Two more hair cuts until Fall Market!

Who knew getting your hair cut could be so stressful? I was fine until I went to make my next hair appointment and realized it’s almost October. Can you stand it? Only two more hair cuts till Fall market!
And here’s where I’m at today…

My studio is a mess and this stack of fabric doesn’t even resemble a quilt yet…
does it?
(Thanks Brigette for letting me try your Best Press)
I have scribbly (gotta love that word) drawings and notes to my self all over the studio…


…and you trust me to put together a quilt and a pattern? A readable pattern?

Ha! Ha! Mooch says…she could care less…she got a “Bad Kitty” pillow case from my friend Robin and she’s pretty happy about it…

…and my friend Anne is busy finding new and funny blogs for me to read…

With a little luck and LOTS of help from my friends, I’ll have a few new patterns…maybe!

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  • Anonymous - I love Mooch and her pillowcae – our animals really do make themselves quite comfortable wherever the4y feel that is!!! – of course it is her pillowcase!!!

    I think your scribblies make u a great pattern writr- attention to detail and making it right – just one reason we all love your patterns so much!!! My only complaint – ant tell enough of what that quit is going to be…Need to know Need to know now!!! well i guess tha tpatience thing comes in play here!
    Thanks for posting again, ive been checking and waiting and checking and waiting – i know it was a holiday but im addicted!!! what can i say. Now i have to go check that post out!
    Tami from tucsonReplyCancel

  • Lynette Anderson - Oh, my goodness your work space looks like mine! Only tow more haircuts until market, that does make e panic a bit but I am so excited about coming, see you soon.ReplyCancel

  • dana - Hi! Well, I am honored you added me to your sidebar! Thank you for your comments–on my post. I am not always funny, but I do seem to stick a bit of humor in most postings–whether I mean to or not! I am in awe of your business–I actually have purchased one of your designs at a favorite local quilt shop (Quilter’s Station in Lee’s Summit, MO)! What a small world. My reason for starting my blog was to eventually have an avenue for promoting my patterns (I don’t quilt, but I make seasonal fabric decor using my own designs—I also incorporate the designs of others at times). I have a web site, but I don’ have it up and running because I don’t have the patterns ready. Here it is fall and I am knee deep in shows, so the patterns take a back seat once more. I found that I love blogging—it’s a whole new world that opened up! It also takes lots of time, so I need to be more disciplined with time spent on the computer vs. time spent sewing and creating. BUT I love the blog world—so it has been hard.
    Anyway, thanks for your kind words!
    It sounds like you are busy with Fall preparations as well! We gotta love the seasons in this business! It’s a cool and rainy day in Independence, MO, so I must take advantage of it and sew, sew, sew! Dana of The Stone RabbitReplyCancel

  • dana - PS.

    Yes, ANOTHER rabbit lover–that’s me and I just added you to my sidebar! danaReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I often leave “scribbly” notes similar to yours all the time. Love the fact that your furbits are such a presence in your workroom. Hurry up fall, my favorite season. LouiseReplyCancel

  • Rachael Rabbit - thrilled to be introduced to another rabbity blog ;-) I like scribblies too – although yours look mighty profesional xReplyCancel

  • from little acorns - LOL!!! Two more haircuts until. . . .
    . . . oh my gosh! You’re right!
    . . . 7 weeks! (gulp!)
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • Wyld_hare - I love the fall colors you have picked! Yeah for fall, my favorite time of year. Also love the kitty pillowcase, that is great picturesReplyCancel

  • brigita - since you have my best press does that mean you’ll be ironing shirts for my boys this weekend?ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne Drury - HHMmmmmm…… scheduling haircuts ahead of time …. like a dentist appt ….. that’s a foreign concept to me …. and my hairdresser will agree because …. I LOOK LIKE SEA HAG when I finally decide to drag my carcass in for a complete overhaul (Because by that time “just a trim” won’t cut the mustard!)

    Anyhow, looks like interesting/fun stuff is brewing there in your sewing room…. can’t wait to see? (and at least you know where your scribbles are … I think one of my latest brain storms went back in one of my homecare patient’s charts because I doodled an idea on the back edge of a progress note … oops!)ReplyCancel

  • Mark Lipinski - I love your notes and doodles. It’s always a fab-o experience to look inside the mind of you creative types! xoxom