From one quilter to another, it’s time to share!

Oh my, what a nightmare my organizing hour has become! It’s taking so much longer than I expected. I could be at this until next January! I remember when my father-in-law died, we found stacks of National Geographic magazines in his house. STACKS. The charity places wouldn’t even take them! I’ve always thought quilting magazines were the exception, but who knows? I have a feeling that if I walked into a thrift store right now I might get turned away!

And do any of you buy the same magazine twice? How about books? Ever done that one?! I hope I’m not alone in this madness!

So I’ve come up with this idea that could be a lot of fun. I’m going to give some magazines to Julia who lives in Germany . She left a comment on my organizing post and it seems she would LOVE to have the problem I do. I can’t send stacks of magazines because of the cost, but a few here and there would be a fun way of sharing, from one quilter to another! Check out her blog at . She posts in both German and English! Leave a comment to tell her you came to visit. And Julia, please email me your address and wait for the mailman!

Here’s the fun part…join me in sending Julia some magazines! Email me to get her address, then take a flat rate global priority envelope (free at your post office) and send some magazines! It isn’t that much money and we can get at least two or three magazines in one envelope. After you send off your magazines (be selective, only good ones please), email me and I’ll send you a surprise treat from Bunny Hill! A treat for the first 25 people who join me in sharing!

Added 6/25: Guess what? We have reached the limit! Julia you will be getting a LOT of magazines. Thanks everyone!

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  • julia - Oh Anne – I’m speechless! Really, I don’t know what to say – wow…
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!….what else can I say….? (Even in German I couldn’t express it appropriately…)ReplyCancel

  • chook - Hi Anne I have just been and commented over at julias blog and have sent you an email
    love this idea
    hugs BethReplyCancel

  • Hannies Annies - OH wow…I am going to do this..i have some nice magazines that I would be happy to send….they will go out on Tuesday the 24th of June for sure!! thank you so much!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Simply This That and the Other... - oops! sorry about my deleted post! LOL. Anne, what an AWESOME idea! LOVE it. I would love to see the look on Julia’s mail man/lady’s face! LOL.ReplyCancel

  • Sally - I will also send Julia some magazines! This is a great idea to share ideas and patterns.ReplyCancel

  • yellowfarmhouse - What a sweet idea Anne. I would love to send her something also. Quilters and bloggers are the best :)

    Hugs – karenReplyCancel

  • Diane - Hi there! I love love love magazines, so I am in on this one. If you will send me Julias address I will be happy to share and send her some! I have the same problem—so many and yet I use them all the time for inspiration!! They are almost as good as fabric!!!!

  • Jackie - Thanks Anne, I would love to join in on the random acts of kindness and I know that I have some of those doubles and some really nice magazines! Count me in!ReplyCancel

  • Anne Sutton - Hi everyone! As of 7:30 AM Pacific time we are up to 12 people who are sending magazines. Diane, please email me directly because I can’t respond to your comment (:

    Thanks everyone! I’ll keep you posted!ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I sent my email…..and maybe twice (G)!!!! Techno wizard that I am!!!! This will be fun. XXX Annie from San DiegoReplyCancel

  • Scottish Nanna - I would love to send some quilting books But it is to expensive to send over seas from Australia But I hope she gets plenty from all the other girls.
    Hugs Mary.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - What a great idea to send these to a new home! I have a couple of nice ones in mind that I hope Julia will enjoy.

  • Jean C. - Great way to share the wealth! And besides that if she does get any duplicates… she can share with people in her area! I would recommend that people take off their address’s though. That way, if they do end up in the hands of maybe someone not as nice as Julia… there won’t be a problem!
    Count me in! I need to see what I can weed out too! This way it just makes more room for new ones.
    Jean C.ReplyCancel

  • TamiC - Anne, u are always so clever and so sweet to boot- I was just wondering what to do with all the quilt magazines i hvae – well i will be sending some to our friend in germany – i have to check again how to do it – i think i have to get her address from her, or do u have it??? I will double check and get some of to her this week -such a nice thing u have spearheaded here!!!!


  • jan - Anne, I would love to share some of my 30 years of quilting magazines with Julia. Count me in. Please send me her address and I will send them off to her.ReplyCancel

  • lmarchbanks - What a great idea! I have a few lovelies I would love to send. Please send me her address and I will send them tomorrow.ReplyCancel

  • Pat - Hi Anne, I have sent for Julia”s address. When I receive it I will send her some magazines. This is a great idea!!ReplyCancel

  • brigette - i’d love to send a few magazines over! i hope she doesn’t get the same ones over and over!!!
    please send me her addressReplyCancel

  • Celaina - I would love to send her some mags. There is nothing so fun as getting magazines in the mail!!! Email forthcoming!ReplyCancel

  • Janice in Spokane WA - Oh, I have just started cleaning (moving) my crafty stuff to a new room. I love this idea as well- and it makes me think maybe there might be other outlets for those of us who buy duplicates or have decided they don’t need to keep the back issues of a particular magazine (I’ve done that- subscribed for several years and then decided I need to quit storing all of the magazines I’ve got). Great IDEA!ReplyCancel

  • Mishka - Anne, what a wonderful idea, you and your fellow readers are very generous.

    I must admit to playing Scrooge, I’m just not ready to part with any of my magazines yet. I dread the day when I run out of storage space and then must decide which stay and which go. Unfortunately, that day is coming sooner than I’d like. ;)

    Quilting GalleryReplyCancel

  • Carol - I mailed my magazines today to Julia. I hope you like them Julia. I threw in a little Snibbles pattern for you too.

    Carol L.ReplyCancel

  • Vicky - What a fabulous idea, Anne. If you haven’t filled up the quota yet, I’d love to send her a package!!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - what a fun idea! it takes recycling to a wonderful new level!!ReplyCancel