Applique in the works

Do you wonder where I’ve been? I’m feeling lost without all of you! Wish you could all come over and help me!

I’ve been working on my new applique block of the month and It’s consuming all my time. I swear I’ve replaced fabrics, redrawn the patterns, and changed my mind at least 20 times. I’m impossible to live with when I’m working on one of these, and until it’s finished I live, breath and dream the quilt.

Some applique quilts go together easy and others take a bit more time. I’ve come to expect it…“I Believe in Angels” was one of those quilts that just fell into place…

…and “All Things Christmas” took a LOT of work…I swear my friend Anne almost quit being my friend when I was working on this quilt! The stories she could tell!

From start to finish each quilt has it’s own personality.

After many hours spent at the computer writing the pattern, and endless hours of work, maybe, just maybe, I’ll have another quilt to show for it!

And see this little gem above? Well, it just didn’t work in the quilt and I couldn’t use it. Even after sewing together all those little 1″ squares. If at first you don’t succeed…

…so stay with me! I’ll try and make it worth it. (:



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  • Sweet Cottage Dreams - Hi Ann! Oh I just love your Christmas quilt! You have been having sugar plums dancing through your head! It is fabulous and no doubt that it takes so much time.
    Great job!!


  • Anonymous - Anne, everything you do is worth it. I love all of your patterns. Thanks for the little teaser with the pot of leaves..oh my another winner. Should I thread my needle and head your way? Would love to help out.

  • Mar - I’m at the edge of my chair Anne, wish this was an easier process for you, but as long as you enjoy it, that evident in your work.ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne Drury - Well, all I can say is I’m LOVING what I see so far! ….. and don’t “they” say an artist must suffer for their art? (or just be a moody pain to be around for awhile!!!!….. or is that teenagers they’re talking about?) At any rate, when can I move in and be your moody assistant?ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - Your applique quilts are just beautiful, charming, wonderful. I can only imagine the work involved in the creative process from thought to pattern and product.ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne - Hi Anne –
    Do you want to know what I did when I saw your quilts? I let out an “Oh-h-h-h!” They are gorgeous. Worth the work and absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us. Will they be available somewhere soon?

  • Adrienne - Hi, it’s me again! Duh!!! I went to your website and saw that your ‘I Believe In Angels’ is available there. Of course it would be! What was I thinking? I’m looking at all of the pretties on your site and wondering if I would really DO one soon. It means I have to clean my sewing room! Better get busy. ~Adrienne~ReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - It looks pretty!ReplyCancel

  • Simply This and That - We ♥ You Anne! I’ve been itchin to start on one of the patterns I won. When I saw the pic’s pop up on your blog, it made me want to start now! LOL. I have told myself, I’m going to finish other projects before I start anything new. I can do it. I think I can. ooxx~jodiReplyCancel

  • Sherri - It looks like it is coming along beautifully! I love all of your designs!ReplyCancel

  • TamiC - The hint is never enough,… but enough to start us all drooling! This one looks like it might be a no brainert’s a gotta have it -sorry its giving u so much trouble!!!
    I cant believe we are going to be lucky enough to have new aptterns from u again this year! WOW! You rae one hard worker!
    Tami from tucsonReplyCancel

  • Aim - the leaves on the WIP are going to be very beautiful–love that fabric you’re using for that! Must be a sunflower, huh?!ReplyCancel

  • Scottish Nanna - All your hard work was worth it it is just gorgeous well done Anne.
    Hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - For some bizarre reason, I love to watch someone else go through the step by step process. So if you could please keep us up on the dailies, I’d really appreciate it.

    Just love it so far!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - As usual, I just love your work. Beautiful!! You are a wonderful and prolific contributor to the quilting world. Keep it up!ReplyCancel

  • Red Geranium Cottage - Your quilts are beautiful. I have the patterns and maybe someday I’ll tackle them. I love them. And I know this one will be just as good.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Can’t wait to see your new patterns. I’m going to buy Woodland Blooms after seeing the peek of your new quilt.ReplyCancel

  • Living on the Spit - I love watching your porcess and I eagerly await more. I love your site and everything you do.ReplyCancel

  • Debi - Beautiful, beautiful quilts. What an awesome job, and so much work. I am inviting you to participate in a Fall into Fall Quilters Blog giveaway that I am hosting. Come on over and check it out.ReplyCancel

  • Happytime2011 - Hi Anne, I love your designs. I am currently making the I believe in Angels quilt, and it is as much fun to make as it is to look at! I can’t wait to see the new block of the month designs. Please keep posting previews as you progress along……you are so talented! MaryReplyCancel

  • Linda - Beautiful!!ReplyCancel

  • yellowfarmhouse - I love the little snippet of the applique project – those colors look yummy together – applique – it’s my favorite thing to do. Your other BOM’s are adorable.

    Hugs – karenReplyCancel