Creating a Quilt

I’m so excited because I’m waiting for this man in the brown truck…

…to deliver a package from New York. It looks just like this and I’ve been tracking it for several days. It arrives here on Wednesday as long as it doesn’t snow in Arizona!

I’ll give you a little hint as to what’s inside the box…it’s red, cream and brown, it has some bunnies on it and it means I’ll be able to sew up a storm! It’s the advance yardage of my “Chelsea Manor” fabric from Henry Glass Fabrics! Finally I’ll be able to finish up my next pattern called “Rabbits Prefer Embroidery!

As I wait for my fabric to arrive, I’ve put together a little presentation to show you how this all began…how “Rabbits Prefer Embroidery” and Chelsea Manor got their start…

Here’s what to do; turn up your sound (it has music), set your computer to full screen for best viewing, and click on play. I’ve made a little slide show for you! When it finishes playing just hit the escape tab on your keyboard and you can “x” out. You’ll see the quilt I’ll be sewing together this week! A new pattern coming very soon from Bunny Hill Designs!

Click to play Creating a Quilt

You can make a smile box creation too! Just click on this link to get started!

Hugs all!



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  • Tracy - Thank you Anne for that sweet video. It made for a nice start to my day!ReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - Ohhh coool!ReplyCancel

  • CJ - That was well done Anne! I enjoyed it!

    PS… around here, we call the UPS man Santa Claus!ReplyCancel

  • Michele - T can’t wait for this new pattern, I am new at hand sewing but I love it. Thanks so much for the block of the month, it is sooo cute. Everything you do is awesome.


  • Life At Camellia Cottage - How beautiful! I just love the red and cream, and the sweet bunnies just make you smile! Lovely!ReplyCancel

  • carolann - I really enjoyed the slide show and the fabrics are scrumptious! Your blog is wonderful.

    P.S. Any chance of your doggies making an appearance in your blog?ReplyCancel

  • Melody - Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Well done.ReplyCancel

  • Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens - I can’t wait until it all comes out! :o)ReplyCancel

  • Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens - Anne,
    I love your new fabric line, Red and Brown, double the fun. I think I must have some of both colors. You are so clever making your video, how cool. Happy sewing with your new line.ReplyCancel

  • Candace - Anne – you are so creative! I’m hooked on this pattern and your fabric already! A show worthy of a Golden Globe award for Quilters!

  • Julz - Thank you for sharing that video with us – that was so cool. Great start to a new day. Hugs JxReplyCancel

  • studio10 - Hi Anne….just loved the video. Made me feel that my hand stitching is so worthwhile. Sometimes I think I am the only one in the world doing it the “slow way”. Thankyou for your motivating blog.
    Hugs from Judith in AustraliaReplyCancel

  • Sipiweske Quilts - Thank you Anne! Your Smilebox was like a breath of warm Spring air . . . love the bunnies. Your BOM is wonderful and I’m looking forward to the block that has the bunny in it – as I’m sure there will be one! – MarleneReplyCancel

  • Pat - You make it look so easy! I am sure that it isn’t. Can’t wait for the pattern and the fabric. Another great job.ReplyCancel

  • Marie - Beautiful andspecial can’t wait to see it in the store , thanks Anne. Hugs, MarieReplyCancel

  • Susan - You had me with the red and white but the brown is fantastic too. Don’t you just love SmileBox, I use it often.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - Fab-bo on the video.

    Double fab on the fabric.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - That was terrific. I love the show and I love the embroidery. Looking forward to the pattern.ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - Oooh, I can’t wait for that pattern!! I’ve just really gotten back into stitchery and that looks like an absolute joy!! Loved the little video. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • EJ180 - Oh, I’ve got to have this pattern when you finish and the fabric to go along with it…….ReplyCancel

  • Teresa - Enjoyed the video…can’t wait to see the fabrics and quilt.ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Awesome! I love that fabric and the embroidery designs too. I’m pretty sure since I live in Arizona that there will be no snow.ReplyCancel

  • Sherri - I loved the Smilebox video!!! And thanks again for the block-of-the month pattern!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Love love love the new quilt pattern you have designed. You are so creative. What do you sprinkle on your carrots..? Looks like my bunny guest room is going to get a new quilt or two this year! LouiseReplyCancel

  • Vicky - Oh, my goodness, I.WANT.THAT!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us, Anne!ReplyCancel

  • Carin - Thank you for sharing the video !ReplyCancel

  • madrekarin - Oh, wow. Beautiful. You cannot beat classic red and white with cute designs. Unless, of course, it’s brown and white!!ReplyCancel

  • Sheri Howard - That was so darling! I loved the music with it, thanks for sharing with us! I too love hand work, it is the first sewing I ever did as a child!ReplyCancel

  • RachelJane - Oh, Anne. It’s just beautiful. I love it in brown and cream, too, but red is my favourite! You must be so excited to get the fabric.

    Your studio is gorgeous. I wish mine were as big and tidy as yours. Somedays I feel like the walls are closing in!ReplyCancel

  • Christine Thomas - Thanks for the little lift tonight. I LOVE embroidery so this will be something to really get into.ReplyCancel

  • the Material Girls Quilts - Anne,
    I ordered the fabric for the shop, but is the pattern available now! I would love to do it as one of our BOM. Could you let me know!
    PS. I need to start as soon as possible I am just a little slow.ReplyCancel

  • Auntie Pami - Is it here yet? That is so cute! I'm ready for a red & white quilt. brown would be good too! The bunnies, they are so adorable!raReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh I am just so excited for this fabric! We call the UPS man the “Present Truck”! Have a cheery day Anne! Pam in ChicoReplyCancel

  • Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. - Loved the video! I want that box.

  • Michelle - Thank You so much for giving us a glimpse into your creative process! I can’t wait for your fabric line, my mom is a HUGE bunny fan and she will just love this!ReplyCancel

  • Margot - Thank you for sharing the video !

  • lovetostitch - That was a great video and loved the peek of your studio!! Show us more!! Great fabric line!!ReplyCancel

  • Helz - Smilebox has intrigued me for some time now Anne but after seeing your lovely version I realise I need to know more !!! Thank You So much for sharing & I'm totally torn between the Red & White Bunnies versus Brown & White Bunnies…Lol a wonderful dilemma to be in…ReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - I’m going to gobble up all your red! I’m always looking for great reds… and your reds are wonderful! All the fabrics are great… I love your new line, Anne!

    What a sweet little video!ReplyCancel

  • Sallie Gayle - I love this fabric and the new block of the month. I just finished 2 blocks, I decided to make 2 in hopes of doing one for my daughter. I am new to blogging but have been following yours. You can see my two tomorrow on my blog. I have to wait for better lighting to take a picture
    Hugs and thanks for the pattern!

  • brigette - video was wonderful.
    i love your block of the month. and your “rabbits” quilt is SO cute, I can’t wait until the pattern is out.
    :applauds you ferventlyReplyCancel