It’s Basket and Embroidery Day!

A Tisket, A Tasket it’s time for our next basket! I’ve been crazed with how to get everything to post at the same time; newsletter, blog, web site and flickr group.

I finally came to this conclusion. Forget it! I don’t have a Moncia, Happy Zombie super talented computer person in my pocket, so I give up. Chelsea’s the only one here right now. She has her jammies on and wants to go to bed. Tee Hee! So I set this post to magically appear at midnight PST and if you’re reading this now, it worked! Author has added this comment: Chelsea forgot to hit publish so you’ll be reading this at 6:30Am PST.

We’ve been busy at Bunny Hill! My line of Chelsa Manor fabric has made me into a wild designer! I’ve decided to introduce my mystery quilt in redwork too! Here’s the sample of block number one. You’ll find the directions here!

And finally my next basket block! The basket treats for February are two little birds and Valentine hearts! “Tweet” song of February! You’ll find the pattern here!

Here’s the redwork version…

You’ll find the embroidery directions in the same file as the applique version. Just one file to download!

To see a wool version of block two, go to Cottons n’ Wool. We both set our blogs to post at midnight (I hope).

So ready, set, go! February is a short month!


Oh, and please be patient with our web site. We’re working on solving any problems. Keep trying because I have a feeling it has to do with traffic on the free pattern page. ( :

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  • Anonymous - I just love Block Two! I couldn’t wait this morning to find out what it was. Thanks so much for the beautiful patterns. Your ‘bunnies prefer embroidery’ is stunning! – – – Donna in cold MSReplyCancel

  • trelly - Made it Anne! thankssssssReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I have been up since 6 ET waiting for the new block. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS was it ever worth the wait!!! How BEEEEEEA-U-TI-FUL!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Deb - I love the February block! And I appreciate all your hard work behind the scenes. No one knows until they’ve experienced it! Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Gerda Hartman - Thanks so much for the wonderful new block. All is much appreciated!ReplyCancel

  • Jen in NY - Oh Boy, this one may be even cuter than January!! I can’t wait to get started…thanks so much, Anne!!ReplyCancel

  • Handmade by Mai - It looks great, thank you. At first I had some problems downloading it. I was impatient and excited.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - I can’t wait to get started. I’ve ordered the same background fabric as you are using and I have the Aviary fabrics as well. I’ll admit, I started checking for February’s on Monday….and even several times last night…hoping to get a head start! You’ve really created a great thing here, and please know it is appreciated!

  • Annelies Dease - Patient….I am trying BUT it is sooo hard!!! Until the server is working, I have the block enlarged on my computer and just look at it and smile. How much do we love you for doing this for all of us….THIS MUCH!!!!! XX AnneliesReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Anne, thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent! These blocks are simply charming, and have reignited my passion for applique. <3 NikkiReplyCancel

  • Amy - Anne,
    I LUV block #2,you are so sweet to do this for us.I have something to look forward to each month.You have such a wonderful talent to design…….Gota go start stitchin, AmyReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - I was scrolling as a drum roll played in my head. Honestly, I think my heart rate was that as if I was jogging (or what I imagine jogging is like!). And then KA-POW the drummer in my head went when I saw the next block. I think I need some oxygen… some medical attention… my heart skipped a beat that block is so cute!!!! I can’t wait to get started! In fact, I have my Bunny Hill BOM box sitting on my worktable waiting for me to jump in. Now of course I want to make a redwork version as well. No doubt Anne B is going to tempt me too!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Just when I think they can’t get any cuter! Apparently Anne has a Chelsea who didn’t hit publish either…no wool version yet. I’ll check back.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Thank you, Ann. I love the new block. The redwork versions are beautiful, too.ReplyCancel

  • Satu - Block two is amazing… I just LOOOOVE those birdies!!! I’ll have a weekend full of enjoyment!! Thanks Anne, You are a real treasure;)))ReplyCancel

  • rachel griffith - oh oh oh
    it’s EVEN better than the first one…
    and i thought that was gonna be impossible.

  • Karla - Wonderfully beautiful!! You are so gifted and talented. I was so excited to see Block 2, now to get busy stitching. The colors and everything about the block is perfect. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Thank you for the beautiful block no 2. I also appreciate the stitchery. Don’t know where you get the time to to all the wonderful things. Anneke from sunny South AfricaReplyCancel

  • madrekarin - Oh, it is just beautiful!! I love those little birds. :) How sweet are you to include a redwork version? That’s it, now I will have to do both. This is going to be an absolutely gorgeous quilt when it is finished. Thank you, from the bottom, middle and top of my heart.ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne aka sommeke - Hi Anne, thank you! This is another beautifull block.
    And thanks to Chelsea too!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Didn’t think it was possible, but block 2 is even CUTER than block 1! I’m terrified by the idea, but I just may have to teach my clumsy fingers how to do basic embrodiery! I’m having a lot of fun following this BOM thing and looking at the posts of completed blocks on Flicker.


  • Margot - Anne, thanks so much for the wonderful new block… very pretty!


  • Jette - Thank you from

  • Anonymous - How beautiful! Wish I had more time – anyone with spare hours I could put them to good use!
    Chris xReplyCancel

  • Béa - Fantastic, even better than block one, is it possible ?
    many thanks
    Béatrice, FranceReplyCancel

  • kkholland - These blocks are just fabulous! Now I have to make a redwork set!
    Thanks, Anne!

  • Like Minds - Wow, these are just so fantastic! Thank you, thank you for sharing. Love the Redwork versions also. DebReplyCancel

  • Sharon - Oh, Anne, the new pattern is beautiful! And I’m so glad you’re going to do them in redwork also. Now I can do them both ways for 2 different quilts. Thanks for such a wonderful BOM.ReplyCancel

  • Gran - Thank you – I have been doing block one in redwork and I am delighted to see you are too.

    I tell everyone about what you are doing, and am so excited about what you are doing for us.

    It is my birthday today and I am choosing to believe that you are doing this just for me. :0) I know, I know, but it is fun to enjoy the gift of the second block coming out today with my little spin on it.ReplyCancel

  • mymarkdesigns - Thank you! I love the bird block :)ReplyCancel

  • Sipiweske Quilts - Thank you Anne! These are so adorable and I can’t wait to get started on block two. Also appreciated your tutorial on machine applique – wonderful information to have. – MarleneReplyCancel

  • Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie - Hi Anne, the blocks you have designed are gorgeous. Can’t wait to make the whole quilt…
    Keep Stitchen’

  • Bronwyn - Thanks Anne, Another wonderful block.Can’t wait to get started.ReplyCancel

  • cq4fun - My plans are in wool, too. I just got the background wool in a wonderful oatmeal color and will start the first one this coming week. Yay!ReplyCancel

  • Dandelion Quilts - Beautiful! Thanks so much, your patterns are always so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • Christine - Another gorgeous block. Waiting on my background fabric to arrive so I can get started. Thank you for this BOM.

  • Chocolate Cat - Oh I love this block. I liked the first one but this one is very special. Thank you.ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - I absolutely adore these blocks!! I’m definitely going to do them in redwork — have the thread and think I have the perfect background fabric picked out.
    Thank you SO much for a great pattern!!ReplyCancel

  • pdudgeon - oh goodie! now we get to do redwork too!
    you’ve made me a very happy stitcher.thank you!!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - The 2blocs of the BOM. J’adore Merci beaucoup. Friendship SwitzerlandReplyCancel

  • barb's creations - Love,love,love the second block.Already half finished. it,can’t put it down.
    I’ve posted a picture of the first block on my blog if you want to have a squiz.BarbReplyCancel

  • Shelley - Anne, you are so wonderful for giving us this BOM.I loved the first block, the second made me cry, with pleasure! Thank you so, so much for these blocks, they bring me such happiness! Shelley in cold, cold NB, CanadaReplyCancel

  • Jovita - Dear Anne, I love this BOM – thank you so much. I’ve shared it with many friends, blogged about it and send a link out in my newsletter to my customers. I wouldn’t stress too much about getting everything to appear simultaneously. We’ll keep checking – as many of us did, before your email. I think you got so many hits, that your website was slowing down. No worries though, we all love it so much we’d wait ages I’m sure. Happy Stitching, JovitaReplyCancel

  • jeanie - Thank you for being so generous and giving us these adorable blocks every month! It is too fun:)ReplyCancel

  • Cristina - Questo blocco è grandioso!!!!!!Stupendo grazie…..

  • DaisyGirl - OMGosh! It’s perfect! I can’t wait to make that block!
    Thanks for such a sweet BOM!

  • rozhearts - Hi Anne,
    WOW like everyone else I too am thrilled with the next block oh so cute. I have to go and Mum sit for a week (my dear old Mum is having surgery on Tuesday) so I will be able to enjoy some stitching time.
    Thank you soooo much.

    (((HUGS))) Roz.ReplyCancel

  • Red Geranium Cottage - Thanks Anne. I love it. Mine came thru this time. They are just adorable!!ReplyCancel

  • Peddlecar Quilts - Oh Anne, you amaze me every time. These blocks are so beautiful and I just love the fabric. But you didn’t stop there—a redwork version too???!!!!
    Thankyou so much!!!ReplyCancel

  • Janelle - Hi Anne
    I thought I should get on a move on with the first block after I saw your even more gorgeous second block! So I finished the first block today – my first effort at non-fusible applique! A photo of it is on my blog if you want to have a look! Thanks so much for the free patterns, you are very talented.ReplyCancel

  • Debbie - t a perfect quilt for me, I can combine two passions into one. I weave baskets, and this will be the perfect backdrop for my booth at the shows I go to!!! I am so excited and glad I found this! I fill now be a loyal follower of yours!ReplyCancel

  • Viviana - I am eager to show you my February block! (It’s the number two which I’ve done). I’ve recently opened my blog and it began with this block. I Love doing it, and I want to do something else because it’s a great way toy work with fabrics!! And thanks you for the job that you did this month! The blocks you have designed are wonderful!! I’ll be waiting the next blocks! Viviana.ReplyCancel