Oh my gosh, you magazine lovers!

I love quilters and magazine lovers! LOVE YOU! Not only do you love the same things I do, you’re all so willing to jump in and join the hoopla! No questions asked, just let’s do it! Julia get a book shelf ready! Pretty soon you’ll be asking yourself “do I really need all these magazines?” You’ll have the same sickness as the rest of us!

I’ve had so many responses I can hardly keep them straight! Whose email did I answer and who did I forget? Remember to email me directly. If you’ve left a comment and haven’t heard from me, it’s because your comment is missing an email link. So Diane and you other wonderful quilters wondering why I haven’t answered you, send me an email (there’s a link on the side bar) and I’ll send you Julia’s address! If you have a blog tell me and don’t forget to send me your address. I’m going to list the first 25 responders in the next post so do it now (:

Here’s what I sent to Julia…a mixture of American and Australian…

And then I added Mary because she so “American” and she fit it in the flat rate envelope! Don’t worry if you sent the same magazines. Julia will pass the duplicates on to her friends.

And, as I’ve been sorting through my stacks of magazines I found this article in the June issue of Country Living…it’s Susan Gower and she usually has a booth at Fall Quilt Market FILLED with vintage buttons and trims. It’s one of my favorite booths and I love to shop there. Obviously Country Living does too!

This is some of my loot from the Houston quilt market…just some!

Julia, please post some photos when you get your magazines. We’d love to see! Take a picture of your mailman/lady too!

Hugs everyone!


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  • from little acorns - How did I miss the article on Susan? Her booth is always on my ‘must see’ list at each Fall Market. ( I almost drool as I approach her booth!)
    I’m loving the magazine love & sharing going on! I know that julia will love all these. . . & her postman will be wondering what in the world is happening!!! What fun!
    xo, BrenReplyCancel

  • Simply This That and the Other... - Mine are on their way! Wahoo! ~jodi (a.k.a. Stinky Pinky) LOL.

  • julia - Hi Anne,
    I’m so excited that I can’t sit still on my chair anymore …so great magazines. I think I have to do some shopping and see if I can get some {!!! hehe, this is so great to write ;o) } appropriate magazine holders *smile*.
    Even I will post a real ‘thank you’ post on my blog later on, I’ll take the chance now to thank all the wonderful bloggers and quilters who responded or left a comment or just popped over to my blog – THANK YOU, ladies!!!
    I had some comments with no-reply e-mail addresses – I tried to answer them in my comments…I hope I reached them. It would be sad if they had to think I’d ignore them…

    Of course I will post pictures when my postman arrives! Can’t wait for it ;o).

    Have a great week,
    greetings from sunny Germany
    and from a very happy

  • Brenda - HI Anne,
    I googled the Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods lady and, OMG! Need I say more? Thought I’d send you a link to her Flickr page, JIC you wanted to share with your bloggers. Thanks for pointing her out. I’ll be on the lookout for her!

  • Barbie Jo - Such fun, sharing the love. I was just going through one of my stacks the other day.
    Susans booth is always a market highlight, I’ll have to add that mag to my future stack!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - Hi Anne,
    Sent you an email, but posting here too. I have my magazines and envelope ready to go to the PO. This is fun. Not only to think our magazines will fly to such a wonderful place, but just bursting with anticipation of our “bunny giftie”!!!! Hugs, Annie from San DiegoReplyCancel

  • Stina - What a fantastic idea you shared…this will wonderful to look at over at Julia´s place… ;DReplyCancel

  • Carol - Anne, I sent Julia 3 Fresh Vintage Newsletters by Fig Tree Quilts and a McCalls Quilt Magazine. I also threw in a little Snibbles pattern. Quilter’s are pretty good about sharing. Great idea Anne.ReplyCancel