Back from Quilt Market!

A committee of my favorite little furry friends greeted me at the door when I returned from market yesterday. Such excitement you have never seen! I dropped everything in my hands, got down on the floor for licks, barks and purrs all at once! After a rise and shine at 4AM, a few licks felt pretty good (:

We had the best time at market. I swear if I didn’t sell a single pattern I would still have a great time! The excitement builds as we see all the booths come together and all our friends stop by to say hello. Hugs all around! What more can you ask for?

These famous shoes stopped by for a hug!
Pam Kitty Morning herself!

Our first day was a sit and wait day. Seems UPS did their part, but our boxes sat on the loading dock most of the day. We’re not allowed to carry them in ourselves, so we waited and waited. It wasn’t until 4:30PM that they finally arrived and we could finally begin setting up.

    A look down our aisle (1800) on day one of setup. We flew in a day early to get started, so waiting and waiting for boxes was NOT fun.

      …and here’s our booth pretty much all of day one.

      The Bunny Hill booth only had two bunnies in it this year, me and my good friend Anne. All the other bunny helpers were home sick, so we were a bit nervous without their help. But we did it and I have to say we were pretty proud of ourselves (pat ourselves on the back Anne!) Once we got our things, I did what any smart woman would do…I hired two men (yes you can do that!) to help us set up the drapes and flooring. That caught us up pretty quick.

      Finally by the end of the second day of set up we were able to pull everything together.

      Here’s an overhead shot of market from the windows on the second floor looking down on the main floor of market.

      Behind this board of classes on the second floor, you can see a peek of the round window (left side) that that looks down on the convention floor. This is where I took the overall picture of the convention. It’s so exciting to look down and see it all coming together! These round windows are the most popular spot at market before it opens!

      And final picture for today is my first purchase on my trip to market. I bought this little Brighton purse at the airport in Phoenix. I had a two hour layover…what’s a girl to do? Don’t tell my husband. He’d never in his wildest dreams believe that I could shop in the airport! LOL!

      Lots more pictures to come and I’ll have the new patterns done soon I promise. Hope you all had a great week while I was gone! I missed every single one of you!


      So does anyone know why the photos don’t enlarge? I’m putting them in at a high resolution on large setting. Any blogger ideas?

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      • from little acorns - Hi Anne! I'm so impressed that you have posted some Market photos already! Wow-ee girl! I haven't even downloaded any of my (few) photos yet! I'm also cracking up over the last photo. . . you and the airport Brighton shops! (& next time. . . we should coordinate our flights. . . if you are coming through Phoenix!) It was great to see you again. . . but like you. . . coming home to those licks is just the best!
        xo, BrenReplyCancel

      • Dawn - It is fun to begin viewing all the fun photos of market. Thanks for sharing…ReplyCancel

      • Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens - Welcome Home Anne,

        Yes, those cheery greeters are heart-warming!!! Good for you and your Anne, and the hired help…always nice to have. Hurry up and wait is always hard to do…your booth looks cute as ever, and so do your quilts!!!ReplyCancel

      • Jackie - Hi Anne, I too, am impressed that you have posted already!! You are quite organized. It was sooo nice to meet you at market and your booth was just too cute. We loved it!! I hope to be posting sometime within the next 2 days. I have lots of photos and of course the ones we took at your booth. I did get a few with your booth being quite busy!! Take care1ReplyCancel

      • Delighted Hands - What a booth transformation! But there’s no place like home…..ReplyCancel

      • LindaSonia - Thanks for sharing the goodness. Your booth looked terrific. Looking forward to the patterns. LindaSonia (

      • Candace - Hi Anne, looks like all went well – I posted on my blog this morning that I longed to be a “helper” at quilt market one day, or a fly on the wall! Next time your helpers are sick – call me!!!! Looking forward to more pictures. Cheers!ReplyCancel

      • Living on the Spit - Welcome back. We missed you but know it was for a good cause. Hope you had a wonderful time and I can not wait to see the photos.


      • Anonymous - Anne,
        I am glad you had a great time at market. I have been checking your blog for the photos. Your booth looks great. Can’t wait to see all your quilts you designed. Love the bunny pillow hanging in the front of your booth.
        -Rebecka Lincoln, NEReplyCancel

      • Pam - Gosh, wish I had known you needed help…I would have been thrilled to get a job temping at market! Keep me in mind for next year (will work for fabric :-)ReplyCancel

      • PamKittyMorning - Just got home to some barking happy dogs myself! Even little Binnie seems excited that I’m back. It was great seeing you! And great to be back home! xoReplyCancel

      • wooden toys - wow.. this is great! thanks for sharing some pics.ReplyCancel

      • Miss Jean - I’m going crazy here. Your pictures don’t enlarge. What is that quilt to the right of the one with the houses? Looks pretty wonderful to me!

        There was a lot of us here on the homefront sick last week. Next year make a list of subs for helping you. I can be ready and out the door in 10, no, five minutes.

        Can’t wait to see the rest of all the fun.ReplyCancel

      • Mary - Three things:
        #1 Welcome Back.
        #2 I too have been trying to enlarge your pictures.
        3# I too have been enticed by that very Brighton shop. And I live here.


      • Cindy@Cutepinkstuff - Welcome back, Anne! Wish you had a photo of all your friends welcoming you home. Nice new purse. I love layover shopping!ReplyCancel

      • My LIttle Family: - OMG! I once had a two hour layover in Memphis and bought a Brighton bag as well! I had to do something with my time…………. VickieReplyCancel

      • Quiltbirdie - I think your pics don’t enlarge because you already have them set at large – that’s my guess, anyway.ReplyCancel

      • Red Geranium Cottage - Hi Anne, your booth looked adorable as usual. And it was nice to meet you and Anne. Wish we would have had more time to chat though. Maybe next time.ReplyCancel

      • happy zombie - Love seeing the pre-market photos, Anne! And then of course, the transformation of your beautiful booth.

        Love the pamkittytenne shot! And speaking of Pam… I ditto her offer!ReplyCancel

      • Vicky - What a job to get the booth set up, but it looks wonderful!!! Can’t wait for the new BOM to start! I think Quiltbirdie is right … download your picture on medium and it should enlarge. Just another one of those blogger ‘thingies’! LOL Welcome home!ReplyCancel

      • Daisy Jayne - Thanks for sharing your photos of the market……. it is great you showed pics from the start…….it is a wonder no one gets tangled up with all the setting up (lol)ReplyCancel

      • Silver Thimble Talk - Hi Anne!
        Yikees you are on top of getting your market post out there.. It was good seeing you again and re meeting you! I promise to keep up the stalking.

        Thanks for sending Gregory Case to my booth. He was wonderful and I will be sending my quilts to him in the future.

        I posted a few pictures from market and will be posting pics of my visit to your booth…You are a special lady thanks so much.


      • Terry - Your photos of Quilt Market look great! Wish I could have been there! The only reason I can think of for your photos not enlarging is if you move them after you upload them. YOu can move them in the html part of the post but not the other part. I had the same problem. Hope this helps!ReplyCancel

      • ozjane - I think Quiltbirdie might have the answer re the photos……I trailed back to my blog and tried to click and make them go bigger and it did not work till I came to one I had uploaded as small or medium.
        I had often wondered how people set them to go larger.
        Maybe now we know.
        Congrats on show.ReplyCancel

      • Elizabeth - Sure didn’t see much of you–your booth was hopping every time I went by! Everything is lovely as usual!ReplyCancel