Winter Wishes!

Winter Wishes everyone! It’s December 1st can you believe it? Doesn’t it seem like Christmas was just here? I did a little decorating in the studio this weekend, but that’s it. I still have an entire house to go. (:

This will be Mooch’s first Christmas with us. Maybe her first Christmas in a home, ever! I found this picture from July, when we first rescued ” Mooch”. She was so, so skinny and every bit of food we gave her she gobbled up.
And now after just 5 months, she’s gained a good 4 lbs. and looks like a different cat! EVERYONE comments on how big she is. It’s really rather embarrassing! But one thing is for sure. She is a very loved cat.

I think this last picture describes her the best…
Isn’t it nice to be loved? She’ll have a few presents under the tree too! Have a great December 1st. Hope your decorating is going faster than mine!
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  • Sew Create It - Jane - Misty is beautiful…and looks just like a cat we had when I was growing up…she was called Smokey, though my mother wanted to call her Misty! Glad to hear she is thriving.ReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - Oh gosh . . . I haven't been out to the garage to even look for the decoration boxes. . . (I do know though -that they are way up high. . . !) I'd best get to it!
    Misty looks beautiful . . . (& well loved indeed!)
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • Jackie - We did our decorating this weekend. I just have to do my window boxes outside and then I am done. I love your little decorations. Misty is such a lucky cat to have a home with you. She is a beauty!ReplyCancel

  • pwl - Misty looks lovely – and she deserves to be well loved! And I don’t think she looks too big. My Jasper was 23 pounds at one point -but he was big boned ;-)ReplyCancel

  • Renee - i love good and plenty. yummie. that kitty cat sure looks sweet. i am always so glad to hear a story of rescue when it comes to cats and dogs. both of our cats were rescue type acquisitions. lol. gotta love them i guess. lol. glad to hear you had a great holiday. take care.ReplyCancel

  • Carrie P. - What sweet little decorations. Misty is a beautiful cat.ReplyCancel

  • happy zombie - The Winter Wishes and the snowmen and domes are sooooooooooo beautiful. And this is just the start? Oh Anne… I can’t WAIT to see the rest of your decorations when you start on the house.ReplyCancel

  • KSedlak - Anne,
    Winter wishes to you too. Although I must say it doesn’t feel like winter here in the Northwest. We are having a very mild season of sun and rain.
    I love your little decorations. I have a soft spot for snowmen and angels.
    Your little Misty is beautiful and looks like she is well take care of.
    It feels good knowing she found such a warm and loving home.
    Take care and have a wonderful week.
    Bunny Hugs,

  • CJ - We have done a LITTLE decorating. We will cut the tree down and then put it up and decorate it when my daughter gets home from college.ReplyCancel

  • barbara - I just want to know one thing….what time should I arrive for Thanksgiving dinner next year? Eveything you do is top drawer!ReplyCancel

  • Abbybeth - Misty is a gorgeous cat – what a difference some good food, a warm home and lots of love can make! Can’t wait to hear all about her first Christmas!

    (love the studio decorations as well – especially those tiny bottle brush trees under glass!)ReplyCancel

  • Lynda - she looks just like our Sarah who is one year old we got from a Shelter, we were told she is part Russian Blue, your’s and mine could be twins.Sarah is quite the little talker,,,