Bunny Cereal!

Look at the cereal my son found at the grocery store! Annie’s bunny cereal! How cool is that? Made right here in California. Yup, they’re pretty “with it” in California so I’ve heard.

Then yesterday in the mail arrives the sweetest little gift and note from Heidi over at Hen & Chicks. Isn’t this the sweetest thing? A thank you to me for sending people her way! Thanks Heidi!
And just a minute ago, my very favorite UPS driver pulled up…

and left me this surprise box…
I’ll show you what’s in it tomorrow!


P.S. I deleted a post accidentally. If you get one from your blog subscription, it’s gone now. Oops.

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  • Sequana - I have a friend in CA who sends me all kinds of good stuff that Annie’s makes……because…

    my name is Annie……*S*

    Goddess dressing is my fave.ReplyCancel

  • malibucat - Tell him to go back to the store…there are cheesy bunny snack crackers too! ;-)


  • from little acorns - So Anne!. . . . are you going to. . . eat. . . the little bunnies. . .? ? ? ;-)
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • yellowfarmhouse - Wow a bunny car and now bunny cereal – what a hoot. I just love it when my Mr Brown pulls up into my driveway. Something fun is awaiting me – can’t wait to see what fun thing is in that box.

    Hugs – KarenReplyCancel

  • Joyce - Love your blog! Can’t wait to see what is in the package.. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • brigette - tell brenda you don’t eat bunnies!!!!
    NO BRENDA, she’s going to feed them to her DOGS!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Oh what a cute, cute cereal box and the cereal too…oh my..My own UPS man brought me a box today too with 6 of the most delectable peaches..Yum..Had to share one with our garage door fixit person.Told him he was a peach for coming out so quickly to enable me to get out my car…LouiseReplyCancel

  • Scottish Nanna - Cant wait to see what is in the carton its like xmas might be some more bunny things.
    Hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • CJ - How cute on the cereal! Go ahead an eat ’em :D I can’t wait to see what is in that box.ReplyCancel

  • Peddlecar Quilts - Is it tomorrow yet? lol!
    How cute is that cereal?!! It has to taste good! I love bunny peeps myself.

  • Jackie - Stop teasing us…show us what is in the box!ReplyCancel

  • Helz - Cute Azz Honey Bunnies… It’s the little things some days that bring about a smile…ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Rabbit - Don’t Annie’s make the best bunny edibles ;-)ReplyCancel

  • Wyldhare - Annie makes really cute boxes of mac and cheese for kids too, in the shape of bunnies.ReplyCancel