Tired of Leftovers & Can we please pick a winner?

Tired of Thanksgiving leftovers? Not Chelsea and Bitsy! These girls are just getting started. They had their own roasted chicken with rosemary and sage for Thanksgiving dinner! They are not particularly fond of turkey so a chicken went on the menu. They’ve had chicken sandwiches for the past two days and today Chelsea was suggesting chicken soup. It’s out of control around here. Completely out of control.

So, did you think I forgot about choosing a winner for the trim? Of course I didn’t, it’s just that so many little things came up today and they amounted to a big chunk of my time. Like what you ask? Well, my husband was getting the Christmas decorations out of the garage, and he went to move his 32 Ford out of the way, and heaven forbid he should come into the house to get the keys, so it rolled into my new Saturn parked on the street. ROLLED I kid you not! The Saturn has a dent, the ford has a dent and I’m about to give my husband a dent to match. I can’t make it too big because he does the shipping. And then who would make that soup for Chelsea? I want to hear him explain all this to the insurance company.

Here’s the package of trims I promised……and I’ll announce the winners right now! Opps, did I say winners? Well the truth is there were SO many wonderful comments I couldn’t just leave it at one winner.

The first winner is Rachel Rabbit! This is one talented rabbit (I mean lady) that will put the trims to good use for sure! She’s just announced she’s going to have a baby! A baby! Check out her blog to see how “cute” her announcement is. Not that I’m partial to rabbits or anything like that. I adore her blog. And she can use the trims for all those baby things.

I always have a soft spot in my heart for the first person to leave a comment, because you know they usually don’t get chosen in these giveaways…so the second winner is Louise who left the first post. Louise not only left the first post, she participated in the magazine giveaway for “our” Julia in Germany. Everyone had so much fun in that giveaway! Louise thank you for being you!

And I’ll leave you with pictures of Thanksgiving at our house. It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and actually the whole weekend has been good…even with the car thing!

These crystals were my husband’s grandmothers. They now hang on the chandelier above our dining room table. Not only are they beautiful, but I feel as if we are continuing on a tradition.

Our centerpiece was pumpkins and squash in a black wood bowl. Then I noticed that bitty bird just had to join in!

The squash soup was delicious. I’ll share Brigette’s recipe soon. Not a spoon left, and what a treat the warm soup was!

The table was set, and the tablecloth was brown gingham check fabric from Bunny Hill. If I had the time there would have been brown check napkins too!

I’m in love with Turkeys, glass ones that is! I collect them and they go on display at Thanksgiving.

I forgot to serve the cranberry relish. There was so much food no one noticed!

Just before Thanksgiving my grand-daughters came over and we made this dessert tablecloth. We took a big sheet of pink craft paper and cut it to fit the table. Michaela wrote the words (I mean word) “Thanksgiving” in the biggest letters she could and then we all colored them in.

And dessert? The Caramelized Walnut Tart was as good as it looks, and the pumpkin pie was the best I’ve ever had.

Congratulations to our two winners! Just email me your address and you will have trims! Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!

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  • Jilly in Idaho - Congratulations to the winners! It was a fun give away idea and I loved reading everyone’s comments. Sure I would have liked to have won but I can still go to your site and buy what reminds me of the things my mom made us.

    Your Thanksgiving looked so pretty and the foods, well, divine. I adore your glass turkeys but if I started collecting one more thing I’m afraid my hubby would come unhinged.

    Sorry about your car situation but I’m sure they’ll get fixed and in a couple of years you can laugh about it (not funny right now). It’ll become one of your familiy’s stories – ‘Remember the year dad dinged up two cars at once and wasn’t even driving’.

    Hugs, JillyReplyCancel

  • deb - Funny.. we forgot to serve the cranberry sauce too…………….I love your turkey collection!ReplyCancel

  • KSedlak - First, I would like to Congratulate the ladies for winner the ribbon, specially my dear friend Louise. We shop at the same quilt store and belong to Jo Morton’s Little Womens Club.
    Anne, I would also like to say how much I enjoy your blog. You have such a wonderful sense of humor. I’m so glad your Thanksgiving dinner turned out so well. The food looks so yummy.
    Have a great Sunday and I look forward to your next post.
    Bunny Hugs,

  • Stephanie - Congratulations to the winners. Gorgeous crystals. Your car story is funny but I’m sure it was not at the time. My leftovers are gone. Now I’ll have to start cooking again. I’d rather sew!ReplyCancel

  • My LIttle Family: - As a child, we had an old turkey cookie jar. It wasn’t particuarily attractive but it was one of the few constants in my life. VickieReplyCancel

  • Adrienne - Congratulations to the winners. I love your tablecloth idea. I think we will do something like that next year if we all meet here. If you get a minute please stop by and read my reflections of Thanksgiving Day and you will understand my quest for a new tablecloth. ~Adrienne~ReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - I did the same thing! For the second year in a row . . . I found the cranberry dish in the refrigerator while cleaning up. . . after the meal was over!
    It sounds like you had a great weekend. . . (until the little car thingy. . . !) oops! (& I agree. . . this will be one of those things that you will smile about. . . (& get to hold over his head!) . . . in the years to come!)
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh my gosh….I am so very excited because I rarely win anything. I am shaking as I type this. As my grand daughter says I am such a “tweaker” Her pet name for me. I am so looking forward to receiving your lovely trims. Posting comments on your blog is always fun. Regarding turkey dinner I usually have to make up my menu pretty much as you do and then count the various dishes I have put on the table to make sure I didn’t miss any. One year my dear Mom had a houseful and one well meaning guest put away a very vintage casserole dish that later we could only surmise held cranberry sauce. This was not discovered until probably the following year ..dish now permanently stained..Thank you again Anne.ReplyCancel

  • Jean - Since we only had “a few” people for dinner this year (only 41!) we had it at my neice’s house! My BIL is getting older and well 60 some is getting to be too much for him to cook for! Such a sweetie! He told us that if and when all the kids and their kids move out of town… he will start to have us all again! LoL… we have been known to have as many as 65 before! And that’s just part of my DH’s family!
    Your table/food looks lovely! The most important thing is that you were able to enjoy each others company and remember your blessings!
    So generous of you to have a give a way this time of year! Many blessings to you!
    Hope your Holidays are Wonderful… Just like you!ReplyCancel

  • Candace - Congratulations to your winners, Anne! What lucky gals they are! And thank you for the very lovely pictures of your Thanksgiving – they’re beautiful! Cheers!ReplyCancel