Mooch and such

I’m such a tease, but I just couldn’t help myself. There was Mooch, framed perfectly in front of the quilt I’m getting ready to send off to my quilter. It was the perfect photo so I grabbed the camera and clicked. I know, I know, you can’t really SEE the quilt but Mooch doesn’t seem to care. And chances are you’ll see that quilt soon enough. Remember this photo is about cats not quilts.

My DH just came back from Bend, Oregon pulling a trailer filled with things I love. Things we’re bringing back from our Bend house before we sell it. Things that I’ve been longing for. I’ll be showing you more photos throughout the week, but first up are the bunny beds! They’re here at our house and we set them up in the new bunny bedroom! (If you didn’t already notice I used the term DH and I so proud of myself! I’m catching on to the new lingo so fast you could soon be reading this blog in code!) And I should add that the bunny bedroom is definately NOT the master bedroom. I’ll show you that room later in the week.

The antique “Chocolate” box on the bed is for the kitties, of course! If there’s a bed in a room and you have a cat you know what to expect. So I put the box on top of the bed, filled it with a soft, snugly cover, and now it’s usually taken by a cat.

And then I spent part of the weekend winding ribbon around these special spools I bought from Jennifer Gray at I LOVE Jennifer and you can’t all go begging for spools because she’ll kill me. She’s totally remodeling the new house they just bought and getting ready to move in! But in the middle of chaos she was able to send me an assortment of these old, worn, beautiful spools. Thank you Jennifer! I absolutely LOVE them.

Oh and stay tuned because later this week, after I get my act together (ha), I have another giveaway that will take you on a mini scavenger hunt. That’s right! A scavenger hunt remember those? Ready, set….NO you don’t get the spools! Sorry.


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  • rachel - look at mooch. how cute!!!

    i think that your bunny room is too cute for words!!!

    how lucky you are to get those spools.

  • Miss Jean - How totally awesome that you were able to find bunny beds! Too Cute! Can’t wait for the scavenger hunt.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - I love your spools. I’ve been collecting them for a few years – and also antique sock darners. Go figure! I don’t even own socks to darn! lolReplyCancel

  • chook - oh Anne your beds look beautiful.
    I cant wait to see all of the new quilt
    and I will be back for the hunt this is so much fun lol
    hugs BethReplyCancel

  • Linda - Love your bunny bedroom, and those spools, I think I’m turing a little green.ReplyCancel

  • Scottish Nanna - Anne I love your bunny beds The room looks great.I love mooch. The spools are to die dont see them very often.Lucky you.I will be back for the hunt sounds good.
    Hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens - Mooch is very beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • julia - Mooch is as gorgeous as ever – how you could expect other from a cat ;o)? Those bunny beds…(enter a longing sigh)…the spools (enter an even more longing sigh)…!
    I can’t wait for the scavenger hunt, I’m sure it will be fun.
    Hugs, JuliaReplyCancel

  • a simple quilter - Love the bunny beds and the wee birds on the windows are very sweet as well!

    I may have to start goggling for something birdish or bunnied!ReplyCancel

  • yellowfarmhouse - Mooch is adorable. I love those bunny beds where did you ever find them. I have a thing for spools and love them sitting around even bare naked without ribbon.

    Hugs – KarenReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - Love Mooch sitting there looking so regal. That looks a bit like a cat in the background as well… hmm?ReplyCancel

  • sweetfunkyvintage - LOVE the spools! We can’t have em? Even if we beg???ReplyCancel

  • suz - What a beautiful bedroom! Love all of it, especially the bunny beds. How good of Mooch to use the special box-my cats would look at me and laugh…then move the pillows around and lay down on them! LOL Can’t wait for the scavenger hunt! SuzKReplyCancel

  • Peddlecar Quilts - Ooooooh I love those spools! What a clever way to make them functional too! I think you quilt has cats on it!! Am I wrong?! I don’t think so! LOL!! I can hardly wait to see it though!
    The room is so darling, can I come spend the night? I’ll even let the cats sleep with me!!!

  • Carrie P. - The bedroom is just lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I use my collection of spools to display beautiful ribbons on as well. They are sometimes too pretty to store away. Bunny room is awfully cute! So is Mooch.

  • Catherine - The bunny beds are wonderful!
    Is that a kitty in the block in the quilt in the picture of Mooch? Mooch who is, btw, absolutely adorable!ReplyCancel

  • Wlydhare - Hmm, I am pretty sure that is a very fuzzy outline of a kitty on that quilt! *bouncing excitedly* And I adore the ribbon the spool with bunnies. Is that part of some of the things you have designed? Where might one find some?

    The bunny beds are perfect as well! Can’t have too many bunnies in the house, IMHO.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie - I have a collection of those wonderful wooden spools on my fireplace mantle. I’ve collected them over the years. What a great idea…you’re the second place I’ve seen them displayed using bindings. Beautiful blue room!!!ReplyCancel

  • CJ - I can see why Mooch likes the quilt. :D I can’t wait to see it in up close and in focus. The bunny room is so pretty. I am on a spool hunt, although I have no idea what I will do with them.ReplyCancel

  • Erin - love the spools! and the bunnies!!!!ReplyCancel

  • gloria g. - Yep! Looks like a kitty quilt to me. Another to do! And you always know how to decorate with ribbons, spools and bunny beds. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • brigette - i’m green with envy over your spools. i’m going to buy some when i grow up.
    those bunny beds look so stinkin’ cute.
    and mooch isn’t half bad either. well, maybe half bad!!ReplyCancel

  • Living on the Spit - I am in love with your bunny room. I have added your site to my blog list. Fabulous!ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Rabbit - Bunny beds??? Where? Where can I get some? (imagine this is said in a high pitched squeaky excited voice)ReplyCancel

  • Mary Anne - Such a PRETTY room!! …. and why didn’t I think of that (putting the kitty bed on top of the regular bed….BRILLIANT!)ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Love, love the spools!  And the kitty……I lost my precious white kitty a few months ago.  We still have another cat and she has taken over his spot on the bed!ReplyCancel