beach scent, vacation in a bottle.ReplyCancel

  • Linda - I just bought a bottle on my outing on Saturday. Funny thing every quilt store (5) carried it, but everyones price differed. My friend laughted at me because the first shop we went to I bought it and after that she found it to be cheaper at the other stores. go figure. I can’t wait to try it. LindaReplyCancel

  • Patchwork Penguin - I’ve never used it. For applique, are you applying it to pieces that you will needleturn? I am not a needleturner…. I usually do freezer paper. Will it work with that method?

    Also, I love the kitty……. he/she reminds me of my Smokey Cat.



  • Jackie - Haven’t tried Best Press. Maybe I will give it a go… My cat does the same thing and also love sleeping on his back. Very funny! Yay… fabric and a giveaway. Looking forward to that.ReplyCancel

  • QUILTILNLG IS BLISSFUL, DI - I love the Best Press too and you can get it by the gallon and it is much cheaper. If you have that hard crease that is down the middle of your fabric, best press irons it right away–and it’s great on wrinkly muslin–sooo–keep on pressing!!! Oh and I love the picture of the cat–aren’t they great?? Miss my baby alot!!
    Have a fun day–Hugs, DiReplyCancel

  • Mary L. - I also discovered Best Press a couple of years ago and use it for everything, in place of starch or sizing. So much better than either! But I went through a lot and it is not inexpensive. Then I discovered something just as good for half the price. Dryel makes a Spray Starch Alternative that comes in 27 oz. spray bottles for about $3. I’ve found mine at Wal-mart but according to their info online it is also sold at Walgreens and other places. It doesn’t have the lavendar scent..but otherwise I can’t tell any difference between the two products. I wouldn’t be without it.ReplyCancel

  • Debi - I Love the Lavender Best Press!! Never tried it on applique though, will do that tomorrow on a project I’m working on.ReplyCancel

  • Dawn - Best Press is the best!! I love all the scents too!ReplyCancel

  • Gran - I am going to go some tomorrow – thanks for the tip!ReplyCancel

  • Teresa - Best Press is great, but sometimes the scent gives me a headache if I use it too much. I am like Mary L – I use the Dryel product that you can get at Walmart for a whole lot less.ReplyCancel

  • W. Latane Barton - I just discovered Best Press. It’s is just the best.ReplyCancel

  • mimi'sdarlins - I found Best Press a couple years ago at a quilt shop, and then I started asking other quilt shops to carry it, and now everyone sells it! It is the best! I prefer citrus scent, and it also comes unscented. To Patchwork Penguin: It’s great for pressing edges over freezer paper for applique! I press two layers of freezer paper together, holds up better than one.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - I have been using this stuff for about a year (enough to purchase “the big jug”.) But I only recently learned that I can starch an applique backing into submission … as opposed to using stabilizer. Wow, the world is full of all sorts of wonderful information.ReplyCancel

  • susan - i love best press too, and agree about the carribean breeze scent being the best. i work in a quilt shop and unfortunately is so expensive to ship that we wont be carrying it anymore. i will be trying dryel when my supply runs out. thanks for the tipReplyCancel

  • trelly - I have Chelsea Manor on red… beautiful!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Melody - Best Press is the best! I’m going to buy the gallon next time.ReplyCancel

  • Liberata - I really like these, and all your fabrics. I have purchased several of your patterns from Homespun Hearth online. Actually, I had cataract surgery yesterday and all your postings and fabrics are much brighter. What a pleasant surprise!ReplyCancel