Market Days Continued…

Before I go any further I want you all to say after me: “It’s OK Anne, that your new patterns aren’t ready yet. We forgive you and next time we’ll all come over to help you get everything done. We promise”. Thanks everyone! I could use your help and I’m so sorry to be so late. (:

So now, while I should be working on those patterns (yes, they are coming soon) I’m blogging away…but I just can’t wait to show you how exciting Quilt Market was!

Finally, a photo not in my booth! Lynette Anderson was right down from me, because she has TWO new lines of fabric for Henry Glass. Just wait until you see them! I’ve already begged for some fat quarters…I adore all her designs. Anything she does, and I do mean anything I would make for myself (if I had time)!

The beautiful Holly from Lakehouse came by with her little doggies. Of course I had to have a picture. Holding a little dog felt so good. And they were about the size of Chelsea and Bitsy!

Mary from Mary’s Cottage Quilts. I made her take a picture with me just so I could see that smile of hers. She’s as sweet and beautiful as she looks! Now if you don’t go to ANY other blog from here you HAVE to go to hers. You will absolutely crack up! I promise! You HAVE to leave a comment! You just HAVE to!

The gorgeous scarecrow lady at the Alexander Henry Booth. She was a stunner! I’d have loved to be in the planning for her. Can you just imagine someone saying, let’s create a beautiful scarecrow? Who’s the genius that thought that one up?

A full shot of the Alexander Henry booth…

Froggie went to market dressed in his new cherry fabric…Oh Cherry Oh! Can you guess who he belongs to? Just look below and you’ll see…

Three of my favorite Moda girls, Me and My Sister and Mom. They were obviously raised like this because Mom is just as fun as they are. Oh if I only lived closer to Arizona. I would buy the house right next to them just so I could always be around them! Barb and Mary I adore you (and mom too)! They make Mom work. I saw her on the way to sample spree pushing an big shopping cart filled with frogs! Who else but mom would do that for them?
I found this ribbon company quite by accident on my way back from lunch. I couldn’t tear myself away. I went a bit nuts saying things like, “I’ll have one of those, and one of those, oh and one of those too”. The lady was writing faster than my credit card could imprint. They were reasonably priced and ADORABLE! I’ll have them on my web site within a few years (just kidding…soon I promise!).

Emirates the International airline of the United Arab Kingdom, had crew staying at the Hilton in Houston. These beautiful women with rows of matching suitcases, were all over the hotel lobby. The red and beige outfits tell the story of the new colors coming in fabric design! LOL! I wonder if they knew before we did!

If you think I’ve finished with market photos you would be wrong…one more post to come! And guess who you’ll be seeing? Her name is Emma, she has the most beautiful Auburn hair and I had dinner with her! Can’t wait to show you!

Back to work on those patterns….

Happy November 1st and hugs all around!

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  • Catherine - I cannot even begin to imagine what Houston is like! Thank you for sharing the pictures.
    Do I see a kitty and mouse quilt in the background of a couple of the photos of your booth?? It looks fabulous! Love the fabrics, love the subject matter. The minute I noticed it I started grinning! LOLReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Thank you for all of the postings from Houston. Any info on the ribbon company? I could get in some real trouble in their booth.

  • Sherri - Thanks so much for sharing your photos from market…I just have really enjoyed them. And your booth is absolutely lovely, by the way…I’ve seen it on so many blogs! Can’t wait for the new patterns!ReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - Love your photos Anne. We never did get into the May Arts booth, but we’ve seen them at Gift Mart. Holy cow the stuff you can get crazy over!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens - Anne,
    I just love your market updates, you are so much fun….I would help you if I was your neighbor for sure… wishes with your patterns and thank you for taking the time to share with us peepers…lol….ReplyCancel

  • barbara at quiltsoup - Terrific photos Anne. I think that class you took is paying off!

    Barbara Jones

  • Jackie - Anne, Terrific recap and wonderful pics. I think Barbara is right that photography class is paying off! Can’t wait to see moreReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - I know what you mean . . . about the May Arts (ribbons) booth. I found them the first morning, . . got a catalog & spent the first day – in my booth . . . writing done all the ribbons I "need" (want) to get! . . . but I did come home with a bag-ful of Lynette's wonderful stitchery patterns! I just love everything she does too!!
    (Keep the photos coming. . . you are making up for the ones I didn't get to take!) :-)
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • Swapna - Love your blog, your pictures, your creations… and u meet such lovely people too!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lori's page - Hello, I really enjoyed your last post, and I wondered, do you have the pattern for the cat quilt shown in the background of your photos? I went to the Bunny Tales Design site and could not spot it. It is hard to find the same here in France, so I often order on internet. Thanks, Lori xReplyCancel

  • blop - Good grief, I can sure see why you get distracted and not have time to get the patterns done…your eye is great and I love all your photos.
    The ribbon booth would do me in also…isn’t it amazing how those “little” items can appeal!!
    Looking forward to the next post!ReplyCancel

  • Pam - Hi Anne.
    thanks so much for your updates of Market.. from one that has been in the past… and miss it. just love to see all the fun.
    Loved your pic of Barb and Mary and their mom.. I have had fun with them at past markets and just loved to see them clowning around with mom. :0)ReplyCancel

  • vickibellino - I knew I could count on you for photos that would capture the essence of fall market! Now, get back to the computer and finish those patterns! lol!ReplyCancel