Magazines for Julia

Hi everyone! It’s time for our “Magazines for Julia” drawing! Thank you to everyone who participated and all of your wonderful comments on how good it made you feel. It made me feel good to put this together too! Just think, we now have a new friend in Germany named Julia! She’s a quilter like us and she makes the world seem a bit smaller. Now I can only hope that the customs department doesn’t start asking why on earth she is getting so many packages LOL! I plan on sending Julia magazines every now and then. A special treat in the mail for her. Thank you Julia for being our new friend! Happy reading!

For all of you who were so kind to share your treasures with Julia, here’s what I’m going to send to ALL of you. Are you ready? Each one of you will get my new pattern called “Postcard Cuties for Winter” and…

…with the pattern you’ll each get one of the following treats:

Twenty-one of you will get a Peace on Earth Charm Pack…

Two of you will get a Peace On Earth Jelly Roll…

and three of you will get a set of fifteen Peace On Earth fat quarters!

I’ve put together something for everyone! And now lets do a drawing for a three full sets of my newest block of the month “I Believe in Angels”…here comes the random number generator…ready? We’ll follow the numbers listed in my last post, # 1 to 26…

These are the numbers, # 5, # 9 & # 2

If your name is next to that number you win one of the angel patterns! If you have that pattern already, just choose another block of the month and email me your choice right away! Congratulations ladies! You’re all winners (: I’ll be sending your treats out very soon!



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  • Catherine - Oh, my gosh!! I won one of the copies of the BOM?? I’m amazed. Thank you, thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Scottish Nanna - congrats with your prizes all you lucky winners you are so generous with your giveaways Anne.
    Hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • chook - om my goodness Anne thank you
    you are so kind to give such amazing prizes
    hugs BethReplyCancel

  • CJ - WOWEEEE!! Generous and fun prizes!! and for EVERYONE that participated.

    Just another reason you deserve the Arte Y Pico award today. Go look at my site to read all about it.

  • thesnailgarden - Wow, what lovely designs – you are one very talented lady.ReplyCancel

  • Helz - Amazing Giveaway Anne… A lovely change to read about people who come from the heart for strangers… Heart Warming.ReplyCancel

  • Diane - I had to reread your post 3 times to make sure I was reading correctly! Can’t believe Anne how generous you are with your gifts to us and me a winner of the I Believe in Angels – you are the angel to have put this together for Julia. I managed to squeeze 6 magazines into that Global Priority envelope for Julia – can’t wait till she gets them!
    Thanks again! Diane S.ReplyCancel

  • brigette - oh my anne!!!!!
    thanks so much for your generosity!!! i can’t believe we all get an “angels” pattern!!! AND fabric!!! AND that you’re giving away BOM’s.
    thank you!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Simply This That and the Other... - Wahoo! Woot. Woot. ;o) I never win anything! Well I can’t say that anymore. Cause now I’ve won 2 give- aways! Wow Anne, what awesome and fun prizes! You totally rock girl! I would love to be a mouse in the corner when Julia starts getting her mags! Can you even imagine. She’ll be reading for months! Thanks again Anne, this was so fun.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Thank you so much….you are much to sweet, but then you knew that (G)!!!! I only hope Julia loves what we have shared as much as we LOVE your dear gifties!!!! Thanks for the “global” opportunity to spread quilting joy!!! XXX Annie from San DiegoReplyCancel

  • Peddlecar Quilts - Oh Anne, you are the most giving person. Thankyou so much for letting me participate! After realizing that you couldn’t get my email, I started my own blog yesterday!!!! My new blog is and I am very excited! Thankyou for the gifts! I never expected anything in return. I am loving that we now have a friend in Germany. I have a friend in Australia that I will do the same for! You are an angel!! Diane in HendersonReplyCancel

  • Peddlecar Quilts - Hi Anne,
    I need help. I am trying to send a comment to Julia, and can’t read the German when it won’t go through! I don’t know what I am doing wrong! My goodness, I feel like such an amature! Anyway, if you don’t mind me saying so here, I wanted to thank Julia for inspiring me to start my own blog, and let her know that her magazines are on their way! Thankyou so much! Diane in HendersonReplyCancel

  • PamKittyMorning - Anne you couldn’t be any sweeter! Congrats to all the winners!ReplyCancel

  • TamiC - Hi Anne – I am not sure what happened to me – i was on your original listing of the 25 and had responded as TamiC back on the original post . I sent u about 3 emails, becasue u needed my address and state, and I had not recived Julias address, so am still waiting to send out the magazines – I am going to go ahead and put my email (which I had given u in the bunny hill email address – which was the only one I could find anywhere on teh site.) I guess i am out the goodies since i have been taken of the list ( i think i wa orignally like half way or better down ), but i would still like to send Julia some amgazines, taht is why i joined in after all. Though what great goodies u have chosen for all. if u could email me her address, I would still like to get the magazines to her!. I guess u didnt get my email – so sorry -my email is or
    Thanks, TamiC from tucson,
    and thanks again for getting us all started on such a grreat sharing experience!ReplyCancel

  • Anne Sutton - Hi Tami! Don’t worry you are back in the group! Thank you, thank you for joining! What a nice thing to do for Julia (:ReplyCancel

  • Janet - Hi Anne: how very generous of you and how excited Julia must be – what wonderful patterns and fabric – must get myself one of the charm packs!
    Janet in Nova Scotia, CanadaReplyCancel

  • yellowfarmhouse - Oh my goodness Anne what a sweet and very generous thing to do. A BIG thank you from me. This whole blogging world is such a wonderful thing and it has enabled me to meet some pretty great people who would have never come into my life otherwise and now I can add Julie to that list.

    Happy 4th of July and
    BIG HUGS from KarenReplyCancel

  • Vicky - Oh, my goodness, Anne, how generous of you! It was fun going through magazines for Julia. Thank you for organizing this for her. I’ll be sending things along to her throughout the year. You are way too sweet! Thank you! (Hugs)ReplyCancel

  • Noelia - I honestly dont understand how your contest work :( Probably its because my english sucks … but anyway i think its TOO niec of you to do that because in some parts of the world (Like Argentina, where i live) its too hard to get those amazing fabrics … so i guess for everyone who wins is a LOT!!!ReplyCancel

  • Pat - Oh my Anne you are so generous. It was a wonderful thing that you did to get us all to give a little. I read Julia’s post today and she has already started getting the magazines. Thanks so much. You are an angel.ReplyCancel

  • Jackie - Hi Anne,

    Wow, fabulous and very generous!! Thank you sooo much! It really was a pleasure to send the magazines to Julia, who is already enjoying them. You can almost see her smile on her post. It truly feels good to make someone else happy!! JackieReplyCancel

  • brigette - anne,
    i went to the post office today and i got a flat rate envelope from you with the darling postcard cuties for winter pattern aaannnnd the fat quarter pack!!!!! i jumped up and down and shouted “yay, i can’t believe i got it!”, and the nice man behind the counter looked at me with a bewildered, “oh no, she’s lost it” look. i ran down to the local shop and they didn’t have the fabric for the border/binding so i called thimblecreek and mail ordered it from them! i’m so excited.
    i can’t believe that doing a “little” something for julia turned into you doing a BIG something for all of us! thank you so much!!