150 lb. Ironing Board!

Dear Abby, (that’s what I’ve named all of you blog reader’s out there),

I need your advice regarding my 150 lb. ironing board. Who knew an ironing board could be so heavy? Well now the entire neighborhood does! When the UPS man pulled up, he made the announcement. It went something like this…”who on earth orders 150 lb. ironing board?” My husband chimed right in and said “it has to be my wife”. They had a good laugh at my expense.

I had no idea when I ordered this “on sale” ironing board that it would weigh that much. It’s one of those ironing boards that hang on the wall inside a cabinet. I hate the way my old ironing board looks in my studio, so I thought this one would be great to hang inside my studio closet. Why I even have a plug inside the closet. Then no one could see it and I could be a closet ironer. Tee Hee!

I forgot one thing. To measure! After my husband hauled it up the stairs, held it up on the wall under the closet shelves and I opened the cabinet door to make sure we adjusted the height, the board would only go as high as 2 feet off the ground. The closet shelves were in the way. I was SO dissapointed and he said “don’t worry, I’ll figure something out”.

And he did! While I was gone he CUT OUT a section of the closet shelf and hung the ironing board. Yes, I’m going to let you all into my closet so you can see this. It’s amazing! Here’s a picture of the cabinet hung on the wall…you can see where he cut out the shelf. If you enlarge the photo you will see a little round plastic “stick on” thing that he says will act as a “door stop” so the door won’t hit the shelf (Not so pretty, but he thinks it’s great).

In the photo below you can see the cut out closet shelf…

And below is a photo of the door open so you can see the ironing board.


He has to be the perfect husband right? So sweet to do this for me and so proud of himself. I opened the door, pulled down the ironing board and then I heard the words come out of his mouth “I hope it’s ok, because I guessed at the height”. Guess he did. It’s a good 6″ too low for comfortable ironing. Comes up to the top of my thighs so I have to bend my neck too much. To fix it he would have to remove the entire cabinet (all 150 lbs.), re-hang the rods that hold it to the wall, and then hang the cabinet again.

So what would you do? Would you tell your husband that it’s too low knowing what it means or would you just iron at a lower height and forget it? Should I just wait six months and then say something like “my neck is really hurting from that ironing board”? Would you leave it where it is and just use the old ironing board LOL! Adjust your ironing board to a lower height and you’ll see what I mean.


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  • Nanette Merrill and daughters - Well I’m the first chime in. When I moved to my new sewing room I didn’t want a big ironing board taking up space but I have to have my iron right next to my sewing space. At least my small iron and board. My big Rowenta steamer is in the other room where I press bigger things or whole projects. Anyway I put my small iron on a shelf right next to where I sew. And it is too low. Just about 6″ or so too low. So I know what you mean. But again, I only do small seams here. I couldn’t possibly do big projects. One thought – could you sit and iron? Could you put a little stool or chair right there and sit? I rotate my chair and iron so I’m sitting, yet still too low if that makes sense but if I’m sitting its not too hard to have it low. Again big projects won’t work like this. Just a thought. Good luck with it. My husband took 3 months and quite a bit of $ to make me a new stainless backsplash around my big 8 burner stove. I wanted a certain look to it – eek. It isn’t what I had in mind at all. I don’t really like it but I got a big stainless flat rack to put up to it with some stainless shelves and it looks much better. We all have these issues with our handy men from time to time. But they try to help and you can’t squash that! I know you’ll do what is best for you.ReplyCancel

  • Catherine - I’m thinking of sitting when you iron too. Standing and ironing for any length of time at a level that’s too low is going to hurt your neck and your back!
    Why not try getting used to it while sitting on a stool or chair and see. It’s really hard to say something they’ve done isn’t quite the way you wanted it — I can definitely appreciate that.ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Anne, I think you should tell him, it will be more work to fix but it will be worth it and I’m sure you’re husband wants you to be able to use it. My husband is a wood working guy and they know little tricks about doing this stuff. So, don’t get a stiff neck, tell him you appreciate his hard work and would really like to be able to use the ironing board but it’s just too low. Then after he fixes it, you’ll owe him some cookies. What an awesome ironing board and so great that it’s in the closet. BTW, your closet is very organized, not the chaotic mess that mine is in. Be sure to let us know what happens.ReplyCancel

  • Mar - Well he will figure it out when you ask him to pick you up an adjustable chair?ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - My vote is — tell him! My logic is that he wants it to work for you or he wouldn’t have tried to install it in the first place. :-)ReplyCancel

  • Linda - I think I’d tell him too, as he guessed the height, I’m sure you could make a bit of a joke out of it. Installed right is much better than a sore neck or twisted back. The only other option would be an adjustable computer chair.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - I know…have him read your blog! Really this is a tough one. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I would prob hv a chair in their ironing and call him up there for something. He'd see u sitting & ironing & hopefully comment. You could then delicately tell him & hopefully he'd fix it.ReplyCancel

  • Miss Jean - This is one of those “Oh, Dear” dilemmas! I’m with the ladies that said you should tell him. But wait a couple days, make him a nice dinner and dessert. Start out the conversation with, “Honey, I love you and I appreciate your help. I feel bad but I have to mention something to you.”

    We had a similar experience when we re-did our kitchen appliances. We (meaning we were both guilty) bought a new refrigerator. When it as delivered it was too tall to go under the cupboards where it needed to be. Do you all know that refrigerators come in different sizes? Who Knew!?! My husband and the neighbor collaborated and said they should take all the cupboards off and raise them 1/2 inch. Did you guys all hear me yelling NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! last year? Some very talented fellow who had come out to install my microwave saved the day.

    Moral to my long story is that there isn’t anything that can’t be fixed. I’m sure your husband can figure out what to do simply and quickly.

    I just want to know how you have enough room in your closet to have an ironing board. I don’t have the enought room in my walk-in closet to even walk around!ReplyCancel

  • Beth - Well, I would want everything to be perfect in my sewing room, so I’d have to say tell him now and get it over with.ReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - I say get a little chair and sit down to iron. I have my ironing board behind me so I can swivel around and press then swivel back.

    Tough call though. Those are hard situations.ReplyCancel

  • Scottish Nanna - Yes I would tell him He would not like you to get a sore back .
    Hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • julia - Anne, I’m with the others who advise you to tell your husband – but, of course, nicely. It doesn’t help if you get a sore back or neck… perhaps you can do him a favor back by helping him with something he can’t do on his own…
    Hope this all turns out well,

    P.S. your closet is beautiful…I have to show it my better half ;o)ReplyCancel

  • Kathie - I would tell him, you need it work for you.
    What a great idea though I hate seeing my ironing board in my sewing room too.
    LOOK at this she has an adorable bunny tray for sale that reminded me of you!

  • Jean - Good luck with that!
    I’m of the opinion that I would also have to talk to my hubby. As much hard work as it will be… he wants you to be happy too! And besides, if you needed to send it back… the UPS guy would never let you live that one down!
    Oh, and if you were ever, (it happens) to move… ahem, I’m thinking that it wouldn’t be much of a selling point when the realitor brings down the ironing board to her thighs! LoL
    Sorry to be laughing at your pain!ReplyCancel

  • yellowfarmhouse - Oh boy that’s a tough one. But I guess I would break it to him gently because he really does want it to work for you and as my hubby says “I just want you to be happy” usually between clinched teeth, LOL. Good luck :)

    Hugs – KarenReplyCancel

  • mamaspark - Tell him, definately! He loves you and wants you to be happy so tell him. I agree a nice dinner, and maybe some extra special “adult time” and I bet he won’t mind at all, lol!!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in high school ;) my home ec teacher said: don’t do anything standing up that you can do sitting down. It has been good advice.Tuck a stool or chair under it when you iron.

  • CC - Take a deep breath and ask him to move it up for you! You will cuss him every time you iron if you don’t and the hour of his time will save you both a lot of unspoken aggravation (he will never know why you are putting juice in his cereal instead of milk, etc.!)ReplyCancel

  • Rachael Rabbit - What an amazing hubbie you have! Perhaps you could perch on a stool while you iron …. or have a secret ironing board that you hide from your husband … while pretending his is perfect … although he sounds so handy I’m sure he is going to come up with a wonderful solution.ReplyCancel

  • Jocelynilla - No answer to your dilemma but…wow, your husband loves you a lot a lot!ReplyCancel

  • Peddlecar Quilts - I’m afraid you will have to break the news to him, ever so gently, because he went to all that work for you just so it would function properly–and he might be more hurt if you don’t use it at all! He might even think, what a waste of money that was!! Take him out to dinner for all his trouble, and tell him to take his time—no rush– to get it readjusted. That’s what you can say, honey, it just needs a little adjusting!! Good luck, our guys are so sweet, you know he’d do anything for you!

  • Anonymous - Well Anne, I say he is a real keeper to do all of this and brings you strawberries too…I say go ahead an break it to him gently otherwise, he will be driving you to the chiropractor.
    Love the idea of the ironing board in the closet.

  • Pat - I am sure that,as sweet as you are,your husband is a very nice man. I think that he would rather know that your ironing board is to low so he can fix it before you have a stiff neck or a twisted back.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Hi Anne, No suggestions on the height issue, but try putting the little round plastic “stick on” thing on the shelf instead of on the door.ReplyCancel

  • Mary's Cottage Quilts - Anne, It’s probably the perfect height for me!!! Thanks for thinking of me :)
    That’s a hard call to make – not wanting to hurt his feelings and all…
    Good luck – keep us posted!

  • brigette - wait til he has a buddy over and then say “oh honey, since there are two of you here would you guys mind moving my ironing board up 6″? i thought it was fine but i’ve found i would be more comfortable if it were higher”.
    who could refuse that?ReplyCancel

  • My LIttle Family: - I don’t stand to iron. I use a rolling, armless, office chair that adjusts to whatever height I need so the height of theironing board really doesn’t matter. Just one quick flip of a lever under the chair and I can go from sewing machine to ironing board height.


  • Valerie - This is so funny! Sounds just like a man! I think it was so sweet of him to do this for you.ReplyCancel

  • driftwood shack - take him out for beer to thank him and spill the beans…….ReplyCancel

  • Wyldhare - Hmm, I think I would give him lots of love and hugs for his surprise and how nice it was.

    Then, would it be possible for you to rehang it while he was out? Get help from a neighbor since it is heavy? I am comfortable doing jobs like that, but I know that not everyone is. You don’t have to lift it to change the anchor points, just put them up 6″ higher.

    At that point, I bet he wouldn’t mind helping you lift it to rehang, it would only take a couple minutes with the two of you!ReplyCancel

  • CJ - Here I thought that I had the only husband like that. He seems to have no problem criticizing my work and asking for do overs but if ya look at his work sideways…watch out. :( I do think you need to tell him though. I like the idea of the nice dinner and then start a little story….make it SOUND like something worse (honey, we need to talk…I love you,BUT. I don’t know how to break this to you, you being such a sweet man and all. I suppose I should just come out with it…). When he starts to sweat and squirm say no no no, deary it is JUST my ironing board. He should be GLAD to fix it. :DReplyCancel

  • CJ - I like the little break from sitting that ironing gives me. A walk across my room of a few steps and then back to sit at the machine. I would not like to do it all while sitting…just my opinion.ReplyCancel

  • Hogan's Adventure - Hi Anne-I read your dilemma to my husband and he had the perfect answer…cut a hole in the floor for you to standin so it won’t be too short for you..LOLOL..it cracked me up so wanted to share an idea from my very helpful husband. Such good intentions your hubby had…I don’t know what I would do either. Good Luck…PattyReplyCancel

  • ozjane - Demonstrate and ask him if he thinks it would work or what does he think would happen.?
    Use a stool.ReplyCancel